14 Ways The Universe Communicates With You

by | Sep 19, 2020 | Mindset

We have done quite a bit of work understanding how we connect and communicate with our Higher Power through our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions. Now it’s time to get in tune with all of the communication that the Universe is directing back to us. 

Let’s go through 14 different channels the Universe uses to connect and communicate with us; everything from your own intuitive sense to the music you hear! After hearing about these channels, you will never again view synchronicities and coincidences the same way. And you won’t go through another day without receiving a download from the Universe!

Your Higher Power

There is a Higher Power at play. Whether you consider it the Universe, God, Love, Spirit, etc; it really does not matter how you identify it in your life. Most of us are waiting around for signs from our Higher Power, and we sometimes become frustrated that we are not seeing anything! However, the problem is not a lack of communication. The problem is that we are missing the communication, and often it is right under our noses. We are always receiving communication from our Higher Power. We just have to look for it!

“If we would just take a moment to look around, we would see that the Universe is in constant communication with us.
-Alexandria Hotmer


Where to Look

Let’s dig in. Here are 14 ways the Universe communicates with us. Keep in mind, each of these have varying degrees. Some may be big, obvious signs, but most of them will be subtle and integrated into everyday life— just quiet nudges.

1. Intuition 

One of the best ways to get downloads from the Universe is to look at your own inner nudges and experiences. When you just know what the next right step is, you are tuning in to your intuition. Building up your intuition will give you confidence as you go about your life.

2. Synchronicity

When something works out perfectly in your favor, or when things just seem to line up just right, you are experiencing synchronicity. This is not a random coincidence—it’s a sign. Don’t miss it!

3. Inspiration

Inspiration happens when something pops into your head out of nowhere. Perhaps the idea to call someone, to start a new project, or to go somewhere suddenly seems to come to mind. That thought has meaning, so don’t ignore it! Go with it and see where it leads you.

4. Desire

When you have a really strong want that you just cannot shake, keep in mind that it may be a download from the Universe. This could be as simple as the desire to go into a store or to buy a new couch. You never know where those actions will lead you, so trust that subtle nudge.

5. Coincidence

Some people would consider this to be “luck,” but I really believe that’s a misguided thought. When something works out at just the right time, or at just the right place, that is not random even if it seems like it! It is communication. Take it and go with it!

6. Other People

When someone says exactly what you need to hear, or when you overhear a conversation that provides the direction you are looking for, you may actually be hearing from your Higher Power. The Universe loves to use other peoples’ voices to chat with you.

7. Numbers

This one is my favorite because it happens to me almost every day. Some number combinations have specific meanings based in numerology, but sometimes their may be seemingly random number combinations that you happen to see on a regular basis. I see 11:11 or 1:11 nearly every single day, and I have for years. And my birthday is 1/11. This is so comforting to me because it reminds me that I’m on the right path and the Universe is letting me know through numbers.

8. Music

The universe can communicate through the songs we hear! You’ve probably had the experience of hearing a song that spoke to you or answered a question you have been asking. Well, now you know what is behind that! Next time you hear a song that seems to have extra meaning behind it, take that as a nod from the Universe.

9. Dreams

When our conscious mind takes a backseat and our subconscious mind takes over when we sleep, we can receive instructions, “downloads”, answers, or guidance from the Universe. Even if we don’t understand the instructions at the time, trust that it will all make sense exactly when it needs to.

10. Meditation

When you are in a place of presence and calm, your intuition is on fire! One of the best reasons to meditate regularly is that you will receive so many downloads while you are in that quieted state. Becoming present and connected will allow you to flow with the Universe in a whole new way. If you have ideas and inspiration during meditation, follow it!

11. Words

You may read or hear something that really stands out to you; even something as trivial as a message on a commercial or the heading of a newspaper article. If it stands out to you as meaningful, there is a reason, so absorb those words and let them lead you.

12. Objects and Symbols

If you always see a certain color, shape, animal, etc., there may be signs there for you. For years now, I have regularly seen butterflies in my day-to-day life. I see them as signs that remind me to relax and flow because all is well.

13. Timing

Most of us have experienced a situation where something has felt like bad timing, but later we find out that it was for the best. Perhaps you have missed a flight and later discovered that you actually missed a snowstorm. This is the Universe keeping you safe and well.

14. Physical Issues

If you have specific physical issues, keep in mind that there are spiritual and emotional aspects to those issues as well. For example, you may be holding onto weight because you feel mentally and emotionally weighed down. Or you may get a cold when you are in your busy season at work, forcing you to slow down and rest. These may be signs from the Universe, guiding you toward what you should do to care for yourself.

universe communicates

Presence and Awareness

The Universe certainly is not limited to this list. You may have all kinds of experiences unrelated to what is listed here, and that is so exciting! I would encourage you to record your experiences, see them for what they are, and put some faith into moving with them in the right direction. The only two requirements for communication with the Universe are presence and awareness. Slow down, stay focused on the now, find some space and stillness, and connect.

In today’s culture, it is easy to stay stuck on auto-pilot, which makes it difficult to really pay attention and notice our surroundings. So be open to receiving, and see what you start noticing. Let me know how you notice the Universe communicating with you! I would love to hear your stories over on Instagram (@shawnmynar). Have fun connecting to something bigger and greater than yourself!


Create a sign for yourself. Tell the Universe what it is. Journal a quick note to the Universe about what sign you want and why. And then see how often you start seeing that sign in your life. You may be surprised. Have fun!



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