Building an email list full of raving fans — Ep. 129

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So, you’ve gotten on board with having an email list in your business, but now you’re wondering how to actually get people to sign up for it because everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. This episode is for you, my friend. We’re talking freebies, welcome sequences, and email newsletters…all with a side of alignment and flow. Get ready to feel excited about your email list instead of being overwhelmed or just totally over it.

“The energy and the vibe that you bring in to everything you create is what will be the guiding force in how popular and how helpful it is with your dream clients.” – Shawn Mynar

“Think in terms of your dream client and what they need to feel seen and supported and heard, and how someone gets them, and that is going to create a connection unlike any other that will be so valuable in the future of your business.” – Shawn Mynar

“Provide a really great experience for the people on your email list that makes it easier and clearer when they’re ready to take the next step.” – Shawn Mynar

“Consistency is such an important part of the trust factor that we’re trying to instill in our dream clients so that they do feel comfortable taking the next step with us.” – Shawn Mynar





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So you’ve gotten on board with having an email list in your business. But now you’re wondering how to actually get people to sign up for it. Because everything you’ve tried so far, hasn’t really worked. This episode is for you, my friend. We’re talking freebies, welcome sequences and email newsletters, all with a side of alignment and flow. Get ready to feel excited about your email list instead of overwhelmed, or just totally over it. Let’s dive in. I’m Sean miner, and this is unstuck a space for heart centered entrepreneurs to implement both the inner work and outer strategies required to get unstuck and build the impactful, profitable business of their dreams, no hustle, grind, or long hours required. Let’s get into today’s session

Hey there friends.

Welcome back to the unstuck podcast. Thank you all so so much for being here. It is the last episode of the year, the final episode of 2021. Next week, I will be taking a one week break so that both myself and my editor Chris can have some time off for the holidays. And I’ll be back the first week of January. And it’s going to be a good one because it is a special goal setting episode. If you follow along over on unstuck entrepreneur Instagram stories I asked a few weeks ago if you all would like to be involved in a little intention and goal setting workshop for 2022. I was planning on doing it live as an actual workshop masterclass type situation over zoom. And the more I got to thinking about it and planning it, I actually realized that it is better as a recording podcast episode or like a video recording, which I decided not to do, because you’re going to need to pause and reflect and journal and write things down and visualize. And there’s just a lot to my type of goal setting. And so to do that live, it would be like 90%, like dead air, because I’m waiting for you guys to do what you need to do. And everyone does it on their own time and that kind of thing. So it just doesn’t work as a live workshop. So instead, I’m having the first episode of 2020 to be this intention and goal setting workshop that I would encourage you first of all, obviously, listen to it. Second of all, listen to it when you are in a place where you have some alone time where you have some quiet time where you can pause and journal and reflect and do some stuff. Along with just listening. I know like myself included, most of us are listening to podcasts, and also doing something like driving or cooking dinner, or on a walk that kind of thing. This particular episode that we’re gonna do next episode, be sure to wait and listen to that when you have some downtime that you can just kind of reflect and stuff. So that is coming up in two weeks. If you’re listening to this episode when it airs, if you’re not, then you might already have that available. And you can just go do it right now. It works great at any time of the year. It doesn’t have to be done at the first of the year. But that is how we will be kicking off 2022. And a fun fact as I mentioned, I will be taking a week off of podcasting, you will not see a new episode come out next friday for the unstuck podcast, which is the first time I have done that ever in my entire podcast history, which has now been almost seven years will be seven years in February of 2022 that I started podcasting every single week, at least one episode has come out of a podcast that I have been on for seven years, which is crazy. And so this is the first week will be the first week that I’m just saying nope, I’m not doing it. I’m not even having a repeat episode I’m not doing a best of I’m just gonna relax and enjoy. And I know you all are enjoying time off and family time and travel and whatever you are doing in your neck of the woods. And so it’s just a good time for all of us to have a little breather from podcasts. And so I’m going to do it and then we’ll be back. Alright, so now that I’ve gotten you all excited for what’s to come on the next episode of unstuck, let’s talk about this episode and what we’re actually here to do today in the final weeks of 2021. And this is also the final Episode in the aligned audience attraction series that we’ve been doing here on the podcast. Now, for four weeks, four episodes, the entire month of December 2021, dedicated