You may be wondering why a health, nutrition, and wellness podcast is talking about fashion, but you won’t be after you listen to this episode!  We are all about finding true health and happiness on The Nourished Podcast, and one of the biggest ways to reach that is by increasing your confidence.  From our own personal experiences, we also know that one of the biggest contributors to how you feel and hold yourself is in what clothes you put on your body.  So, we are sitting down today with Paige Marchi of to talk all about just that!

Paige is a style guru and more so a believer in the idea of a capsule wardrobe.  This means that every piece of clothing in your closet should be one that you absolutely love, fits well, and makes you feel really great.  In taking away all of the ‘so so’, ill fitting, old clothes causing a clutter in your closet, you are also able to simplify your life, start your day on the right foot, and just enjoy every outfit you come up with!

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Learn more about a capsule wardrobe on her website

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