Behind The Scenes Of My Most Recent Launch — Ep. 152

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Podcast

One of the biggest hurdles I see new and wannabe online business owners face is the fear of launching. Actually doing a proper, live, promotional period for their paid offer. As I’m recording this episode, I’m right in the middle of a live launch for my paid offer, the Signature Program Bundle, and I thought it would be fun and hopefully helpful to take you behind the scenes of this launch to show you how I plan, prepare, and execute a successful launch. Let’s dive in!

“You have the power to decide how your launch feels for you and goes for you.” – Shawn Mynar

“You need to entice people further to put their name and email address and commit to that event. It does take a little more than throwing something up.” – Shawn Mynar

“I know the right people will come into my paid offer when it’s the right time for them.” – Shawn Mynar

‘As you can see there’s a lot to it and not in a bad way or in a way that makes it stressful or scary or anything but there’s just stuff you gotta do, there’s stuff you need to plan out, there are things you need to know and it really does help to have that support and guidance along the way.” – Shawn Mynar

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One of the biggest hurdles I see most new and wannabe online business owners face is that fear of launching the big L word in the online business space, actually doing a proper live promotional period for your paid offer. And as I’m recording this episode, I’m right in the middle of a live launch myself for my paid offer the signature program bundle. And I thought it’d be fun, and hopefully helpful to take you behind the scenes of this launch to show you how I plan prepare and execute a successful launch. Let’s dive in.

Hey, hey there, friends. Welcome back to unstuck entrepreneur, so grateful for all of you. And the support you bring to the show means the world to me. So happy to have you here, especially today, because this is really going to kick off an entire series that we are doing on the podcast all about launching, there’s so much to talk about when it comes to doing a real proper launch, for your business and for your paid offers, that we cannot put it all into one episode, I would definitely lose my voice by then. And it just it’s going to be fun to do a little bit of a series and kind of chunk, everything we need to talk about up into specific topics. So just so you’re prepared. Here’s what you can expect today. This episode is going to be all about the mechanics, kind of the actual physical, what needs to be done to launch in your business. And I will show you how I plan everything out for my launches so that they go off smoothly. And also they’re not stressful, they’re actually really fun and something I look forward to doing in my business. So that is what is in store for this episode. And then next episode, we’re going to talk about the mindset and energy requirements have a launch, which is just as if not more important than what we’re going to talk about in this episode, because you cannot do one without the other. So that is one episode that you cannot miss. I have so much to say with that. And it is so incredibly important to how you feel during a launch, but also the success or not of it, it really does matter. So that’s coming up in the next episode. And then we’re going to do a mistakes episode, I also want to talk about the pros and cons between doing a live launch and an evergreen launch. And I’ll share the differences between the two. And also which one’s better, and which ones worse and pros and cons and all that stuff. And then a q&a episode. So if in going through this series, these podcast episodes coming up, you have a question about launching, make sure you let me know send me a direct message over on Instagram. I am at unstuck entrepreneur over there very easy to the same as the title of this podcast, head over there and just send me a message and let me know your question. And I can compile them all. And we’ll do a whole episode just on Q and A of doing a launch. Okay, so let’s get into what we’re talking about today, which is all about the mechanics of a live launch. And by the end of this episode, you’ll have a really good idea what that means a live launch, if you don’t already. And then like I said, I will be talking about an evergreen type situation coming up in a future episode, probably about two episodes away from this one. Okay, so now if you’re really fresh in the online business space, then you may not even really know what a launch is. I mean, I think it’s pretty obvious but it is such a loaded word in the online business phase. A lot of people equate it to like this big stressful situation, a lot of work, a lot of prep so much stuff going into it so much going on sleepless nights, all this stuff. And

it just always feels like when someone’s talking about launching in the online business space. It’s like this really big deal. And it is because that’s essentially how you are making income in your business and getting new people into your paid offer. So obviously yeah, it’s a big deal. It’s important to your business. But there’s just a lot of this emotion a lot of the energy behind it feels very like frenetic or stressful and it doesn’t have to be and for me, it’s not at all it’s actually something I look forward to in my business. I