to this aligned audience attraction work, because there’s a lot to consider. There’s a lot of information to digest and take hold and implement into your business. And I know a lot of you out there have a goal, kind of like this never ending business goal, to grow your business to grow your audience to have more eyes on your work. And so what better way to kind of end one chapter in terms of like a year, with all of the information that you need to make that a reality. So that then the start of this new chapter, or this new year can really be focused on that in the right way for you and your business. So that’s what we’ve been doing this entire month. We’re wrapping it up. today. Let’s review what we’ve gone over, we had the first episode, which I believe was episode 126, how to actually attract clients to your work, Episode 127, the only content creation strategy you need Episode 128, do you really need an email list? And then we are going to continue the conversation about email lists today, and really specifically answering two big questions that you might have had after listening to that episode, which is, how do you get people on your email list? And how do you turn those people that you get on your email list into paying clients? Big Questions? And if you really think about it, in those two questions, is essentially your entire business growth model, because you get people on your email list, and then you turn them into paying clients? Well, then you have a really great successful, thriving business, just with those two things, which is why I love talking email lists, which is why I love having an email list, which is why I believe your email list is your biggest asset in your business, which is what we talked about last week. So let’s dive into those two questions. We’ll start with that first one, how do you get people on your email list? And more specifically, how do you get your dream clients on your list? Because obviously, it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good if you have random people that don’t really care what you’re doing in your business don’t really care what you offer that’s not in alignment with them and what they need, not a good fit. So it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have all these random people signing up for your email list. So how do you get your dream clients on your list? Let me start, I always start this conversation with what not to do. And the reason I start with this is because this is what I see a lot of business owners, especially new business owners, who just heard somewhere, somehow that they need to have an email list. And so they assume the best way to do that, because I think it’s available on like, all website builders is to just put this generic form at like the bottom of your homepage or something like that. And I think that’s the way to build your email list. Or you put that generic, sign up for my newsletter and get hot tips once a week on your Instagram bio link. And think that that is how you get people to sign up for your newsletter. That is what not to do. My friends. No one, there is no one in this day and age that is out there saying or thinking, Hey, I’d like to receive more emails. So let me go see whose email newsletter I can sign up for especially for someone I don’t really know. No one thinks that nobody wants that we all get too many emails as it is. So that doesn’t work. And what it’s doing is, especially on your website, and really your Instagram bio link that is highly valuable real estate for your business. And you got to just start thinking about it that way and how you can use that space in the best way possible, which don’t worry, I’ll share with you how to do that today but just know that a generic signup form that says hey, Get FREE Tips to your inbox every week that just is not going to cut it these days. It may have have caught it back maybe 10 years ago. But now since everyone has an email list, and everyone is getting too many emails as it is, we need something that’s a little more exciting in order to get that email. So that’s the first thing not to do. The second thing not to do is to create this awesome, valuable freebie that your dream clients will love. And then never talk about it. And this is what I see over and over and over and over again, you cannot assume and should not assume. And I can guarantee you this will not happen, that your dream clients are just going to magically find your freebie on their own, they’re just going to happen upon, I don’t know, your website, which is really hard to have happen these days, unless you’re really good at SEO, or you’re really making it a big point to drive traffic to your website, which I know a lot of you are not doing just from what I’ve seen. And so that awesome, a freebie that you created is now just collecting dust because you are not promoting it, you’re not talking about it, you’re not making it known that it is out there that it exists. And that it is something that you created for that specific person to help them with something they’re going through and to provide, you know, education or resources or tips or whatever it is that your freebie does. You’ve got to take charge of having that freebie of getting those people interested in that freebie. And we’ll talk about that more coming up in a little bit too. So the two mistakes, two biggest mistakes on trying to build your email list is to just have that generic signup form, or to create an awesome freebie and then not talk about it and not put it out there and just hope that people magically know it exists to mistakes. Okay, so now let’s flip the coin. And