Both Meg and I have gone through some serious mindset shifts in regards to our workout programs.  Both of us have come from a past of overtraining and under eating.  We have been able to change how we view our workouts and how to make them more effective by doing less of them!  And we want to share how we did that with you!

Today’s episode starts with an update on my health status.  What I have learned about the thyroid and adrenal connection that may help those of you who are currently taking thyroid hormone medication.  Through this process, I have learned a lot about what needs to be done in order to heal, which means RESTING!  Allowing the body to get to a state of homeostasis by providing a stress-free environment.  

A lot of these changes involve changes to my workout routine which we discuss in detail.  Also, Meg recalls the steps she took to change her mentality from working out every single day, to taking way more rest days than ever before.

If you are currently seeking true health and happiness but still coming up short, this episode is for you!

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