I have a lot of fun with them. It’s a really good time. And so I enjoy launching. And yes, of course, it helps my business income. So why wouldn’t that be something that is fun and enjoyable, right? So it all is based on how you approach it. And I want to make sure that you have the option, you know, you have the option to decide how it goes for you and how you feel around the idea of launching. And I think another reason why it has a little extra weight for some people is because of the idea that it involves selling, like you actually have to market and sell something, you have to really put on that cap of yours and become the marketer. We’ve had lots of discussions on the podcast recently about becoming the marketer for your business, if you want to have a successful business. And so go back and listen to that episode, I’ll make sure it’s linked in the show notes, because I don’t remember the number of it right offhand. But that’s really important to

feel good about that situation and your business and be excited about it and have fun with it, instead of dreading it or thinking it’s this weird, awful, scary thing, or something that’s going to annoy people. And this is all getting into the mindset aspect of the launch, which we’re saving for next week. So I’m going to stop myself here and not get into it any more. But I do want to, again, remind you that you have the power to decide how this feels for you. And if you are going to be in this space, where so many people are in the online business world, where it’s like this super loaded word to say I’m launching or I have a launch coming up, or I’m working on my launch. Or if it’s just this really fun, light, exciting time for you and your business too. So you get to decide, okay, first, let’s get into the structure of a launch. So we have the actual launch period, which is the period of time from when enrollment is open, and enrollment is closed. So that period of time where people can sign up for your paid offer, whether this is your signature program, your workshop, your one on one offer, whatever it is, if you have a situation where doors open doors close, that is your launch period. And then if we work backwards, we have the pre launch. So this is the period of time where you are promoting and getting people signed up for your special event. So not for your paid offer for your special event. So the pre launch is totally dedicated to the special event where the launch is dedicated to your paid offer. And typically, that special event is what kicks off. It’s like the party that kicks off your launch or your enrollment period. So up until your special event it is in pre launch mode, you have your special special event that kicks off your launch. And then from there, it’s your launch period until doors close. And we’ll talk more about the special event in a moment. But then let’s move forward even sooner than that and talk about the pre pre launch. Now this is kind of what we are doing all the time when we’re in between launches. So not going to get into this a lot today because we talk about it. Really every time we’re talking about building your email list, building your audience, getting on to some platforms and making a nice environment for you to attract the right people into your world. That’s essentially what happens in the pre pre launch. It’s just probably for the few weeks two, I’d say a month prior to your pre launch, when you start talking about your special event in particular, prior to that you’re maybe spending a little more time specifically talking about your freebie that is related to your paid offer. Because then that is going to get more people on your list who are a really good fit for that paid offer. So once it comes time to promote your special event first which happens in the pre launch, you know they’ll be interested because they were already interested in the freebie that is all related. So everything is all related to each other from the freebie to the special event to your paid offer. And then you know the right people are coming onto your list and then getting involved in that special event and then getting interested in your paid offer. Cool, right so we’re really big

building this whole system, this really nice flow that works for everyone. So that pre pre launch is kind of basically what you’re already doing or should be doing in your business to build your audience and get people onto your email list. It’s maybe just a little more concentrated, like I said, two weeks to a month out from your pre launch. So those are the three segments of a launch the three different timetables of your launch. Now let’s put the ingredients into each of these segments. So for me, and what works for my launches, and how I teach you how to launch, the ingredients include, first for your pre pre launch, which again, we’re not going to get into the details of this here, because we talk about it a bunch on other episodes. And it’s what we do inside launch list accelerator, you are creating a freebie specific to your paid offer. That’s really what you need to include in your pre pre launch. And that’s as much as we’ll get into today here because we have a lot more to talk about when it comes to your pre launch, which is first a special event.

People want to try so hard to get around the special event. And it just doesn’t work. It is so important to the success of your launch. To have a special event this can be a webinar, a workshop, a masterclass a challenge, a live Instagram series, a recorded video series, a recorded audio series, something anything that is different than what you are already doing different than what they have seen come from you, it’s a little more involved, it’s a it’s special, it’s a special event, it’s something that you are putting on just for them just for those people who really want to take the next step with you. And yes, it is almost always free. Although you can especially if you have a really warm audience, you can do a very low ticket special event like under I’d say $100. For sure, I’d say probably even under $50 If you wanted to do that for your special event, and then lead into your launch from there. So that is an option. But most of the time, it’s a free special event. Key word special. And so I don’t know why people don’t want to do this and they try to get around it. I don’t know if it’s like the amount of work they think it’s going to take, or you know, I think a lot of people may have a block to doing a live kind of webinar type thing, or workshop type thing that could be something but it is worth the work, the energy, the time the effort, whatever it is that you think it’s going to take from you, it’s worth it because it is going to reap the rewards in new clients. It is the thing that will get you and your business and your paid offer to grow to make money.