let’s talk about how to get those people on your list. You probably know this is coming. The short answer a freebie. I just mentioned that in some of the mistakes a freebie, The long answer is that you provide meaningful, valuable content that your dream client is willing to trade their highly protected email address to receive. So you help solve a problem they are experiencing. Okay, so let me say that again, you’re going to provide meaningful, valuable content that your dream client is willing to trade their highly protected email address. In order to receive that content. You’ve probably heard of a freebie or a lot of people call them lead magnets before I personally prefer the term freebie you call it what you want. You’ve probably heard of them before, you probably signed up for other people’s freebies at some point too. And you potentially already have one of your own in your business, which is amazing. Now there might be others of you who have heard of having a freebie and know that something that you should probably do in your business. But you’re talking yourself out of creating one for yourself. Things like it’s too hard, it’s too time consuming. No one will want it anyways, I don’t know how I don’t know what I would put into my freebie. It just, it all feels like a lot. And you’ve resisted the idea of creating one yet. And that is fine, too. That is understandable. I hope that with this episode and anything we talked about in the future, when it comes to freebies, that I can help change your mind and get you excited about creating a freebie and having this amazing resource for your dream clients, putting it out into the world and having people sign up to receive it. I want you to feel excited about that. I want you to think about how cool that is to have in your business. And I want you to of course feel confident and empowered in what you have to offer this world and more specifically, your dream clients. So of course, with anything that I talk about specifically when it comes to business strategy, I always think about what I can add to the conversation. Because as I’ve mentioned before in these episodes, there’s a ton of business coaches out there. There’s a ton of people talking about freebies and email lists and all these things. So what can I add to the conversation? And you will find no surprise here that my answer is to To remind you, of your alignment, when creating a freebie for your business, to remain in alignment with your audience and with your purpose. And when you do that, how much different it feels to create free resources for your clients from that place, instead of like, oh, this is something I have to do, because someone’s telling me to do it, and what is going to be the thing that gets the most people and, you know, we can very easily get into this place, especially when it comes to email lists, and then trying to build a newsletter, and then people are or are not interested in it. And people are subscribing and unsubscribing, there’s just a lot involved that can get us into this place of like left brain type a thinking where it becomes kind of surface level kind of very head space thinking, instead of being from your heart. And I know it sounds crazy to be like, yeah, we’re talking email us and freebies, why does this all have to come from my heart, but it really truly makes such a big difference to do that, when you think about alignment, when you come at it from this place of alignment and flow, it feels easier, it feels more fun, it makes more sense, people are more attracted to that work. And we talked about this all the time. So you already know that that’s important. The energy and the vibe that you bring into everything that you create is what will be the guiding force in how popular it is with your dream clients, how helpful it is to your dream clients, and what kind of clients you attract back to you. So it is super important. So instead of getting all up in your head about okay, now I’ve got a creative freebie, and what the heck am I gonna do it about, and then I’ve got to sign up for an email service provider, then I got to get them all connected, then I got to write a bunch of emails, then I got to commit to emailing them every week. Like you can see how very kind of icky that all feels and sounds. But instead of think about it this way, what do your dream clients want? What do they need? What will be helpful for them right now? How can you support them? How can they know and feel that you get them? And I think we can all agree we’ve all been in this place in different areas of our lives, where we’re just looking for someone that gets us and how can we be that for someone else? And what will help them feel supported and hopeful and motivated, and encouraged and educated? These are the things that we need to be asking ourselves when it comes down to our freebie and then continuing to ask yourself as you move forward with writing them newsletters every week, or every two weeks, and really getting involved in their journey from that place of being able to send emails. Think about it this way. Because when you do so you have this whole different level of value, and connection to that person. And that’s really what it’s all about. So, rather than just thinking of the first thing that comes to mind, when you’re thinking about your freebie, or what would be the easiest thing or the quickest thing. What do you see other people doing, don’t think in those terms, think in terms of your dream client and what they need to feel seen and supported and heard and like someone gets them and that is going to create an connection unlike any other that