Most of us, at some point, have been working our way through a healing protocol with hopes of reaching a new state of optimal health, but not seeing the magical results we expect.  We try new supplements, eliminate more foods, and switch up our workouts, but still no resolution.  

Stephanie Kato of sees this every day in her practice.  But, by digging into the emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks we have in addition to the physical ailments, she is able to get full resolution with her clients.  

Because optimal health and healing is about SO MUCH MORE.  Stephanie has an absolutely incredible way of describing why we need to tap into more than just the typical protocols to see results. 

We talk about this approach in today’s episode and also get a rundown of what colon hydrotherapy is, who it’s good for, and how often to do it.

We also dive into the topic of lymphatic drainage and get things we can do at home to help our lymphatic flow.

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