I will say that for your beta launch, if you are in signature program lab and you are doing a beta launch of your program, you might already have a warm enough audience or a big enough audience that you don’t need a special event for your beta launch that very first launch when you are capping the number of participants anyway, you’re keeping it small because it is your test group. You may not need it for that. But you might if you don’t have a big audience, if you don’t have any audience, if you don’t have a group of people that already want into your work, then absolutely do a free special event for your beta group as well. There are a few really good things to remember about your special event that again, makes it worth any amount of time, effort, energy, or whatever you think it’s going to take to create it. First of all, when it’s done, it’s done. And you can keep repeating the same special event over and over and over again, every time you launch. Now, eventually it might get old or stale or whatever, you want to talk about something different, and you can switch it up. But you don’t have to redo a new special event every single time. In fact, I would encourage that you that you don’t instead just refine what you already have if you want to make some tweaks or whatever, and just do it again. Otherwise, I think that’s a big waste of time. So just do it again for your second, third, fourth, fifth 10th launch. The other really important thing to consider is that when someone

and sign up for that special event, they become a really, really warm if not hot lead. And while they may not purchase right away, those people who attend to that special event will attend again, and or will be ready automatically to sign up in the future, they are warm. And so not only does it help you build your list, because a lot of these people will come in from, you know, your social media or your podcasts or whatever you have as your platform. And we’ll get on your list because of that special event. So it’s an amazing list builder. But also those people even if they don’t sign up right then in there after that special event, that doesn’t mean that they’re not never going to it is not a no, it’s just a gnat right now. And so you will see that as you continue doing these launches, over and over, you will see people that have been coming to your special events, potentially for years, and then finally sign up. So it’s a momentum builder as well. And that’s really important to remember. Okay, so that’s enough about special events for now. Although now I’m realizing I could do a whole episode on special events, apparently. But let’s move on. Because now in order to get people interested and enrolled in that special free event, you needed to invite them. So you need to create an invite email sequence for that special event that you will send out to people already on your email list. So that is probably anywhere from two to four emails, inviting people into your special event. And then when you invite them to your event, you’re sending them to a landing page, where they can put in their name and email address and be registered for that event. So you need a landing page. And a thank you page, which will be the page that pops up as soon as they put in the name and email address with more information with getting them excited getting them prepared. So you need a landing page and a thank you page, your landing page needs to be a sales page for your free event. So it cannot just be a little blurbs and here sign up for this. You need to entice people further to put their name and email address and commit to that event. So it does take a little more than just throwing something up. Okay, so that’s another couple things you need. You then also need a reminder email sequence. So once someone has signed up for your special event, you then want to spend send them a couple reminders as it gets closer, reminding them that is coming up getting them excited, letting them know why they signed up in the first place, making sure that they show up. Because what can happen a lot of times especially without reminder emails, someone signs up, a week out, and then life happens or whatever. And they forget or they’re not as excited about it as they were and they don’t show up. So these reminder emails can really be the ticket that gets more people to show up for your event. And then you just need promo materials for that event, which would be potentially social media stuff, if you use social media to promote your business. Or if you have podcast episodes coming out or YouTube videos coming out, whatever it is, that is your platform for your business, making sure you have the promo materials for that pre launch time to get people into your special event. So those are the things you need. If you want to write this down. Go ahead, I will do a little quick thing here. So a special event number one, an invite email sequence for that special event. A landing page, a thank you page for the special event.

A reminder, email sequence and promo materials. I know it sounds like a lot but it’s it’s not I’m going to show you how I chunk everything up in a second.

But also think about if you ever are like unsure if you’re forgetting something which I just write this down and you’ll have it but just in case just think about like go through the process in your mind of like okay, what, what needs to happen next, okay, tell people to sign up for this event. And then what happens while they can’t just, they need something to sign up to so they need a landing page. You know, like you can really think about it you can go through the steps in your head and know exactly what to work on.

