To Niche Or Not To Niche? — Ep. 132

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Podcast

how to create your own group coaching program

You’ve probably heard about the importance of choosing a niche or ideal customer for your business, especially if you have a service-based business like being a coach, practitioner, instructor, or creator. But then, when it comes time to narrow down your focus, you start feeling like you’re putting yourself in too small of a box…or you can’t decide (and don’t really want to decide) on one specific niche you serve. So, do you really have to niche or can you stay broad and help everyone? Let’s find out in today’s episode.

“If you are just starting out, really focusing on the ‘define’ section first is absolutely critical. That is the first step.” – Shawn Mynar

“If you put yourself out into the world as someone who can help everyone, you are not going to attract anyone.” – Shawn Mynar

“If you have chosen a niche and it is specific enough, then you have to stay specific with what you share, with who you’re talking to, and how you’re talking to them.” – Shawn Mynar

“The only way that it gets easier, a lot easier, is for you to have a dream client. For you to really narrow your focus, really niche down, think about that one person that you want to help and create a content specifically for that one person.” – Shawn Mynar

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You’ve probably heard about the importance of choosing a niche or ideal customer for your business, especially if you have a service based business like being a coach, a practitioner, instructor creator, that kind of thing. But then when it comes time to narrow down your focus, you start feeling like you’re putting yourself in too small of a box, or you can’t decide and don’t really want to decide on one specific area you serve. So do you really have to niche down or can you stay broad and help everyone? Let’s find out in today’s episode. Hey there, I’m Sean miner, and this is unstuck entrepreneur. I’m a former nutritionist who turned a struggling stressful nutrition practice into a thriving freedom build online business where I work from home in my sweatpants while reaching and helping 1000s of people all at the same time. Now I’m obsessed with showing other heart centered coaches, practitioners and solopreneurs how to build a business and life they love. Consider this podcast your safe space to learn both the inner work and practical strategies required to build the impactful profitable business of your dreams, no hustle, grind, or long hours required. That’s right hustle culture, not welcome here. Let’s get into today’s session.

Hey, hey there, friends. Welcome back to unstuck entrepreneur, so grateful to have you all here. So happy you’re tuning in and subscribing and sharing all the things you do to support the show. It truly means so so much. Before we get into this whole discussion about niching or not niching. And if you are one of the fancy people and you say niche, then that’s the same thing, I’m talking about the same thing. I’m just not that fancy. So niche is easier for me to say, and it comes more naturally. So that is what I will be talking about here. But just know I mean the same thing. Before we get into this very, very important discussion we are going to have today, I have a few quick announcements. First of all, my flagship signature program, unstuck entrepreneur has a new name, and new branding. Very exciting, very cool. I’m pumped for this, I’ve been working on this behind the scenes for a few months now. It’s actually not as easy to rebrand something as you would think. But it has happened and I’m super excited about it. So unstuck entrepreneur is becoming the holistic business starter or HBS. For sure, of course, because as most of you know, I call unstuck entrepreneur, you II, we all call it that it’s way easier, so it will now just be HBS. I decided to do this for a few reasons. So obviously the podcast is called unstuck entrepreneur, my business Instagram handle is called unstuck entrepreneur. And now that I have more than one program, and I have others in the works for 2022, I really thought it was best that I keep all of my courses and programs different because, you know, I have signature program lab now another one coming up, you know, in a few months. And I want them to all have their own unique name and be known for their own unique thing. And so turning on stock entrepreneur into something that really captures exactly what it is and exactly what we do was super important to me. So yeah, once you decide that you want to make sure to capture everything that’s involved in a program, it takes some time to really think about what the right name is that would do that. And for this program, in particular, it is for wellness business owners, especially those just starting out or those who are ready to take a next big step in their business. So most people in unstuck entrepreneur, the former unstuck entrepreneur, now holistic business starter are zero to two years into business. And that’s where I really wanted to keep it that’s kind of where my heart is with this program in particular.

