BEST OF: Make More Money In Less Time With These 4 Business Swaps — Ep. 163

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Podcast

I think most of us would agree that making more impact and income while working fewer hours is the ultimate business goal. That phrase “making money while you sleep” is actually a real possibility as is “making money while playing with your kids/on vacation/with another client/living your life.” Sound pretty good, right?

In this episode, I’m sharing the 4 swaps you need to make in your business so you actually can make more money in less time. We’re talking passive income, the 1-to-many business model, and so much more. 

“You can always create more income by having your own business, by having these other possibilities, and even though time is finite, you can create more time in a sense of you being able to do what you want with that time.” – Shawn Mynar

“Go from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset.” – Shawn Mynar

“You have a bigger why, you have a bigger purpose. Put the attention on who you are helping, how you want to help them, and what do you need to get there in a bigger way. Focus on that instead of it being all about the money.” – Shawn Mynar



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Hey, Hey there friends, Shawn here. And this is a best of episode of The unstuck entrepreneur podcast, where I’m taking the most popular most talked about most important episodes of the past and bringing them back for an encore presentation. So enjoy the replay of this episode, and I’ll be back in a few weeks with another new episode and fresh topic. I’m Shawn Mynar, and this is unstuck a space for heart centered entrepreneurs to implement both the inner work and outer strategies required to get unstuck and build the impactful, profitable business of their dreams, no hustle, grind, or long hours required. Let’s get into today’s session.

Hey, hey there, friends. Welcome back to unstuck, so grateful to have you here. As always, and I am super jazzed for this episode.