Now for the launch. The ingredients are in enrollment, email sequence,

a sales page, a checkout page, and then promo materials

For your paid offer, that’s it. So someone attends your special event, that’s what kicks off your launch. Now what needs to happen? Well, they need to be able to go somewhere, if they want to sign up. So they need that sales page, which gives them all the details, reminds them why they want to be in what they can experience, how it’ll be, and get them all excited. So it really take time with your sales page. Again, it’s not just something to throw up. Then once they click Yes, I wanted, they need to go to a checkout page where they can put in their credit card information or Pay Pal or whatever. And then if someone is interested, but doesn’t sign up right away, then you want to remind them more about the offer more about what they can expect, why they need it, who it’s for. And you know, the transformation that will happen as part of that paid offer. And you can do that through your email sequence, your enrollment email sequence. So those emails go out throughout the duration of your launch period, which could be anywhere from one day to two weeks, it totally depends on you and your offer and what you feel comfortable doing lots of different options there. So but you will be sending out emails throughout that period to people that have registered for that special event, because they are now warm, very warm, if not hot leads for this paid offer, and letting them know and giving them the option to join. And then yeah, you’re going to promote your paid offer, again on your platform. So you just need to have the promo materials ready for that, whether it’s social media, podcast, all the above. Okay.

Those are the ingredients. That is how a launch works as the timeline. That is what it looks like if it helps you to draw out like I have this all visually in signature program lab because it helps so much to have it a visual of what happens at every step from pre pre launch, pre launch to launch. But if you want to kind of sketch it out, that may help you too. All right now, let me take you behind the scenes of the launch that I am currently in, we are still going on. Right now doors have not closed. But I want to really use this episode to show you how I plan all of it out in a way that feels very light and fun. Because it has been a really fun week, I just posted on social media that I have spent more time outside this week than I have at my desk. And yes, it is still a launch week. But it’s because I have planned ahead. I’m not saving anything for the last minute and I’m not complicating it. I’m not making it any more complicated than it needs to be. I’m not adding any more steps or stuff that may or may not work like Yeah, could I do more? And maybe what I get sales? Maybe? Maybe not. And so instead, for me, it is always most important for my business to be fun and feel good. Because as soon as things get stressful and start not feeling good, and I start getting like wound up and I just I don’t want that for myself. That’s not the business that I want to create. So why would I even bring that energy into a launch? Even if it does mean there’s one more sale? I really want my business to be what it is right now. And that’s most important. And I know that the right people will come into my paid offer, when it’s the right time for them. Maybe it is this launch? Maybe it’s not. And that’s okay. And again, we’ll talk more about that in the next episode about the mindset and energy behind a launch. But we’re strictly trying to talk strategy, which as you can see, it’s very hard for me to do because it’s about so much more than this. Anyway, let’s go back to behind the scenes of what I’ve done to prepare for this launch. One other thing right now, yes, I am currently doing all of this myself. I am looking for an assistant to help me with some of this to make it even more light and fun. For me. It’s been like I haven’t had an assistant in like over a year now. And it’s been a long time and I do really miss that support but also waiting for the right person and the right time and not rushing that either. But anyway, I did want to share that with you so that you can see that you absolutely can do this. Even if it’s just you. You do not need a team of people behind you to launch. That’s great if you do use that to your advantage, but it is not required. So don’t let that stop you from or don’t let that

