Our listeners are asking some great questions, and we’re answering as many of them as we can!  In episode 18, we look at the reasons behind having dark, puffy circles under your eyes and it has nothing to do with not getting enough sleep! We’re talking gut health, leaky gut, Paleo template elimination diets to get rid of inflammation, and food allergies!  Next, we look at how to gain muscle mass when you are an endurance athlete and don’t want to give that up!  Being able to burn glucose and fat as fuel is key, along with a great strength program!  Lastly, a quick answer to whether or not you can eat trace amounts of gluten with celiac disease.  

Check out this episode!

[0:00 – 19:30] girl chat
[19:30 – 35:55] reasons for bags and dark circles under eyes
[35:55 – 45:00] gaining muscle as an endurance athlete
[45:00 – 51:30] eating trace amounts of gluten with celiac


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L Glutamine Powder

Prescript Assist Probiotic 

Your Perfect Fitness Equation 


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