#17 – reasons for waking up at night + doing the exercises you hate + a rant on ‘getting bulky’ + do you have to eat paleo for autoimmune disease?

Lots of great listener questions answered in this episode!  First, we discuss sleep and why you might be waking up at night.  Next, it’s a fitness question.  Do you have to do the exercises you hate?  Plus, a rant about wanting to be lean vs. bulky as a female.  Lastly, we answer the question about being on a paleo diet with an autoimmune disease and feeling restricted when doing so.  

Check out this episode!

[0:00 – 15:40] Girl Chat

[15:40 – 31:55] Reasons for disturbed sleep

[31:55 – 48:00] Do you have to do the exercise you hate + a rant on being ‘bulky’

[48:00 – 57:55] Feeling restricted while eating paleo for autoimmune disease

Episode links:

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition – csnn.ca
Nutritional Therapy Association – nutritionaltherapy.com 

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