be like your story for why you can’t do a full out launch because it’s not true. Now, what I will say is that if you have not done a full out launch before and the way that I have described it in this episode, then there is probably a really, really, really good chance that you do need training and support for that launch situation. There are a lot of moving pieces, there’s a lot of stuff you’ve never done before, there are some things that can get overlooked. And there’s a lot of nuances, just things that would happen. Like if this happens, then this happens kind of thing that you really don’t know until you’ve been through it, or you have learned from someone who has. And that is why I took everything that I know about launching everything I’ve done with launching everything I’m talking to you about today, and put it inside the signature program bundle. I literally, well, not literally, but as literally as you can get without being literally take you by the hand and walk you through every single step of this process. And I take out all of the guesswork for you to the point that basically I just give you the emails to send like every email that I’m going to share with you that I wrote, I gave them to you so you can use them in your business as well. I give you the webinar template to use if you do want to have a live workshop or masterclass or webinar, as your special event, I give you the sales page designed to follow, I could not possibly make the launch situation any easier for you. And I did that on purpose. I like scoured my launch process, and made sure that every single step that I go through that I broke it down as simply as possible and gave you all the tools and resources you need to do it in your own business. That is how I built signature program lab. It is all included. So if you were going through this conversation right now, and you’re feeling like either this is a lot, this seems overwhelming, I don’t quite know how to do this, I could use some post support, well just know that it’s there for you, I am here for you, I take all of the weight off of the launch process for you inside the signature program bundle, let me tell you that one module in and of itself is worth probably double what you will pay to get into the signature program bundle, I just want you to know that I wanted to make it accessible for you. Because I know this can be a challenge. And I don’t want it to be I want it to be light and fun for you too. Alright, Shawn, if you want in if you want the hand holding the nonliteral hand holding, and the support. So I decided I wanted to do this launch and special event about one month prior to me actually doing it, I usually have them a little bit more planned out. I know you’ll listen and hear from some entrepreneurs who have them planned out for years in advance. I always have an idea of what I want to do broken down into quarters. And I knew I wanted to do something for the signature program bundle. But I wasn’t sure what. And it was a complete intuitive nudge to do the signature program in a day workshop. I just got like immediately excited about the idea it popped up into my head, I loved it. And I decided to give myself a month to make it happen. So again, I want you to see that yes, you can plan it out your entire year, and all your launches. But also, if you feel like doing a launch and you feel like maybe your business needs a cash injection, then do a launch and you don’t need a ton of time. Now, yes, you need a paid offer. So you need to figure that out. First, if you want it to be a signature program, you need to at least have the structure in place you do not need to have all of the the content created. You can do that along the way once people are in and going through your program, but you need to at least know what it is and what’s included and your modules and that kind of stuff. Again, all stuff we do inside the signature program bundle. If your paid offer is a one on one type thing, then just get your package information ready like know all the details of the package that you’re going to be offering for one on one clients and then follow the same exact launch strategy that we’re talking about. You can absolutely

We really should do this full launch process. To get one on one clients, you really should, it will fill your calendar very quickly and you won’t have to worry about it, instead of just always kind of talking about how you’re taking clients. That’s exhausting. This is way better. Okay. And then, of course, if it’s like a paid workshop or whatever, you just just know that you have to have your paid offer, at least hashed out, does it need to be complete? No, but you need to know the details. So I officially started putting together this launch for signature program bundle in the middle of May, for a mid June launch. First step, I picked a date, I picked the date of my special event. And I put it into my personal calendar on my phone, and also in my Asana. And I will tell you a stop right here and tell you that the only reason that any of this gets done that I’m going to talk about next is because I use Asana, I put these tasks into my weeks as it approaches the launch. And then I know what to do each day and I don’t miss anything. And I can schedule it all out. So if you’re not already using Asana, I highly recommend it a s a n, I have a free account, it works great for me as a free account, I don’t know that you would need much more than what I have in my account. So probably can keep it free for you, too.

So once I knew my date, then I kind of just started breaking up the things that I needed to do prior to the special event, and I had four weeks. So I chunked it up into four groups of things that I was going to focus on each week. And for me, that’s how it works best for me. And my schedule is to know what I need to do in a week. So by Friday, this needs to get done. And then I can be a little more fluid and flowy with it based on what’s going on in my personal life. What else I have going on in my business, how I feel energetically do I feel like writing emails or do I feel like designing a sales page, you know, like, it’s definitely a different headspace to be in. So I like to give myself the week like just get this done at some point this week. And that works for me, you based on your schedule, and how you work and what else you have going on, you may need to actually chunk it up into like days, like these hours, I’m working on this. And then these hours, I’m working on this totally up to you. So that first week, I did a really solid brainstorm. On my special event. Like I said, it popped in my head that I wanted to do a signature programming day thing as my special event. So then I just had to get really down and dirty with what I wanted it to look like what I wanted it to include how I wanted it to go. Because that is going to obviously determine how I talk about it everywhere else. So when you’re doing your brainstorm, not only is it so that you can actually create this special event, but also so that you can create your marketing. And that’s actually what it’s most important for at this stage. Because the other thing I had to do that week was to build my landing page. And thank you page for that special event. So I needed to have the details, I needed to know what it was going to include, so that I could do those two things. Now I didn’t have the actual special event and have all the slides planned out or anything like that. But I knew the outline really well. And that is how I could create the landing page and thank you page. And I went there first because I like to work on my launches in the order of how it will happen. Because obviously someone could go to the landing page two weeks before the actual special event and sign up. So that’s the really the very first thing that needs to be in place because people can be signing up well before I even have the special event created like the slides designed or created or anything like that. So that’s how I like to think about it is what needs to happen first in the flow for my future clients. And that is what I will work on first. So the landing page and thank you page probably took a day and a half ish to work on. And then I took one day that week also to write the three invitation emails, the three invite emails that will go out to my email list for that special event. So that first week I did a brainstorm that probably took a couple hours maybe. Then I took a day and a half ish to create the

