#40 – Are you eating enough? Signs you may not be.

We get SO many questions about how to know if you are eating enough or too much food, how many carbohydrates you should be eating, and the same thing with fat.  We decided to compile a list of all of the signs to look for that show you aren’t fueling your body properly.  If you are trying to nourish your body properly, lose or gain weight, balance your hormones, fix your sleep, or get our of your mental fog…you need to listen to this episode! 

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2 comments on “#40 – Are you eating enough? Signs you may not be.

  1. I used to be really anxious and depressed and even now, with my period back and my weight being stable, I still get some anxiety and despite eating well and lifting, I still find that my belly is still there!

    • Hi Julie!
      I know how frustrating that can be, and often there are other factors involved keeping your belly and anxiety around. Things like gut health, inflammation, adrenal function, and thyroid issues could be to blame! I’d love to help you figure it out once and for all!

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