will be so valuable to the future of your business, and the ability to turn those people into paying clients. So please, please, please remember your alignment. As you go about this process of building your email list. It really does help so much now and in the future for yourself, your dream clients and your business. So now all that being said, let’s talk specifically about this freebie of yours and what it’s going to include the main thing, very, very, very, very important that your freebie is something unique, helpful and valuable. Like you could put a price tag on this thing and sell it but instead you’re choosing to give it away for free and So that means that your clients are going to think, wow, I would have paid for this, this is amazing what an amazing resource I now have that I got for free. As you can see, that already creates a really great strong connection because now you are someone that over delivers. Now this doesn’t mean you have to spend weeks creating your freebie or that it should be really expansive or detailed or a 47 page workbook or something like that. That is not what I mean by valuable it is not based on how much time it takes you or how big it is, or how many pages it is, that is not what I’m talking about. Instead, it needs to be valuable in your dream clients eyes, something super helpful for their journey and transformation wherever they are, at this moment, that would be so helpful for them to have as a resource or for them to know. And obviously, the more you know about your dream clients, and we talk about this all the time, the note more you know about that person, the easier it’s going to be to create this amazing freebie for them. So this just shows another reason why, you know, your niche, your niche, your dream client is how I call it your ideal customer, whatever it is, how important it is to know every aspect of their journey and what they’re going through. So important. And if you’re not there yet, let me know send me a DM on unstuck, entrepreneur, Instagram, we can chat about that, because super important to know that. So this valuable freebie, it could be a one page checklist, a couple of recipes, a guide or a workbook, a quiz, something like that it does not have to be something huge, gigantic crazy, that takes takes you months to create. Please don’t think of it that way. But you’re going to create this valuable freebie and offer it up in exchange for your dream clients email address. And remember, keep this in mind. As I mentioned, that is something we are all really protective of these days, we don’t just hand our email address out to everybody, because we get so many emails every day. And so our inbox is like highly coveted at this point. So obviously, this is just another reason to remember how valuable that needs to be. For someone who potentially doesn’t know you at all, to see this resource and be like, Yes, this is worth me putting my email address in that box, so that I can receive this thing from someone who I don’t know, and also give them permission to now email me that’s a big transaction. So keep that in mind when we’re thinking of valuable

once you have this freebie, and again, if you don’t know what your freebie should be, if you have some ideas and want to make sure that they are valuable enough, send me a message, I’m happy to help. I’d love to know what you’re considering. Once you have that freebie, and you know that it’s valuable, you know, your dream clients are going to love it as a resource and are going to want to give you their email address in exchange for that. Here’s what you gotta do. You gotta promote that freebie a lot. You need to treat it like a paid offer. And I would actually say and this is what I do in my business, I spend way more time promoting my freebies, then I do my paid offers. I think that really is it’s first of all, it obviously leads to more sales in the long run. Because now you have that relationship building activity going on with that person instead of just being like, Hey, I’m by this thing when they don’t know you very well, it’s probably not going to happen. And also, it’s typically easier from the business owner perspective to promote something that’s free than to promote something that has a price tag attached. You know, as much as I like to talking about intentional selling there still is that this kind of energy, this mindset around selling that can really trip people up. But if you’re just talking about a free resource that usually feels a lot more comfortable, and people are a lot more confident to do that in their business. So it works out in always it’s like a total win win situation. But you do have to talk about it a lot, you do have to promote that freebie a lot. The opt in page that you are going to create is going to be like a sales page. So the opt in page is that thing that you come across, you probably have seen one, if you’ve signed up for freebies in the past, you might have one in your business. And my only recommendation was that you kind of put it through the test that I’m going to talk about in a second. But it’s that thing that comes up where you put your name and email address, and you click download or whatever. And you obviously get put on someone’s email list. But you also receive the freebie that you were promised, you have to have that page. Here’s the deal, that page basically needs to be a sales page, it needs to be like a sales page for your free offer, which I know sounds crazy, but it’s true. And remember that exchange that is going on that very valuable, highly protected, highly coveted email address is going into that box in exchange for that