Building A Thriving Business Without Social Media with Christine MacCarroll — Ep. 116

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Podcast

This week, I invited my friend and colleague, Christine MacCarroll, onto the show to discuss how she built a thriving nutrition practice without spending time worrying about social media. Christine is a functional nutritionist specializing in women’s health. 

In this episode, Christine and I talked about the journey she went through building her practice, her overall thoughts about social media for her business, her decision to do a podcast, and connecting with people through her podcast. She shared her insights on how she built her practice, showed up, and did the work without having an active presence on social media.

“You can have a business that grows and flourishes without having to show up in every single place, all the time, everywhere.” – Shawn Mynar

“The more I keep showing up and helping people, it does start to create its own energy and requires less energy of me.” – Christine MacCarroll

“Tell everybody what you do and that you can help.” – Christine MacCarroll

“Just go out there not worrying about everything being perfect.” – Christine MacCarroll


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