We got so much feedback on episode #42’s topic of thyroid and adrenal health that we decided to go for round 2!  In this part, we talk more about the steps that are needed to go through to actually heal your adrenals and get your hormones back in balance.  This time, we spend more time talking about diet and when, what, and how often to eat to balance your blood sugar and create a stress-free zone.  There are certain things that need to be eliminated from your life for a time in order to actually heal.  We discuss these things and why it’s important.  We also look at mindset shifts that need to happen to truly heal and how to start implementing that practice.  

Episode Links:

What I Ate In A Day For Adrenal Health by Shawn

Why Calorie Restriction Will Make You Fat by Shawn

How To Make A Balanced Meal by Meg

Primally Pure Lip Balm

School Of Greatness by Lewis Howes


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