freebie. So no, there’s no money exchanged, but there is still an energetic exchange, and it is a big one. And it deserves that kind of sales page type vibe, because a great sales page has great copy that speaks to the transformation that is going to happen because of that transaction. So you get this freebie you will go from this to this, if you are this person, you will then understand or have the resources or have the tools to now be this person or from these symptoms to the symptoms, or I guess the resolution of the symptoms. So it is speaking to the transformation on that one page. It doesn’t have to be super long, it just has to be clear, and it has to be effective. And then an explanation of kind of what’s going to happen. Because of that freebie. You don’t even necessarily need to be like there’s 20 pages and 10 recipes. Now that’s great, but more so you need to know what those recipes, what that workbook what that checklist is going to do for that person, you’re going to let them know that you created it for them, it’s going to help them it’s worth typing in their email address to receive, because they’re going to go from here to here. You want to get them excited, and get them prepared for what’s in store. Your opt in page will also have a spot for you to talk a little bit about yourself. Because remember, ideally, this people that are signing up for your freebie, they don’t know you this is a cold audience. So to have a little tidbit about who you are, why you can show them this stuff, why you’re their person, why you get them also really important to make that transaction happen. Otherwise, people are going to click off, never get the freebie never see you again, essentially, you’ve lost that connection point. So this is important to know about your opt in page, it cannot just be like this tiny little box that says hey, give me your email address and you get this thing. It’s not going to be enough these days. If you want to see an example of this, you can go to really any of my freebies at this point, have this kind of opt in page. The wellness business blueprint, I think is a really good one that showcases what I just talked about, you can go check that out at Sean b b and see how that looks. So you have this opt in page that is really great. You have this freebie, that’s really great. Now you just have to let people know it exists. You’re going to put it out on obviously all of your social channels. Frequently I would say at least once a week you’re talking about your freebie you are using that link and bio for your freebie, the that landing page, you are going to talk about it on your platform of choice if you have a YouTube channel or podcasts and blog, whatever it is one of the main goals beyond providing great content for your dream clients is to get those people who are consuming that content onto your email list by way of your amazing freebie. Okay, so you got to talk about it there too. A lot. You can have these standing kind of what I think of as commercials where you are talking about your freebie and getting people interested to head over to your landing page, your opt in page. So you have kind of that standing commercial that’s already always within your episodes. And then you can also just talk about it in conversation if you are recording A podcast episode if you’re recording a video and just bring it up in what you’re talking about that day, as a natural part of the conversation or of the teaching for that day, whatever you have designated as your tool in your business, using that to talk about your freebie, and do it regularly as in like, every time, okay. And then also with your website, and whether you have a blog or not just no matter what, putting up these, what I kind of consider as ads all over your website for your freebie, as well. So in a sidebar, if you have a sidebar on your blog, definitely put it there, put it within your blog, you can do kind of a banner, you should have on your homepage and entire kind of a portion of your homepage, talking about your freebie and getting people interested and then heading over to the opt in page everywhere. So that is the main goal of your website is to get people interested in that freebie. And then you can also choose to do paid advertising for your freebie as well simply as a list building activity, which works really well. You can use things like Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, I mean, there’s ads on every single social channel at this point. So you can pay to have your freebie information about your freebie, show up to the right people, and get them interested to sign up for your newsletter, your email list that way as well. But the main goal of this conversation right now is to let you know that you have to talk about it, it needs to become a very regular activity that you do in your business, for your business. For your dream clients. Remember that alignment first, this is not something that you should feel weird or awkward doing, you have a free resource that is going to help someone else that desperately needs your help. So stay in alignment with your purpose, your passion, your mission, your dream clients, what you’re trying to do here, and don’t make it feel like this weird salesy marketing a thing. Keep in mind what you’re actually trying to do, and it will feel a lot better feel a lot easier and more fun to let those people know that it’s out there. All right, now let’s move on to the second question of the day, which is how do you turn those people that are on your email list into paying clients? So the answer here is what I like to call building rapport with your dream client, or otherwise known as the KL t factor, the know, like and trust factor. So remember, the reason that you’re collecting those email addresses is to establish a relationship with your dream clients so that they can become paying clients. The more people obviously that you have on that list, the more chances you have to make the transition into paying clients, which means the more your business grows, the more income you make, that kind of thing. So it really does come down to focusing on building the number of people on that list, because it just means you have an even better chance of making strong connections with more people. That is it. One thing I like to remind people of when talking about turning

