#105 – sleep issues on keto + transitioning from paleo to keto + reasons for bad breath

Today’s listener questions bring up some troubleshooting when it comes to switching to a ketogenic diet.  We look at what may be causing issues with sleep when following a ketogenic diet.  Also, how to make the transition to a higher fat, lower carb diet after years of eating a paleo diet.  Lastly, we talk about the real reason behind bad breath and how it is actually very commonly linked to a gut health issue.

We also get updates from the girls about Meg’s new book cover, her parasite update, and Shawn’s new personal life endeavor.

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2 comments on “#105 – sleep issues on keto + transitioning from paleo to keto + reasons for bad breath

  1. Hey Shawn- Lady_lifts here! Thank you so much for answering both of my questions on the podcast. I am absolutely shocked at how much more I need to increase my fats! Like I said before, I’ve been on the keto train for close to 2.5 years but I’ve never felt AHHMAZING…When I initally began keto I ate no more than 75gF (1200-1400calories on top of powerlifting..what was I thinking!!) my hair started falling out, hypothyroidism, non existent sex hormones, HIGH cortisol levels, cholesterol over 300, LDL close to 200, high CRP levels.. basically a hot mess. However, I have made a LOT of positive changes to my lifestyle: in bed by 8:45p, workouts are less intense, i walk more, & LESS caffeine. After listening to your response I definitely think I would benefit from a structured WOE like your fat burning female project. Any idea on when you will be opening the group for new members? Thanks- Jenny

    • Hi Jenny! So glad you asked and that we were able to provide guidance. You’ve made so much progress! But yes, doing this in a supporting group setting is SO incredible. I’m thinking I will open the group up for early bird signup (with a discount!) the last week of April. Class will start on May 22 with materials sent the Friday before. đŸ™‚ Hope you join!

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