And it also is about building a business holistically, looking at all aspects of starting and growing a business and approaching it from all angles not just although this is important. It’s a huge piece of it, you know the strategies of marketing and selling and growing and creating offers and building an email list and starting a podcast, all that tangible stuff, but also more importantly, the intangible stuff of creating the space, the mindset, the energy and really stepping into you or role as a business owner, that is a very holistic process to starting and growing a business. And that’s what I really wanted to capture that. And then, of course, also kind of cool is that if you are in the wellness space, you tend to really understand and desire holistic living in general, holistic health, and a holistic business. So being able to really think of a name that capture all of that, and that’s why holistic business starter came to me and I’m super excited about it, I think it really captures it. So that is the new name, the new branding, what I will be calling my signature program here from now on. And the next group, while really the first group of holistic business starter, but the next group because everyone’s going to be all in the same group. And as I think a lot of you know, those that have been in unstuck entrepreneur for the past year and a half now are still in it will remain in it, it is a very active group for years and years to come. And they’re still there, they will be in holistic business starter, it’s just changing the name and changing the colors a little bit and that kind of thing. Don’t no big deal, they will all be coming in together. And the next group will be starting in February. So coming up super soon, as I mentioned in the past, I was going to do it in January. But then you know, a couple of weeks, I have my honeymoon and wanted to be able to enjoy that and be away from screens for that time that week. So when I come back, we are starting the next group of this program. And I really would love to see you all there. So mark your calendars for the second week of February, I will be kicking off the celebration and the enrollment that week with a live workshop on Monday, February 14 In the afternoon, mark your calendars for that. See if you can block some time out, I don’t know the exact time I would say, let’s say 11am Mountain Time was somewhere around there. We will meet live, do a workshop talk business, do some q&a, and really kick things off. And then you can decide if being a part of the holistic business starter is something that you want to do from there. But at least join me live for free event, superfine you’ll definitely want to be there. So I’ll be of course sharing more information as it gets closer, but just wanted you to know. So you could mark that on your calendars and get ready for February 14.

And to kind of kick things off and celebrate this a little bit, I’m going to be spending the next few episodes here on the show, going over every step of my framework that we go through in holistic business starter to start and grow a holistic business. And we’ll talk about, you know all the little nooks and crannies of that why it’s so important how you can get started. I call it the flow and grow framework, there are five pillars to the flow and grow framework. Each one of these has its own lessons and worksheets and things that you have to do like actual tangible action steps you have to take in your business as part of the program. So the five pillars are define, attract, build, invite, and transform each one of those has, of course, tons underneath it. And we’ll talk about that over the coming weeks here on the show. But today I wanted to start with the Define pillar. And if you have not seen the flow and growth framework, it actually is you know, it has a graphic to it. The Define pillar is in the very center. So it’s kind of a circular looking graphic, the Define pillar in the center. And then from there, the other four pillars surround that center piece. And it is designed that way for a reason because the very first thing that you have to do in your business is to define your what we call a dream client and I’ll explain why we call it that define your dream client also known as nailing down your niche also known as like discovering your ideal customer, ideal client, whatever you want to call it, whatever you’ve heard other business coaches call it doesn’t matter. It’s all the same thing.

And that is the very very first thing you do because it decides and defines everything else in your business. You have to know who you’re talking to before you create a freebie before you start your email list before you start a podcast or a YouTube channel before you start writing blog posts before you start posting on social media. And obviously of course, a lot of you have already started doing some of these things and it’s no big deal, you can always kind of transition out of what you’re talking about and start creating actual content for your actual dream client at any time. But if you are just starting out, really focusing on the Define section first is absolutely critical. So that is what we are going to talk about today. That is the first step inside holistic business starter as well. And if you already have a niche, you may feel like I don’t have to listen to this episode, I’m just going to turn it off, I don’t really need this, I would encourage you to continue listening. Because what I have found time and time and time, again, is that even when people think they have gotten a specific niche, they are not nearly specific enough, it is that important to get even more nailed down, even more narrowed down than you think. And this is what I see all the time, with people coming into formula u e, now holistic business starter that we really need to focus on. And we really need to get a hold of right away. And we’ll talk about that all today. Now, first, why do I call it a dream client instead of a niche or niche or ideal customer ideal client? Because I feel like all of those ways of putting it are really focused. And what I’ve seen other business coaches talk about really focused on that the person, the client, that you are going to help that you feel like you can help you’re going to get specific and how you help them.

