Adrenal Health

Many of my clients come to me with the thought that we need to work on their diet.  But, instead we immediately focus most of our attention on LIFESTYLE.  This is so important to true health and often the last thing many people realize they need to change in order to feel truly well again.  You can make all of the diet and supplement changes you want, but until the health of the adrenals is addressed, no significant changes will take place.

Much of what the adrenals need to get healthy again is addressed in lifestyle changes to reduce stress and improve mindset.  As an NTP, I make it a priority to dig deep to find hidden stressors my clients may be going through and provide the education needed to eliminate or reframe these stressors, so they are no longer placing a burden on the adrenals, preventing the client from healing.  I also work with my clients to find a diet that takes away potential stressors they may be putting on their plate and create a meal plan that promotes healthy adrenal function.  

I have written several articles surrounding adrenal health, the symptoms associated with poor adrenal health, and what the hormone cortisol means for your health.

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