What It Means To Have A Heart-Centered Business — Ep. 101

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Podcast

Can you lead your business with your heart, find feminity and flow with your work, and still be successful and profitable as an entrepreneur? Absolutely! In fact, I’ll best you find even more abundance and impact while staying true to yourself and in alignment with your business. 

This is what it means to be a heart-centered entrepreneur.

In this episode of Unstuck, I’m sharing with you my top 11 traits of a heart-centered entrepreneur so you can stay connected with the type of energy you want to bring into your business. Use this list as a reminder of how you wish to show up as an entrepreneur and the kind of business you want to build.


“What would be happening in your business for you to feel successful?” – Shawn Mynar

“A heart-centered entrepreneur is leading your business with your heart instead of your head knowing that success, money and impact will follow.” – Shawn Mynar

“As a heart-centered entrepreneur we lead with our heart and follow your own path and that path doesn’t look like anybody else’s.” – Shawn Mynar

“We have to make our own alignment our top priority and when you and your business are in alignment, you are unstoppable.” – Shawn Mynar

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2:14 – Characteristics of a heart centered entrepreneur & defining what a heart centered entrepreneur is

7:47 – Some heart centered entrepreneur also have some limiting beliefs

10:32 – What it doesn’t mean to be a heart-centered entrepreneur

16:06 – How to know if you are not heart centered entrepreneur

17:00 – A heart centered entrepreneur leads their own heart & follows their own path

19:26 – A heart centered entrepreneur seeks to help, support, guide and be of service to others

22:12 – A heart centered entrepreneur knows that what she does makes an impact in the lives of others

23:32 – A heart centered entrepreneur makes their own alignment a top priority

26:58 – The heart centered entrepreneur trusts in the process

29:30 – The heart centered entrepreneur uses their inner guidance to make their decisions

30:41 – The heart centered entrepreneur shows up authentically, passionately and energetically for her business.

33:25 – The heart centered entrepreneur chooses flow over force

35:28 – The heart centered entrepreneur cares about their customers

37:18 – The heart centered entrepreneur is guided by their own unique definition of success

40:03 – The heart centered entrepreneur doesn’t let anything get in the way in their mission



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