lurkers, in some cases you can kind of think of them into paying clients is that it’s not up to you, it is not up to you to decide when the people on your list will be ready to purchase from you. It could be a week, it could be a year, it could be five years, that is their decision that is up to them. So it is not up to you to decide when they’re ready to try to even figure out who is going to be ready when like just don’t even go there. But what you can do is provide a really great experience for them that makes it easier and clearer. When they’re ready to take that next step. That is what is in your power here. You can create that great experience that helps them make that decision that’s best for them. So again, it’s all about alignment here. How can you stay in alignment with the people on your list and allow them to feel that alignment to allow them to be a part of this experience and allow them to have this communication and connection with you? And can you imagine how easy that decision will be for them when they feel that vibe between you two You when they feel that you care when they feel that you want them to have a great experience, when they feel that you get them, and you’re there from them, and you can help them like, that’s all it takes. But they have to feel that. And if they don’t, they’re not going to take the next step. So what can you do to provide that, and, as I’m sure, I hope you can see, and understand that the best way to do this is with email, by getting into their email inbox on a regular basis, and sharing some really great resources, tools, tips, tricks, or encouragement or motivation or whatever they might need that week. So first things first, we’ve got to discuss the welcome sequence, you absolutely must have a welcome sequence attached to any and all freebies or ways that people would potentially get on your email list. If you don’t, your dream clients don’t get the proper introduction and welcome into your world, which is kind of rude if you think about it. Like if you invited someone over to your house, you wouldn’t just ignore them for a few hours before you actually said hello, would you? Of course not, you’re gonna go right up, you’re going to open the door, you’re gonna give them a hug, you know, welcome them in and take off their coat, ask them if they want some water, you know, like you’re going to properly invite them into your world. And the same thing goes for those people who just said, Yes, I want this freebie i It’s okay, if you send me emails, that’s fine. You’ve got to do this proper introduction, and welcome so that they feel comfortable being a part of your world. And that moment of time, when someone first accepts your invitation, and gets that freebie is a very important window of time. They are extremely interested in you, you have a captive audience at that point, they just got done taking in your freebie, or maybe they’re working on it, they’re reading through it, whatever it is that that freebie has to offer. They also are at the peak of having that problem that you can help solve, which is why they signed up for that freebie in the first place. So they are looking for information that you can provide. You’ve got to take advantage of that window where they are interested in you. They’re interested in your work, they know a little bit about you, but not a whole lot. And your welcome sequence is the way to do this. It will be a series of really anywhere from I’d say minimum three, it could be up to like 30 emails, I mean, if you really want to go for it, and make sure they have like six months worth of emails coming their way, that’s totally fine. I usually tell people to do four or five, these are going to be emails that are set up to be in an automated sequence that will go out whenever someone signs up for your freebie. So they will get that immediate email that has the freebie has the introduction, the welcome, lets them know what to expect that kind of thing in the first email that is immediate when they put their email address in that box. And then from there on out, it will be every one to two days, they will get additional emails from you. There’ll be another three to four emails that come so it’s about a week’s worth of time. Ideally, that introduce more about you and your work maybe shares your story. People love a good story, especially from someone they’re about to learn from, share more helpful, free resources for them, maybe have just a motivational or encouraging message. For them. It’s also a really great opportunity. And this is really something to also consider. It’s a really good time to show your personality, who you are how you talk kind of in this friendly manner, potentially, your work what you do and just let them know let them make the decision if you are a good fit for them. And that’s all we’re doing. That’s all we’re doing in this welcome sequence. It is not annoying or weird or salesy. Like