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Do you sometimes feel like you’re not doing keto correctly or that things aren’t going as well as you thought they would and you’re not feeling as great as you expected? If you are going through all kinds of health issues as though you’re caught in a cycle, it could be that you’re just keto-ing too hard, and that isn’t good for you. Let’s have a look at some of the signs that you’re trying too dang hard, and how you can do it right.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How to deal with social gatherings while staying on keto
  • Why and when you might need to take a breather or a little step back from keto
  • The 22 signs that you’re keto-ing too hard

Key Takeaways:

  • We put so much effort in trying to be healthy and doing all of the things to optimize our health. But a lot of times, all that effort just keeps us in this cycle of not being truly healthy, because it’s hard on our body, it’s stressful, and it’s just too much.
  • Don’t let keto take over everything in your life — your thoughts, your time, your energy. Don’t let it be as much in the forefront as it may currently be for you. Otherwise, you’re just perpetuating the cycle of being unhealthy.
  • 22 Signs You’re Keto-ing Too Hard:
  1. You have an irregular menstrual cycle.
  2. You’re losing hair.
  3. You’re exhausted.
  4. You’re losing muscle mass and losing momentum in your workouts.
  5. Your thyroid markers are declining.
  6. You are weight loss resistant.
  7. You’re not sleeping.
  8. You’re irritable.
  9. You have no interest in sex.
  10. You are bloated or water-retained.
  11. You’re always hungry.
  12. You’re never hungry.
  13. You have cravings.
  14. You are having carb binges.
  15. All you think about is food.
  16. You think real food carbs are bad.
  17. You limit your veggie servings.
  18. You know exactly how many carbs and net carbs you eat every single day.
  19. You’re going through ketone test strips quicker than bacon strips.
  20. You’re doing everything “right” and still not in ketosis.
  21. You haven’t had a conversation with your family in months because you are too busy listening to keto podcasts.
  22. You don’t go to restaurants or social functions because you don’t know what you’ll eat.

Action Steps:

  • Watch out for the signs that you’re keto-ing too hard.
  • Realize when you may have to take a little step back from keto.
  • Stop overthinking about keto and overthinking about food.
  • Focus on your end goal. Remind yourself that what you’re actually trying to do is not just to be on keto or stay on keto but to get healthy and stay healthy.
  • Take the time to understand your body overall, and work on your relationship with your body and with your food.


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Take care!


Shawn said:

“We all think about food way too much? but there is so much more to life. There’s just a lot of things that we could potentially be missing out on in life and living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment because we’re a little too focused on our food.”

“If you feel like you can’t live the life that you had prior to keto while being keto, you’re doing it too hard. You should never have to compromise your connections because of a diet of any sort? You should be able to do both.”

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