I think I say that pretty much every episode. But this one really is taking like everything I love to talk about and teach with entrepreneurs, to entrepreneurs, and putting it all into one episode. Obviously, the reason why I love talking about it so much is because I’m all about all of you, creating financial freedom in your life. And I really am determined to help more women specifically create financial independence for themselves, regardless of their partners, their situations, their careers, their families, anything else like that just having this empowerment of financial independence is pretty freakin cool. And not only that when in terms of money, but I’m also super passionate about helping people actually find enjoyment in their lives and actually get back to the point of why we’re here and what we’re meant to be doing here. And finding that passion within their business and what they’re doing. But then also finding their passion and mission and purpose outside of their business and spending time doing things they love and building a life they love and less time trapped behind the computer trapped in an office and even more so trapped in this mentality or this mindset of always having to work and strive and go go go and do this and do that in order to actually make a decent living. Because that’s all just lies. So we’re here to debunk all that. And we’re to talk about that more today. So that’s why I’m just thrilled to be here having this conversation with you really, this podcast could be either like eight hours long, or like seven other podcast episodes, which it probably will end up being. But I wanted to at least start the conversation here today. So this idea of making more money, having more income more profit, while working less, working fewer hours, and spending more time outside and your actual life. Really being an entrepreneur, having your own business is the perfect place to do all of that. And I think that’s one of the main reasons well, I don’t think I know, that’s one of the main reasons we’ve all been drawn into this lifestyle. Yes, we have this purpose, we have this passion, we want to make an impact. We want to help others, we have all this stuff. But then also we would love to do that, while also working less and creating financial independence, creating financial freedom, creating time, freedom, all that stuff. This whole kind of hashtag Be Your Own Boss Life. Yes, I just used the hashtag in a sentence. I’m like, not normally that kind of person, but I just did and that’s fine. Anyway, when you are working for someone else, there’s very little if any room really to do this to have the opportunity to work fewer hours and make more money. You’re kind of stuck in your designated schedule, and your designated salary. You may get bonuses at certain times if you do certain things. Maybe you get commissions. And I would say that not always but usually in order for you to get a commission for something it involves working more hours or working harder or hustling a little or something like that if you’re in more of a sales role. So while there of course nuances to that I think the vast majority of the working for someone else role doesn’t allow for much of this flexibility that we find when we are in a place of having our own business being our own boss being an entrepreneur. So then here we are, as entrepreneurs with this dream with this desire. But how do we actually make it a reality. And especially, it may seem kind of far off, or kind of impossible, almost, if you are someone who’s just starting out, or you know what, maybe not even just starting out, but you still find yourself stuck, maybe you’ve been doing the same thing in your business for years, and you find yourself stuck getting paid the same amount, having the same amount of income of revenue, having the same amount of profit or lack thereof, of year in, year out. And it feels like you’re working a ton. And you really don’t have much to show for it. And this can happen at the beginning of your business. It happened to me for a couple of years in my business, where I felt like I was working a lot and I had no flexibility. In my schedule, I was really kind of bending over backwards for my clients and their schedules, which meant getting up at five in the morning, most days of the week, working Sunday through Friday, so only having one day off per week. And it felt like I was doing the opposite of what I actually wanted, which was this life of freedom, flexibility, and uncapped earning potential, I wanted all those things, I was getting none of it. So you may be in a similar place right now. Or you may not even be there, but you’re worried you’re scared, you might get there someday, if you do start your business, or if you do go all in where you’re working a ton and not making very much. And it’s the opposite of what you want. So how do we turn this ship? Around? Is the real question we have today. And the question I’m going to answer, I have four swaps, that you are going to start making in your business today. As I said, I probably could think of like 20 swaps that you could make in your business. But let’s just get you started today. As you know, if you have listened to any episode of The unstuck podcast before, we’ve got to look both internally and externally. So this is not just a question of the practical, tangible stuff that you can do in your business to start making more money, which we are going to talk about, that’s two of the four are these practical, tangible things. But we also have to talk about this other stuff, the internal stuff, that inner work, otherwise, those practical things, you’re still not going to do them, they’re still not going to make a profit, you’re not going to make any more money, you’re still going to find yourself working 10 hours, it’s going to be pointless. Okay. So that’s what we do hear on unstuck is we do that inner work, while also looking at the outer strategy. So we do a little bit of both, starting with a quote, as always, from Jim Rohn. Time is more valuable than money, you can get more money, but you cannot get more time. And this is really speaking to the idea that time is finite, whereas money is infinite. And so the conversation we’re having here today is to really prove reprioritize, I guess and showcase that ability, that you have the power to make more money, but you cannot create more time. But what we can do, through the conversation we’re going to have today is actually create more time than what I just said you can do. But what we’re going to do is reallocate your time to be where you want to be spending it, which is out with your family, with your loved ones out in nature out traveling. I know there’s so many people that wish they could travel more. And now we’re back in a place in the world where we can start traveling again, thank goodness. So is that something that you want to start adding in more of, but you just need to find the time. This is how we can do that. So I want I really wanted to use that quote. It’s a very well known quote, but I wanted to use that here in order for you to see that you can always create more income by having your own business and by having these other possibilities. And when you do so even though time is finite, you can actually create more time in the