This 7-Day FREE Mini-Course gives you the tools you need to switch off autopilot mode so you can live a life of more presence, peace, purpose, and positivity.

Are you living life on autopilot?


Do you ever walk into a room and forget what you went there to do?


Do you find yourself eating the same thing, saying the same thing, going through the same routine day-to-day?


Do you go days, weeks, months without taking time for yourself?


Have you lost track of your dreams, goals, and future plans?


Do you often find yourself saying, “I don’t have time for…”?


Do you make choices and decisions that you later regret because you didn’t think them through?


Are you ignoring those things in life that aren’t going well because you “can’t deal with it right now?”

You, my friend, are stuck on autopilot.

And you’re not alone. We all go there once in awhile as life gets busy, stressful, or a little ho-hum. In fact, a recent study showed 96% of people surveyed admitted to living life on autopilot. Yikes!

Living life on autopilot means letting life happen TO you instead of FOR you.

When we get caught up in the monotony of life sandwiched between the never-ending to-do list, the constant mental chatter, the endless decision-making, and the people and things that demand our attention, we get disconnected from who WE are—body, mind, spirit…and life, really.

We get so wrapped up in the little life “stuff” that it keeps us from feeling our feelings, acknowledging our thoughts, expressing our truths, and enjoying our lives as they are right now!

And it’s got to stop.

Enter the Get Off Autopilot Challenge.

Yep, I have a FREE mini-course designed to teach you how to add more presence, peace, and purpose into your everyday life with 7 simple tools over 7 days. All you have to do is commit to 15 minutes per day for one week to practice the tool for that day. Simple as that.

From there, you will have a whole suite of tools to pull out whenever you find yourself getting swept away by day-to-day life and out of touch with your mind and body.

The Get Off Autopilot Challenge is READY FOR YOU to get started right now!

A life of more presence, peace, and purpose is just a week away.