This week, we are mixing it up a bit and taking a whole episode to give you an in depth look at our summer retreat, the Soul Sista Getaway!  We sit down with our retreat co-host, Ali Reti, to go over what we envision the weekend being and give a play-by-play of exactly what will be happening over those 48 hours.  

The latter portion of the show is dedicated to the Fat Burning Female Project.  We have a current participant in the project on the show to share her experience being a part of the 6-week online course and how it changed her life.  These real-life stories will be a great indicator for you if it is something that sounds like it may be of benefit!

To reserve your spot for the Soul Sista Getaway, head here: Soul Sista Getaway

To reserve your spot for the March round of the Fat Burning Female Project, head here: Fat Burning Female Project
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