sense of you being able to Do what you want with that time. So that’s really cool and super, super loved that whole idea. Before we get into these four swaps I have for you, I just want to share a little bit about my story. Some of you may have heard this before, it’s just a little snippet of how I used everything that we’re going to talk about today. And within a matter of a year completely transformed. My business, I, as I mentioned, was at a place where I was taking clients one on one for both personal training, which is how I originally started my business. And then added on nutrition coaching, once I became a nutritionist through the NTA. So I was doing both and I was taking one on one clients and I was working a lot, I didn’t have the problem of not finding clients, which I was very fortunate and very grateful for. But I was taking a lot of clients and I was working around the clock with them, I was getting super burnt out. If you take one on one clients, then you probably know how that feels that feeling of like your energy being kind of sucked dry, because you are giving it to your clients, which is really wonderful and really great and really needed. But if you don’t have those boundaries in place, yet, it can be very draining. And I didn’t have those boundaries in place yet. Because I was fresh, I was new, I was making money, and I was excited. But I wasn’t making enough money. And that was definitely not making enough money for the time and effort and energy that I was putting into my business. I was barely making ends meet. I think that this year that I’m speaking of in my business, which was 2015 2016 I net ID like $15,000 in my business, so not enough by any means money. And then I got sick. And I started working on myself, I started doing a lot of personal growth, self development, self improvement, spiritual work, started working on my mindset started working on connecting to my intuition and trusting it started working on my relationship with my higher power, the universe, source God love whatever you want to call it started working on that whole concept, which was really totally new to me at that point, nothing I had really ever considered. But I was sick, and I needed to get better. And I had tried everything I knew how to do. And I was working with all these practitioners, and doctors and all these supplements and all these dietary changes and all this stuff to try to get better. And it wasn’t working. And so I realized the thing that was still something that I could do that I couldn’t work on was my inner self. And I don’t even know how I came to that conclusion, except that it was complete desperation, because I had never considered that before in my life. I’ve never done any like inner work when unquote, in my life. But I did. And so I started that journey. And it was so eye opening for me a lot of you know, this part of my journey already. But when it comes to my business specifically, while I was not doing this work to help my business, I just started applying it to it just almost naturally. And just like well, it’s actually working for my health, I might as well just give it a try and see what I can do for this business situation that I’m in because I’m broke. And I’m burned out. And I don’t really know where to go next. And through this, you know, long story short, there was a lot of journaling and a lot of meditation and a lot of really doing some digging on myself and reading and writing and all that stuff. But long story short, it ended up to where I was able to have this like intuitive download of something I wanted to create in my business. And I actually went for it for probably the first time ever I listened to my intuition, I was able to actually hear that side of me. And I didn’t let my fear and my stories and all this stuff about the money that I didn’t have that i How was I ever going to make that work when I couldn’t invest anything. Because also I should mention part of this whole self improvement work I was doing was on my money mindset, which was a big huge thing that I had no idea was a problem for me until this point in my life. And now I can see that it had absolutely affected everything up until then. But I was able to let go of some of that and allow my intuition to come through and allow myself to trust that and to go for it and to invest money I didn’t have into this idea. And in a matter of months, it completely transformed my business. Some of you may A know what that thing was, it was called the fat burning female project. It was an online course, for women teaching a in an intuitive approach to a keto diet, something that no one had done before. If there wasn’t something out there like that, and I had never done that before I had never, I had no clue how to create an online course or what that even meant, or what it would even look like or would it even be successful? How would it even go, I had no clue. But I kept going with it. I compiled everything that I was teaching one on one to clients and put it into this course and created a system for it that was proprietary, no one else had ever done it no one else it came from, no one, nothing else, but my own intuition and my own brain. And I put it into this course, with absolutely no clue what I was doing. Fast forward a year. So this is 2017. By the end of 2017. That course alone had made almost $100,000. And that was on top of me still seeing clients and still having a regular schedule and still working with brands on affiliate. So that was just one piece of my income that year. And to go from having the year before. Net income $15,000. To now having this in one year was really huge for me, I’ve talked about that situation before was kind of what some people might call this quantum leap in business. For me, it was just a compilation of the inner improvements, I was doing the inner work I was doing and really getting in touch with myself for the first time ever, and really getting through all the muck that I had that I didn’t even know I had, from my past and and my growing up and things like that, and doing all this work on myself, and then letting that lead the way and taking action on it. And so to kind of connect the dots between this story and what we’re going to talk about today, that was my first venture into a passive income opportunity into an opportunity to go from working one on one with clients, which meant I was trading my time for dollars to working one to many, which we’re going to talk about which opens the doors to an unlimited source of income potential, which is amazing. And it just opened my eyes to the possibilities in my business. That’s what we’re going to talk about today, I’ve never looked back, you will feel the same way. Let’s get into it. The first swap is to go from lack to abundance. So as you can see, we’re kicking it off with mindset work, going from a lack mindset, to an abundance mindset. The vast, vast, vast majority of society right now is operating from a lack mindset. And you may be one of those people. If you come from this place of lack, you can do all the external things that we’re going to talk about coming up and still struggle to make money, you can take all the courses, you can hire all the coaches, you can do all of this and you can do all of that. And you’re still not going