But what I don’t think is talked about nearly enough. And this is a huge focus on what we do is talking about or deciding or figuring out who you want to work with, who you really truly want to work with. We talked about this a little bit in the last episode when I shared about how I pivoted because I realized that the niche that I had gotten myself into was not my dream client was not what I wanted to be talking about all day long was not who I wanted to be talking with all day long, was not the industry I wanted to be in. So I went towards having a niche or niche, I did not go towards having a dream client. And that last episode really showcases the difference in the two and why I very much hone in on the dream client aspect. And who would be a good fit for you that you want to work with, and the things that you want to talk about. So really think about that, if you didn’t listen to that episode yet, I encourage you to do so it really takes this whole concept and breaks it down in a way that you can see how it was happening in my own experience in my life, like real life example of this. So one of the things I think the biggest kind of push back, I would say that comes from this conversation about niching down is many people think that the more specific you get, the fewer clients you will have, the less work you will have, the less money you’ll be able to make. You won’t have a big as big of an audience, you won’t have as many people interested in what you do. And so therefore your business will suffer. And if you just stay broader, you’ll get more clients, you’ll have more opportunities, and more people will follow you and get on your email list and listen to you. And that is not could not be any further from the truth that is absolutely false, and is the exact opposite of what will happen. And I understand that thought process. It does make kind of logical sense almost that

Yeah, I mean, the less people you’re talking to, the more people you’re kind of excluding, from who you can help and what you talk about and the content that you share, then yeah, from a very logical, almost like mathematic perspective, you would think that there would be less opportunity for you fewer clients for you to turn into paying clients. And so we have this resistance towards really narrowing our focus. And it’s just very much based out of fear it very much is a mindset block. It is something that you really honestly need to work on from this inner perspective from really understanding the root of that which is like fear of failure, fear of insecurity or instability, even like fear of judgment that you’re only focusing on this person. It really does have a route of being a mindset block, a story that you have created around you and business and your clients and all of that Yep, so that is one of the things that we really have to work on first and foremost, before you dive in to really thinking about who you want to serve in a very, very specific way. And then once you can really figure out where that’s coming from and rooted in and what you can do to move beyond that, and start thinking about what’s actually going on here, I think it makes a lot of sense that you all know this, because you are the same way, we are all human. And we all want to work with a specialist when we have a problem. And all of you as service based business owners are in the business of solving problems, or of supporting people who have problems. And so that person that is currently looking to get support in one of their problems is looking for someone who understands them. So so well, who really, truly gets them. And you are the same way, we all are the same way.

If we have a skin rash, we are not going to go to a podiatrist, we are going to go to a dermatologist because they specialize in skin health, right. And it’s the same way for your clients who are looking for help right now that want to work with you. So if you put yourself out into the world, as someone that can help everyone, you are not going to attract anyone, you cannot help everyone and you don’t want to market yourself as someone that can help everyone. Because that’s super confusing to your dream clients to the people you actually do want to work with to everyone really, and they will move on, they will find that person that is just talking about that problem that they have. And yeah, it may seem like you’re really narrowing down your audience and the amount of people that would be attracted to you. But then those people, even if it’s, say 10,000 people versus 100,000 people, those 10,000 people, the percentage of those that will become paying clients is so much higher. And this is why the amount of followers and audience members and people on your email list the numbers do not matter. It’s how they got there, and how engaged they are. And the connection that you are making with them that matters because 100 engaged followers, subscribers, blah, blah, blah, is way more valuable than 1000 unengaged just kind of came up upon you. You started talking about all this random stuff. And they kind of stopped listening. But yeah, they haven’t pushed on to follow or haven’t pushed on subscribe yet. So they’re there, but they’re not engaged, they’re not interacting, they’re not interested, because you’re talking about all this stuff. And they don’t think that you truly understand them. So you have to get away from feeling like there’s a numbers game in it, and really understand that it’s a connection game.

And when you do that, everything changes for you and your business. And the best. Really, the only way to do that is to understand on a deep, deep level who you are talking to specifically, and then get one more notch more specific, like think you’re getting specific, and then do it even more. So let me give you an example. Let’s just say that you’re a 48 year old female, and you’re starting to notice some weird, random hormonal changes happening and you’re freaking out. You’re also not sleeping, you’re having hot flashes, things are going on, you know what’s coming up, and you’re starting to freak out. So then who are you going to trust to pay to learn more about what’s going on with your body? And what you can do to minimize the transition that is about to happen? Who would you pay? Would you pay the person who talks about hormones occasionally, but then puts up a post about gut health, and then has a post about hydration and then writes a blog post about acne, and then has a podcast episode about joint pain, and then they’re all over the place? Right? Like, they’re all over the place. And so yeah, I mean, they could potentially have information for you about menopause. I mean, they do talk about hormones sometimes. But then one more, you go down one more blog post one more Google result. And you see someone who talks specifically about helping menopausal women ease their transition into menopause with food and lifestyle changes that are very doable, very simple and very effective so you can improve your hormone balance during that time and reduce your meta Faisal symptoms, who are you going to trust, we are all this person in whatever area we need help with right now, we want to learn from we want to hear from we want to connect with, and we want to pay the person that truly understands us from every single aspect, we want to know that they know what to do. And that is the person that we will pay.

