Personal Health Questions

If you are looking for advice on a specific health issue or symptom, please know that I’m unable to make personal recommendations unless I’ve worked with you as a 1:1 client. That being said, I do share A TON about keto and women’s health on my podcast, the Keto For Women Show. I highly recommend checking out the episode archives also visiting the FAQ page for quick answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Looking for 1:1 health consulting?

While I’m not currently taking on 1:1 clients, I offer a range of online educational and coaching programs to support you. Visit this page to learn more about these cost-effective DIY options.

Interviews & Speaking Engagements

Interested in scheduling an interview or inviting me to speak at an event, conference, or to contribute content to a summit? Click here, pretty please.

Sponsorship/Partnerships/Product Positioning Inquiries

Want to chat collaboration or sponsorship opportunities? Have a product that the keto community could benefit from but not sure how to position it in the market or break into the niche? Sweet! Click here. **Note that the Keto For Women Show is retiring in December 2020, and we are not taking on any new partners or guests. Its successor, Unstuck Podcast, is actively seeking authentic collaborations!**

Before reaching out, pretty please browse the FAQ’s page, where I dive into the most common questions I receive. Chances are good that you can find an immediate answer to your question. If you’d like to connect, head to my Instagram page and send me a direct message there!