to make the money that you want to make. Or if you do end up making that money, you will sabotage yourself to no longer make that money. That is how powerful our minds are. It can up here like you are doing everything, quote, unquote, right? To create this freedom filled financially sound business. But in the end, it will be the same thing that you’re used to will be working tons of hours, not making enough money, feeling frustrated, feeling scared, feeling worried, not investing in yourself all of these practices that are the external output of a lack mindset. Because those stories that you have about money, about hard work about how to make money about how much money you are capable of making your worth your value, what you deserve, all that stuff. They’re still running the show. They’re taking over your thoughts and emotions and ultimately, they’re directing your actions in your business. So this is where we start talking about that ego voice that little internal chatter that you have going on all the time that you can hear pretty well when you listen, it’s it’s right there. But it’s saying things like money doesn’t grow on trees. I have to work hard to make money. I have to make sure I earn every penny. I can’t afford to, you know, insert thing here and buy So in my business, quit my job and go all in, there’s all kinds of I can’t afford out there in business, my financial gain is someone else’s loss. You can see these are stories that are playing in your head, they may not sound exactly like that. But the end result is this story, you could also probably see that they didn’t necessarily come from you, you were taught that that is what you saw or heard growing up. That’s probably what your parents saw or heard when they grew up. And so it’s been passed down from generations to generations, this lack mindset. So nobody’s fault, nobody needs to have any sort of blame put on them. But this is where we’re at, as a society really, with all of us kind of snowballing into this lack mindset, and having these stories about money that simply aren’t true. And when we have these stories, this is how it may look for you and your business, not being willing to invest in yourself or your business, because you don’t believe it will come back to you. Like you don’t believe in that flow of abundance, that giving and receiving flow that we’re always in. It could look like you not charging appropriately because you don’t feel like you deserve or are worthy of making that money you feel like, again, this my financial gain is someone else’s loss. So you feel quote, unquote, bad for charging for your services, it can look like being scared to talk about your pricing to potential clients, or just talking about money in general, it could look like quote, unquote, busy work for the sake of working and this is where it gets back to this, like I have to work hard, I have to earn my money. So instead of just letting things flow, you’re like constantly busy working yourself. In order to make yourself feel like you deserve or are worthy of making money of putting out some pricing for your clients. It can look like ignoring your intuitive nudges because they don’t make logical sense. And or will cost money. This is a big one. This is one of the one I see probably the most often is ignoring what you want to be doing what you’re being guided to do, because but how will the money come? Or how will I afford it, or I don’t have the money for that, or that doesn’t make financial sense. It’s a big one. It could look like comparing your success to others and getting jealous of others success, or not doing what you want to do in your business because someone’s already doing it. Again, lack lack, lack lack, really diving into that idea that there’s not enough to go around, there’s not enough for everyone. And lastly, sabotaging it, when you do start making money, like I said a few minutes ago, you may find yourself in this new place of financial success, things may be going really well. And then you find a way to make it not go so well. You find a way to get back to where you’re used to being the struggle bus you’re used to being on this happens a lot people and it all comes back to your money blocks, those stories that you have about money and more specifically, the lack versus abundance space that you are in. This is just a sampling. If you want to hear more about lack versus abundance, I have several episodes scroll back and or go to my website and type in abundance and search for that. And you’ll get all of those episodes that you can look into further but it’s super important people, we really need to take the time to understand this and when now I’m sure you’re asking well what the heck do I do? Because clearly I’m in this lack mindset that means I’m doomed. I’m never gonna make any money. No, no, no back off a little grasshopper, it’s fine. You will be able to, I think the first thing start paying attention to the thoughts and actions and emotions that you have when it comes to money. Are they moving towards lack? Are they in this space of lack? Do they sound like a lack based thought or story? Or are they from this place of abundance knowing that money is a form of energy and it is in a constant state of flow and you can tap into that flow anytime, anywhere and receive abundance. So where are you most of the time? And all it takes is a little bit of as always we got to talk about it is the unstuck podcast awareness that first step to all of this awareness, awareness awareness. What are you saying to yourself? What actions are you taking? And what camp do they go in lack or abundance. And then from there, allow yourself to let go just a little bit, allow yourself to loosen your grip on this idea of money and finances and investing, and debt and all this stuff, just loosen your grip, I’m not saying go into all kinds of debt, I’m not saying blow your savings. I’m not saying any of that. So please know that. But just start loosening the grip a little bit, maybe take a small risk, do something different, prove yourself wrong, make a small investment in something that you know is really needed for you or your business. And just see what happens. It’s part of that proving yourself wrong where we have to, sometimes the only way that we can get out of that system that we’re in, is to just step our toe out for just a little bit. See that nothing bad happens, see that actually amazing things happen when you do something out of the ordinary when you take a little bit of a risk. And that starts the flow that starts the process of getting out of that mindset. Next kind of goes along with this is to stop thinking so much about money. Just see if you can, especially in your business, like you have a bigger why you have a bigger purpose here. So put the attention on who you’re helping how you want to help them what you want that to look like. And then what do you need to do to get there in a bigger way? Focus on that, instead of being all about the money like, can I afford this, can I do that I need to make this much money, it needs to be this much in this time, I don’t deserve to charge this much I can ask for this much money, like a lot of our talk in business in general is money talk. So what can we do if we take that away, and instead focus on our bigger why.