So you can see very clearly that you would do this, that your clients are doing this. And so it really helps for you to stay super, super specific. And I mean, of course, the reason why I’m having this conversation here on the podcast, the reason why this is a big part of my program is because I see so many people not choosing a dream client trying to stay a generalist, or even more so thinking that they have chosen a niche, or a dream client. And it’s not nearly specific enough, not nearly specific enough. And one thing I also see that I really want you to kind of get real with yourself on is, I see so many people saying they specialize in something that’s actually pretty specific. But then talking about other things. Like I really specialize in this thing, this is my go to this is my deal. That’s what I write in my Instagram bio on the first page of my website. But then you start talking about like, say you specialize in hormones, again, we’ll just stick with this theme for this episode, you specialize and let’s say this time, it’s fertility. But then you start talking about gut health and skin issues. And, you know, it’s it’s really tough because and I get this i so get this, and this was me, I am speaking from experience here, especially if you are an NTP, a health coach, a wellness coach, someone who has had training in all of these areas, you can help someone with their gut health, and even more so you know that gut health is going to be part of the protocol that gets someone able to carry a baby, if they’re having issues with their fertility, most likely, you have to look at their gut health, you know this as a practitioner. But it is super confusing for your clients, it is very confusing for that person who’s like, I just am really struggling, I really want to have a baby and it’s not happening for you to then you’ve, you know, she stumbles upon your page and is really excited, and oh my gosh, maybe this person can help me.

And then all of a sudden, you start talking about probiotics and gut health and how important it is to have a non leaky gut. And that is, they do not make the connection, they are not in your head, they are not a practitioner, they don’t know that that is a really important step to your fertility. I mean, I guess unless you make a whole like blog post or podcast episode or YouTube video about the importance of gut health and fertility, then it is it within your realm within your niche. And that’s different. But to just start talking about leaky gut, or probiotics, or having a parasite when you specialize Or so you say specialize in fertility, that is super confusing to your dream client. And they will move on, they will move on to find someone who specifically talks only about fertility, because it’s a very big problem that they really need help with from someone that really truly gets them. And it’s not just someone who is dealing with fertility it is any problem that your dream client has, they all feel the exact same way. So let this be your friendly reminder that if you have chosen a niche, and it is specific enough, then you have to stay specific with what you share with who you’re talking to, and how you’re talking to them. And then you really actually have a niche or a dream client, you can’t just choose it, and then ignore it in your business. So let this be your reminder and really go back to focusing on what you really want to be focusing on.

And so I think with everything I’ve already shared, it will probably be super clear. As to my three main reasons for the importance of doing this for defining your dream client. First of all, most important it makes it easier for your dream clients to find you and you too Find your dream clients, people know exactly who you help and how you help them. And they know if you are a good fit for them, or not simply by way of your content, and what you share. And that is, like you need that you absolutely need it is a non negotiable. I’m sure you’re all aware that there are a lot of people out there who are coaches and practitioners and doing maybe something similar to what you want to do. Regardless, no matter what, there is noise out there, and you have to do the right things to cut through the noise and you cannot cut through the noise until you are specific enough. And then that one person that you want to help will zero in on you will notice you. And there will be people who realize that you are not doing anything that they’re interested in, you’re not for them. And that is okay, too. It’s okay to not be for them, it’s okay to not be for everyone, you’re just not going to. And if you try, you’re not going to attract anyone, the more specific you get, the more attraction you will have in your business. And obviously, that’s a really important piece to starting and growing a business is to get eyes on your work. And the only eyes that are going to stay on your work are by way of you being super specific and focusing on that one person. Knowing that one person, if you have already had a client, maybe it’s an old client or someone that you loved working with, but you’re creating content for them. And by way of that, actually creating content for 1000s, if not millions of people, but you’re really honing in on that one person just really focused on creating clarity for your dream client.

