Lots of great listener questions answered in this episode!  First, we discuss sleep and why you might be waking up at night.  Next, it’s a fitness question.  Do you have to do the exercises you hate?  Plus, a rant about wanting to be lean vs. bulky as a female.  Lastly, we answer the question about being on a paleo diet with an autoimmune disease and feeling restricted when doing so.  

Check out this episode!

[0:00 – 15:40] Girl Chat

[15:40 – 31:55] Reasons for disturbed sleep

[31:55 – 48:00] Do you have to do the exercise you hate + a rant on being ‘bulky’

[48:00 – 57:55] Feeling restricted while eating paleo for autoimmune disease

Episode links:

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition – csnn.ca
Nutritional Therapy Association – nutritionaltherapy.com 

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