I said, it’s just being a good human who wants to help another human and doesn’t want to be rude, wants to give a proper introduction and welcome into their world just as if they were coming into your home. And just to stop real quick because if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or if you’re feeling like this a lot or you’re not exactly sure what a welcome sequence should look like or be like or include or how to do it right or how to even set up your email list. If any of this is confusing or overwhelming. for you, please know that this is a big piece of what we do inside unstuck entrepreneur together, so I highly recommend you get on the waitlist for that you can do so at Shawn Biz, I will also tell you, it’s going to be a little bit of a tease right now. But there are some big, big, big changes coming to unstuck entrepreneur for the better. And you all all are going to want to know more about this very, very soon, probably, at the start of January. I’ll talk more about that. But if you are on that email list, then you will of course be the first to know and the first to get access to everything. So Shawn Biz, if any of this seems like a little overwhelming, or you just want more info, we can do that together. So anyway, back to this welcome sequence, that is a great introduction. And for some people, that might be all it takes for them to be ready to work with you. And that is amazing. But there still will be others where they need even more time to get to that point where they are ready to become paying clients. And that is totally okay, too. Nothing is wrong with you or them or the work you’re doing or the emails you’re sending or anything like that, it just is going to take some people longer to be ready. And this is where it is super important to not let that momentum stop. Now you’ve already started that connection, you’ve started mate building that relationship. So now is not the time to go through your list. And that is why I call it when people have you know, people sign up for their email list. And then they don’t email them. It’s called ghosting your list and we are not going to do that. And this is where you are going to commit to not ghosting your list, continue emailing them on a regular basis. And with things they will enjoy things, they new things, they’ll find helpful, anything that comes to you that feels appropriate for your dream client in that moment. And then when it comes time to sell your paid offer, no matter what that paid offer is it could be a program, it could be a membership, it could be one on one, Client Services, no matter what it is, they’re already used to getting emails from you that they really like to read. And they’re used to opening them, they’re used to reading that. And so they will be ready, they will be prepared, they will actually be expecting you to send them an email about how they can work with you further, what paid offers you have. And it’s all because you committed to not ghosting them, you committed to continue building that relationship with them, and serving them in that way. So they’re now ready to know what you have to offer. The worst thing is when people don’t email until they have something to sell, and then like who is this person. And I just unsubscribe without even really knowing if it’s something I would have liked to purchase. But I haven’t heard from them in months, I don’t remember who they are at this point. So it’s it’s just not a valuable relationship at that point. So don’t be that person. Don’t go through your list. Now to make things not feel so overwhelming. Please know that these emails are not and really should not be like novels, no one has time to read super long emails these days. It’s just something quick, it’s a quick tip. It’s a new recipe, it’s something you just tried a new product you’re loving, it’s a pep talk or boost of encouragement, just little things that they will like to hear more about that they will potentially like to try themselves, just this little peek into your work into what you do and to what’s important to you, that is in alignment with them that will also help them but it really gives them the opportunity to get the resources they need. But also learn more about you build more of a connection with you feel more like you know, the KLTV that factor not only that they know you but that they like you that they would potentially be friends with you. If they had that opportunity. That is when you have a paying client on your hands. And then of course if you have created something, some sort of other content, a podcast episode, a blog, post, a new video, anything like that, definitely share that in these emails as well. So they have a second purpose. They will get more free content from you when they open those emails and see what you’ve been up to in the past week or two. But make sure that these emails happen regularly. Just get into a groove with it. Get into it. alignment with it. Remember the bigger purpose here, remember what’s really going on here. And just be consistent. You know, I’m such a fan of consistency, not just for you. But it is such an important part of that trust factor that we’re trying to instill in our dream clients right now, so that they do feel comfortable taking the next step with us. Consistency is important because it then even subconsciously, lets that person know that you are someone they can count on. And they can count on you to send them an email every Wednesday, and they can count on you or will be able to count on you, when you are working one on one with them and they have a problem or they’re in your course or your program. And