The second thing, something we’ve already talked about a bunch here on this episode is it makes it easier for you to create content. This is huge. You guys, if you have ever, if you’ve gotten into the role of content creator, which we all will become in our businesses. If you’ve gotten to that role yet, then you know that it can be quite challenging to figure out what you want to share what platform you want to be on what topics you want to share about or discuss or write about. It can be a challenge, and the only way that it gets easier, and I mean a lot easier is for you to have a dream client for you to really narrow your focus really niche down. Really think about that one person that you want to help and create content specifically for that one person. And, gosh, when you really think about this, and really understand this, it actually feels so freeing and so good, and so clear, because you know that you are only talking to that one person. So you don’t have to talk about leaky gut or digestive health or probiotics or hydration or whatever you’ll do that once they become your clients. You’ll do that with them. But you are just talking about fertility, or you are just talking about menopause, or whatever your specialty is, that is what you’re talking about. And you’re just giving little nuggets of wisdom to that one person and that becomes your content. And it’s actually really easy to figure that out once you have honed in on who you’re talking to. And then the third reason is that it makes it easier for you to market. And here’s something I don’t know if you’ve ever heard, the reason that you are niching down that you are getting more specific that you are choosing a dream client is for your marketing and your selling. It is 100% a marketing strategy.

Because when you know who specifically you want to work with and you want to help and you want to become a paying client and you speak directly to them, then it becomes way easier to say for instance, write up a sales page or write your sales emails or talk about your new program on Instagram. That all becomes infinitely easier when you know who specifically you are desiring as a paying client and then talking directly to them. And obviously, I think one of the biggest hurdles for new practitioners new coaches, is the idea of marketing and selling themselves. And it can feel very hard, they can feel like no one’s listening, it can feel like it’s not effective, it can feel like you’re doing something wrong. And if you have ever felt any of that, or if you’re worried about any of that, then just the first thing that I would look at, and the first advice I would probably have for you is you’re not being specific enough in your messaging. And I’ve done podcast episodes about messaging, I have another one coming up in a few weeks. Messaging is your marketing material. It’s like how you talk about your services, that you have your paid services. And the messaging needs to be directly focused on your dream client. And if it isn’t, then you will struggle with marketing and selling. So my first thing that I would look at if you’re struggling with selling your stuff is your messaging, and, more importantly, how specific you’re getting towards your niche in your messaging. First, and really probably the only place that we would need to look, because I would definitely have some advice for you. If I were to look at that in your case. So those are the three biggest main reasons I have for why I believe it is extremely important for you to create a dream client or for you to niche down or for you to figure out your ideal customer, whatever the heck you want to call, it doesn’t matter.

But it is important. And if you are having resistance towards it, like I said, the very first place to go is to do a little bit of digging a little understanding a little inner work on why, like what are you actually afraid will happen? If you do? And what are some ways that you can kind of calm yourself? Calm your ego, I guess that voice that likes to speak from our fears? What can you do to calm that a little bit? Can you do need to just do some journaling? And really talk it out with yourself? What can you do, and I think it also is a really good thing just to start thinking about what how can I get more specific, I can guarantee you at least 70% of you listening right now need to get more specific, even if you think you already are, I promise you, I could find a way to get more specific with you, then it would help your business. So so much. A few things I just want to end with. And you know if this is something that you’re struggling with, if you’re just now realizing maybe you do need to get more specific, or maybe you do just need to start thinking about your niche at all. As I mentioned, this is a big piece of what we do in holistic business starter, and you will have the group and myself to kind of get some feedback on your, what we call a dream client statement. And the dream client statement. Picture like you know how you have your Instagram bio, and you have a certain number of characters, I think it’s like 150, or something that you can use. So you have to be really clear in your Instagram bio, who you help and how you help them in a very like succinct way. That is your dream client statement. And that is what we build together in holistic business starter. And you’ll have the support of the group to know if that’s if you’re doing it. Well, if there’s any suggestions if it’s understandable, if it makes sense. And having that support and community is really helpful for this kind of thing in particular. But I do want to leave this conversation with a few notes. First of all, choosing a dream client does not mean that you can’t and won’t work with anyone else. It doesn’t mean that if you know you’re really focused on menopause, and then you have a 30 year old male come to you who needs help with acne, that you can’t help that person that you have to turn that person away. That is not the case.

