Food Fear, Guilt, and Shame: How To Get Rid Of The Negative Emotions That Are Holding You Back – #113

by | Aug 9, 2019 | ketoforwomen

Have you ever felt scared about eating food? Or ashamed and guilty for eating something you think you should not be consuming? In this episode, I delve into how you can get rid of these negative emotions that we associate with food, sometimes without even knowing.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What food fear was like for me when I was growing up
  • Finding keto and getting rid of the diet mindset
  • The ego versus the intuition
  • Why we fear food
  • Where these fears come from
  • What this type of negative thinking around food does to you
  • Orthorexia
  • 7 ways to help you get over your negative thoughts around food

Key Takeaways:

  • There are stories you tell yourself that come from a place of fear, that is your ego talking.
  • When it’s your intuition that’s speaking, it’s more of a guidance. There is no such thing as “can and can’t”, no negative thoughts or emotions or negative labels on food.
  • Some of the reasons why we fear food:
    • Because of the belief that body weight can and should be manipulated with food.
    • Because you’re afraid you might lose control with certain food.
    • Because you fear death or illness, or reoccurrence of a disease that you have had in the past.
    • Because you’re afraid of eating certain foods will make you not do the diet perfectly.
    • Because you’re afraid of falling off track.
    • Because you’re afraid of feeling like crap.
  • Negative emotions around food cause stress. It also leads you to spiral out of control, which then leads you to become even more detached from that food and your body, and you end up binging and feeling like crap.
  • Some of the signs and symptoms of orthorexia:
    • Compulsive checking of ingredient lists and nutritional labels
    • An increase in concern about the health of ingredients
    • Cutting out an increasing number of food groups
    • An inability to eat anything but a narrow group of foods that are deemed healthy or “pure”
    • Unusual interest in the health of what others are eating
    • Spending hours per day thinking what food might be served at upcoming events
    • Showing high levels of distress when “safe” or healthy foods aren’t available
    • A sensitive following of food and healthy lifestyle blogs on Twitter and Instagram
    • Body image concerns may or may not be present

Action Steps:

  • Practice eating intuitively.
  • Get rid of your negative thoughts around food.
    1. Remind yourself of your bigger why and how you want to get there.
    2. Get rid of the macros that you must hit or the rules you must follow.
    3. Know that perfection does not exist and is not required.
    4. Remember that food is fuel for your body. Some fuels are better than others but none are bad or are going to immediately damage you.
    5. Think about the impact energy plays into this relationship.
    6. Trust your internal guidance and body’s signals instead of outside influence.
    7. Work on your mindset and your feelings about yourself and your body.


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Shawn said:

“Skinny is not the only healthy way to be. There are many skinny people who are unhealthy and many larger people that are healthy. It is just a society filled with diversity and we are not seeing that.”

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to eat healthy in and of itself. It’s when it’s taken to the extreme that it becomes an obsession.”

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