Landing Page and thank you page. And then I took one day writing three invite emails. And if we go back to a few episodes of get go when I shared how I get everything done, when I say days, I don’t mean full like nine to five days because I have other stuff still going on, I’m still recording the podcast episode, I’m still writing other newsletters, I’m still showing up on Instagram and Tiktok. So these are really kind of like half days at most, because I also have a life and I spend time outside, especially now in the summer. So just so you know, these are like blocks of time. They’re not full days, but they’re really concentrated blocks of work time. Okay, so now let’s move on to week two, which is three weeks out from the special event that week is when I started working on the slides for the special event. And I wrote the three reminder emails. So once someone’s already signs up for the special event, those emails, they get the remind them to show up. But the majority of the time was definitely spent creating the special event. So working on those slides for the special event, which if you follow me on social media, I was complaining about it because designing slides is probably one of my least favorite things of my business and something I really would love to hire out. But I’ve had one bad experience. And now I’m scared to hire out again, look at all these limiting beliefs I have around slides. Can’t believe it. So working on that. But anyway, that really was the bulk of week number two. Now we’re in week three, which is two weeks out from the event and the launch, I’m still working on and tweaking this special event, those darn slides. But also, I’m now into writing the sales email sequence. And that definitely takes some time. So usually at least a couple blocks of time worth to write those sales emails, which in my case, were six emails going out over four days. So writing those and I did already have an outline of those because I they’re similar to ones I’ve sent out in the past. So didn’t have to start from total scratch, but was able to get those done in that week. And an important note here is that while all of this is going on, so during all of the these weeks, essentially the moment I realized that I was planning out this launch for a month out, I started heavily promoting a freebie that I had related to this free event. And then this paid offer. So I started talking about that freebie, a lot more than I do just on a regular day. And that really is the pre pre launch, I already had that freebie created. I already had the landing page and all that stuff created for the freebie, it’s just a matter of talking about it more. Now if you don’t have that freebie created, no worries, we do that in launch list accelerator, which is part of the signature program bundle, doesn’t have to take a lot of your time can be done really quickly. But is important to this whole situation to the whole launching situation because then there’s that many more people who are warming up to what you do and your teachings and how you help people that will then be interested in this special event.

Okay, now we are at the week before the special event, which means that invite emails are going out. And at this point, I’m just working on the promo materials. So for me, that’s Instagram posts and Instagram Stories, making sure I’m talking about it on the podcast here. And then other than that, I’m going over the slides for the events still tweaking them a little bit, spending more time on social media sharing about the special events. So for me, when it comes to social media and it comes to promo, I am much more heavily promoting the special event than I will with the paid offer during the actual launch. When I’m promoting during the launch. It’s pretty much just to remind the people that showed up for the special event that this is going on just in case they’re not getting the emails or not reading them or whatever. But if you can get people into your special event, you have a really good chance of a successful launch. It is so important to really really focus and really, really push that special event and it’s free and it’s going to be

Super helpful and super fun, it’s special people want to be involved in it. But often they just don’t know. Or they don’t sign up right away. So you have to talk about it a lot like every day leading up to the special event. And a lot of you aren’t doing that you’re talking about it once or twice, and then assuming nobody wants to be a part of it. And that’s not true, you got to keep going. And then we’re in launch week. So one last invitation, email goes out, I host the special event. But emails for the week are already scheduled and ready to go out for everyone that was part of the special event. So the only thing really I have left to do is to show up on social media. With the promo materials, I already created, maybe some extra promo materials as it goes. And just kind of seeing where launch week takes me and where I feel I need more energy.

