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Hey there, welcome to Well Belly! I’m Shawn, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP™), Restorative Wellness Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, Real Food Foodie, and Passionate Health Seeker!

I grew up, as many of us do, following the Standard American Diet of grains, cereals, sodas, cakes, cookies, chips, crackers, and plenty of sugar.  As soon as I knew what it meant to be on a diet, probably about 7th grade, I went on one.  I then made sure to include every fat-free, processed, packaged food into my extremely calorie-restricted meal plan.  My broken relationship with food and what “healthy” meant continued throughout my teen years, into college, and even as a young professional adult.  Even upon finding out I had developed an autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis (UC) in 2008, I still didn’t make the connection that what I was putting and not putting into my mouth could have anything to do with it.   

Then I made the switch that changed my life.

I finally began putting the pieces together in July of 2013 after an intense UC flare that I couldn’t seem to get under control.  I’ll never forget the day my gastroenterologist shoved my questions aside, telling me I would be on medication for the rest of my life and that diet had nothing to do with my disease or treating it.  That awful conversation turned into the moment that changed my life!  I knew he was wrong and went on the mission to prove it.  I love a good Google session, and that’s exactly what I did as soon as I got home from the doctor that day.  It only took a few minutes before I found stories of people with UC and other autoimmune diseases that were able to get well again just by taking the processed crap out of their diets and replacing it with real, nutrient-dense foods.  There was hope for a life free of pills!  

That’s when I began what I like to call my ‘real food’ lifestyle.

Within a month, I went from 9 pills a day to zero and my UC symptoms went into remission.  I no longer suffered from bloating, pain, and other digestive issues.  The strength I had in my workouts sky rocketed to a totally different level.  I had a huge amount of energy all day, from the time my head left the pillow until the time it touched back down.  My skin, hair, and nails never looked better.  I lost body fat and gained lean muscle.  I had become a different person…just by putting a little more thought into what was on my plate!  


I now live a fun, active, delicious life in Boulder, CO.

I eat a ton of organic, locally sourced food, lift heavy things regularly, and play outside every chance I get.  I have a thriving holistic health practice where I do one-on-one online coaching sessions with people all over the world and give advice and support to those looking for true health, healing, and happiness from a holistic perspective.  You can learn more about my online coaching here!  

I have had a bit of a rocky road with some unforeseen and unavoidable health issues over the past year.  You can read more about those here, here, and here.  Knowing there would be a silver lining to it all, I firmly believe that I went through this experience to give me a better, more intimate perspective as to what people are going through health-wise in today’s society and how it feels to not get the answers you are so desperately seeking.  It’s frustrating!  

I have the ability to provide those answers to a wide variety of people and jumpstart their healing journey.

I am now thoroughly versed in issues related to autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, unexplained weight gain, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and all other thyroid disorders, toxic mold exposure, heavy metal toxicity, adrenal fatigue or HPA axis dis-regulation, bacterial imbalances, and leaky gut from a first-hand experience.  I survived and thrived through these health issues and you can too!  

I’m now doing everything I can to get the word out!  I am convinced that most of our country’s health problems could be helped, if not cured, by taking out the foods that cause our bodies to become inflamed.  I have found my calling! 

As an NTP, I have the knowledge and skills to help you get back the health and vibrancy for life that you deserve.  In order to do so, I believe you MUST address the root cause of your health issues.  I use functional lab testing to find that cause for YOU.  To learn more about what nutritional therapy is and what it means to me, take a look at what I offer and check out my approach.  

I can’t wait to work with you!




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  6. Very glad I found you on Instagram and found your blog. Your story sounds so much like mine. Looking forward to learning more from you! Thanks!!

  7. Hi . just wondering what type of thyroid med r u on.? I just started paleo and feel better it is the fifth week in. I have a long story and have been to many doctors who would not listen. Started after daughter was born w depression no one caught issues until later. Been a big stuggle. I too was a figure competitor seven years ago
    Not going there again

    Ur site is cool and I am glad to see that there are others that support each other. Because many times people think u r a hypochondriac.

    • Hi Patti! Thanks for the note. I am currently not on medication for my thyroid, just managing with diet and lifestyle changes. Before, I was taking Armour and Cytomel. Sorry to hear of your struggle, but you are definitely not alone. If you ever, need guidance please contact me and we can work together!

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  10. I am interested in learning more about your consultations. I have hashimoto’s, am under an endocrinologist care, GF,
    semi-dairy free, processed sugar free.

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  12. Just heard your podcast with Jimmy Moore on Keto talk – You are awesome girl!! –
    As a 65+ year old woman – (plus! ) – trying to live the low carb high fat moderate protein lifestyle, I wonder if you have suggestions for the post menopausal women who listen – Or references for an easy menu plan to ease into ketosis as you talked about – ( I have been Paleo for @ 4 years) –
    Love seeing the nutrition evolution going on!!!! –

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