they have a question. It’s building that trust factor, which is so so important. Okay, we’re gonna stop the email list conversation here. I know I talked a lot I know I shared a lot, I know you probably have a to do list now of making sure your freebie is as good as it could be making sure your opt in page is as good as it could be making sure you have an amazing welcome sequence, we have some things to work on, potentially. And if you already have that setup, then I’m guessing you are an unstuck entrepreneur members. So you already have that we’ve already gone over that, and you are crushing your freebie game. But if not, and like I said, if you do need more support in any of that, then be sure to get on that waitlist for unstuck entrepreneur, Shawn Biz, and I guess I can tell you that the doors will be opening in February. So coming up pretty quick, I was going to do January, but then we have our honeymoon. And I definitely did not want to be working on honeymoon didn’t want to feel like I needed to check in on the group or anything like that. So I’m holding off going through the honeymoon. And then the doors will open with some big big changes. So be sure to stick around to hear more about those probably in the next episode. So I really hope that you can see how and why your email list will be the most valuable asset that you have for your business. To be honest, in my opinion, it’s also the easiest thing to continue to build and to nurture and to grow and to just create relationships. The only reason that it would be potentially hard or you would feel like it’s not working for you is if one of the things we talked about today wasn’t happening in your business. And certainly if you’re not talking about it, if you’re not promoting it regularly, then yeah, it’s, it’s gonna be pretty hard, it’s gonna feel like an uphill battle because no one knows it exists and talking about it once most people like 99.9% of the people who potentially follow you or listen to you, or whatever your audience is, they still don’t know, because they didn’t hear it. They weren’t paying attention. It didn’t register, it didn’t go all the way into their brain, it was like in one year out the other, they still don’t know. So you have to repeat yourself and that is fine. It’s just part of being in business. But the coolest thing for me, maybe you don’t agree, maybe you do is that when you have a strong email list, and I think I said this last time, and I repeat myself, you do not need to worry about how many likes and follows and shares and blah, blah, blah, you get on social media, that algorithm does not mean anything to you. It doesn’t matter. You use social media because it’s fun. You use social media to help promote your freebie you use social media to be the cherry on top to those connections that you’re already building through your emails. And it is fabulous. But the relationships that you’re building through your list are way more meaningful, and way more important, and will lead to more sales in your business than whatever’s going on on social media. I can guarantee you no question that is true. So this is again why I don’t understand why people put so much emphasis on social media and not enough emphasis on their email list and aren’t doing the things that were talked about today to really build that long lasting connection. All right, my friends, that is going to do it for this episode. And for the aligned audience attraction series. If you missed any of them. Remember there are four episodes in this series. Go back start at episode 126 work your way through it will make a ton of sense if you go in order. And if this episode or any episode of unstuck resonates with you, and you know someone else that is a big business owner and looking to build their business looking to grow, looking to get in front of their dream clients, pay it forward and share this episode with them or any episode that really resonated with you, you can just send a quick text over and let them know what’s going on here on unstuck, it would be so so beneficial for everyone involved. And I appreciate you supporting this show. So very much it means the world to me, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. And I hope you get the rest and rejuvenation you need to come into 2022 with a clear head happy heart and aligned motivation to take your business to the next level. Remember, the next episode will be establishing your goals and intentions for 2022. So be sure to check that out. All right,

until then, take care. Hey, friend, real quick before you go, don’t forget to head over to my website and take the quiz to find out your solopreneur personality type. I’ve created a super fun super informative two minute quiz that will show you which one of the four solopreneur personality types you fall into. Could it be the boss, the socialite, the visionary or the supporter? Which one are you? Not only is it just fun to know more about yourself, especially as it relates to your business, but it’s also really important information so you can be sure that you’re building a business that works for you, based on your energy, your personality, and your desires. Did you ever take those quizzes from the Cosmopolitan magazine back in the day? It’s kinda like that, but with actual solid questions and real helpful tips and advice at the end, you can find the What’s your solopreneur personality type quiz right on the homepage of my website at Shawn head there now to take the quiz then let me know over on Instagram at unstuck entrepreneur, what your type is I’ll see you over there

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