It’s a jam-packed episode today with tons of useful information for women following a ketogenic diet and those interested in learning more about how keto can help them.  

We have Leanne Vogel of as a guest on the show to chat about how the keto diet helped her heal her hormones, get her period back, and freed her of food rules and restriction.  

We also discuss some of the common fears women have about ketosis, such as the ketogenic diet causing hormonal imbalance and lowered thyroid function.  

We dive into the topic of adrenal fatigue and how this style of eating can actually heal your adrenals, as long as you follow one simple rule.      

We look at the idea of “carb-ups” or carb cycling and how to know if you should practice this while on a ketogenic diet.  So much valuable information and tons of fun moments in this episode!
Check out this episode!

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