But most of the time, it’s like social media, and then just taking care of my own energy and being there and available for anyone who needs help or has questions for the new people coming into the program, being there for them. And just making sure it’s a really great experience. And it’s fun. And then it’s done. And then I can wait however long I want to wait and do it all over again. But with pretty much all the same things, a few tweaks to emails, a few tweaks to maybe some sales page stuff or some something, you know, a slide or two in the special event, there will be some tweaking, but you don’t need to redo this entire thing. Every time you launch this paid offer. Now, if the different paid offer, then yes, you need a different everything. So it’s very wise to stick with one paid offer for a solid chunk of time. And just repeat this process over and over and over again. And your business will grow. I promise you, it will actually a few things. Now that I just said sales page, I realized and I want to make sure that you know, I already had a sales page laid out for this paid offer. I’ve run it before, I already had a checkout page, I already had all that stuff set up for this offer. If I didn’t, I would probably need to add another week to this schedule to do that stuff. And then I also decided not to run Facebook ads for this event I usually do. But I decided not to. It’s the first time I’ve ever done an event anywhere near like this, it was a very, very special event. And so I wanted to do it with a warmer audience first. So that took less time to again, if I were going to be doing some Facebook ad stuff, then I would add potentially another week to this as well. So it maybe would have been more like six weeks if I was starting totally over. But I did have some stuff already set up. And inside signature program lab, I do lay out this entire calendar for you. So if you want it to be eight weeks, if you want to be 12 weeks, 16 weeks, and that includes the actual building of your program as well. So you have a calendar for launching and you have a calendar for building. But it really can all be done. If you have the right organization, the right strategy, if you don’t try to make it more complicated than it needs to be. And you know what to do, like you have the actual resources to do it. And if you’ve never done it before, it you might not have that. And it’s again, it’s one of those things I say this all the time. Now it’s one of those things where people try to DIY something that shouldn’t be DIY, launching your paid offer, having this whole strategy laid out is really not something to DIY, because as you can see, there’s a lot to it and not in a bad way or in a way that makes it stressful or scary or anything. But there’s just stuff you got to do their stuff you need to plan out, there’s things you need to know. And it really, really does help to have that support and guidance along the way. And so here we are at the end, the launch is still going on as I record this. So I don’t have any official numbers or anything like that to report yet. But I will say that I had a blast this week. I absolutely loved the signature program in a day as my special event. I got a ton of great feedback and I’m excited to do it again. I also can say that I am seeing a much higher conversion rate than the industry average and a much higher earnings per lead than the industry average from that event. So excited for that and just to know that I was able to provide something that was so valuable

To all of you and made a lot of you realize that this is the next step for you and your business. And you want the help and support along the way. So really excited and and that’s all I can share with you as of now, because like I said, it’s still going on. But I really hope and really my goal in doing this episode was to break all of this down into doable actionable steps that you can take. So it doesn’t seem overwhelming. So it seems possible for you, and you can start taking action on launching your first or next paid offer. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting at right now, everyone needs to go through this process, this whole launch system, this whole launch process, and it will lead to something great, even if zero people actually sign up, you will get leads you will get leads that become warm leads, you will get warm leads that become hot leads, you will learn a bazillion things and you will make your next launch that much better. But you have to start here, you have to do this process, you have to go through every single step, you cannot cut corners. This is what we have to do. And I hope just showing you my schedule and how I really just chunked it up into different things that needed to happen and followed kind of the flow that people would go through. It makes it a lot easier and a lot more doable. And then when it comes time for the actual launch, everything is done. So you’re like cool. I’ll just go hang out my dogs while people sign up, which is really fun, too. All right, next week, we are going to talk about mindset and energy of your launch, which is what will really make this entire thing a success. You can go through the steps of this whole process but if your mind’s not right, and your energy’s not right, good luck. And that is what we’re gonna get into next week. So be sure to tune in then and until next time, take care

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