Or let’s say you’re a life coach who focuses on helping new moms with the mindset work required to become a mom. But then you have a menopausal woman come to you who needs help with the mindset work that comes with making that transition and their lives. You don’t have to turn them away. So know that it’s not that you can’t and won’t work with anyone else ever adjust. Again. This is a marketing strategy that will help you create content and will help you attract the right clients to your work and will help your clients also they’ll find you. That is what this is. And if someone happens upon your work, or you get a referral from a friend, and it’s someone that’s not in your niche, that doesn’t mean you have to turn them away. So know that. And then another thing, you can change your niche, you don’t have to be stuck in it for the rest of your life, if you decide it’s not the right thing, or you’re ready to move on. That is okay, as we talked about in the last episode, and my pivots over the past 10 years, it is okay to pivot in your business, it is okay to choose a different niche. At some point, it is okay to let a niche go and decide on something else. That is all okay, so it’s not like you have to make this decision today, that is going to affect the rest of your life. Right now, you’re just focusing on what you want to do right now and the paid offer that you want to have right now. And creating content around that paid offer and attracting people to that paid offer. And the way you do that is by creating a dream client for that paid offer. So we’re really focusing in on the what you want to do right now how you want to make money right now, what your business is, right now, if that changes in a year, or two, or five or 10 years, that is, okay. So I don’t want you to think that this is like the end all be all of all decisions that you will ever make in your business. It’s not but it is a decision that you need to work on right now. And to really focus on and create the specificity that you need to really guide the rest of your business. As I said, this is a pivotal part of having your business, whether you are just starting, or you have already started. And to really make this a priority, and then build the business that you want around this one thing. So we’ve got to focus on it at the beginning and continue to revisit it and make sure it’s still something you want to do. And if you are already in business, but you haven’t been as specific as you should, with your dream client, there’s still time, you can absolutely work on that right now.

And then start creating your content and your marketing strategy around that dream client. Okay, that will do it for today’s episode. Thank you so, so much for tuning in. If you know your niche, your dream client, your ideal customer, whatever it is that you call it for yourself, head over to Instagram at unstuck entrepreneur and send me a DM letting me know what your niche is, I want to hear it from you. All right, my friends. And be sure to mark your calendar February 14, the free live workshop event you can get all your big questions answered. And just we’re gonna have a great time. So Mark that down in your calendar. And I will provide more information as we get closer. I can’t wait to see you all there. And until next time, take care. If you’re like most of my clients, you followed your passion for health, got your certifications did the trainings. And now you’re excited to have your very own thriving impactful wellness business. But how do you actually do that? It’s a common position to be in, especially in the wellness space because no one teaches you this whole business thing along the way. This trend is exactly why I’m here a passionate nutritionists turn business coach for wellness professionals. Because I’m done seeing wellness practitioners continue to play small in their business, simply because they don’t know the right steps to take. If you’re like most wellness pros out there with a dream to start their own impactful freedom build business. You’ve probably spent hours trying to build your website, figure out what the heck to post on social media and taking all the courses to try to get competent in what you’re doing. Or maybe just the thought of all that sends you into a puddle of stress and overwhelm good news, you don’t need a perfect website a killer Instagram strategy, or to be an expert to have an impactful and successful business. What you do need is a plan. The wellness business blueprint is the Jumpstart you need to plan prepare and execute on your passion for helping others without that sinking feeling of overwhelm. Because this isn’t like the other stuffy, boring business plans out there. The wellness business blueprint is centered around you. What feels good to you. What’s right for your business, your dreams and your lifestyle. What keeps you in alignment and your energy flowing? What allows you to stay sane and stress free and excited in your business, because building your dream wellness business starts with a plan that works for you. This free 15 Page printable workbook will take you through my signature flow and grow business framework so you can create your own business vision while gaining clarity structure and a solid plan to move forward. Download it today and get started on your business blueprint head to that stands for wellness business blueprint and get started building your dream wellness business today. Again, that’s

wellness business blueprint

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How To Stand Out In A Crowded Industry — Ep. 230

How To Stand Out In A Crowded Industry — Ep. 230

Does it ever seem like there are SO many people doing what you do that it feels impossible to get noticed, let alone build a thriving business in such a crowded space? With the rapid growth of the online coaching space, it often can feel like there are just TOO many...

How To Stand Out In A Crowded Industry — Ep. 230

3 Simple Hacks To Immediately Improve Your Copywriting Skills

The word copywriting alone is an anxiety trigger for too many coaches, practitioners, experts, solopreneurs, and small business owners. But wait, it doesn’t have to be this way! And really, shouldn't be. Because you literally can't afford to shy away from writing copy...


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