#35 – Paleo on a budget and powerlifting with Sarah Al-Khayyal of Primal Bites

Today’s guest is the person behind the blog primalbitesblog.com and author of the new ebook cookbook Paleo in a Pinch, Sarah Al-Khayyal.  Being a college student, Sarah has great insights into how to eat a Paleo or real food diet on a budget and with little spare time to cook.  We also chat about her venture into powerlifting and how changing her workouts also changed her relationship with her body.  

You can find Sarah at primalbitesblog.com and get her ebook Paleo in a Pinch at gum.co/primalbites

To learn more about working jointly with both Meg and Shawn, head to megtherhn.com or well-belly.com.

To take part in the next EFLL Challenge, head to eatfeellivelove.com.


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