And then lastly, like just another reminder, money is a form of energy is in a constant flow state of flow. It is always around us as always flowing. And giving and receiving allow for that flow in your own life. Give money, invest in yourself, invest in your business, and then receive receive receive based on that. And then when you receive money into your business, because you gave, then you’re able to get back into that flow of giving again. So it’s this receive and give, receive and give, receive and give and it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger, and snowballs. As you step into this place of abundance more and more and more. That’s all I’m going to talk about today with lack and abundance. As I said, I could talk about that just all the time. And I do have several episodes if you want to go back and listen. The second swap is from forcing to flowing, forcing to flowing. I love this one so much as a lot of you probably know, by far, the thing that most entrepreneurs are not doing that is keeping them stuck is to stay in this place of force versus flow. Because we’re taught to force to strive to push to do whatever it takes to achieve a certain goal. We’re taught that in school, we’re taught that in sports, we’re taught that in trying to get to a certain college we’re taught and trying to get a certain job or into a certain career. And now we’re taking that and then putting it into our business because that’s also, you know, talking about this hustle culture hustle mentality that we do here. That’s what a lot of people show us. A lot of entrepreneurs have this story of the hustle and grind that it took to get their business off the ground. So now we’re also still applying that and applying everything we learned into our business. But what happens, especially as an entrepreneur, is that forcing mentality blocks you from being able to see and work on what will actually be the thing that makes you profitable, that makes you happy, that makes you impactful. That gives you freedom, you are blocking that as you try to force things.

And the forcing, as you can probably guess, is also going back to the last one black mindset driven. It’s like you got to make money. You got to make a certain amount of money before a certain date or you got to make a certain amount of money at a in a specific amount of time. That is what is steering a lot of businesses right now. And what it’s doing is actually keeping you from making good money. Because you’re not making good decisions, you’re not making the best decisions, or the most informed decisions because that force, that striving, that go, go go that very masculine energy is what’s making the decisions, because you’re coming from a place of lack. And as you can see, if you step into abundance, that’s a very feminine flow like energy. And when we get there, and we find this place of flow, it’s this place where you get to work on what feels good to you. What lights you up what you do, where you just get lost in the process of doing it. And where you trust your intuition, without letting that ego that inner chatter get involved. Like, how amazing does that sound. And going back to my story at the beginning, that’s exactly what happened to me, I stopped forcing, I stopped saying yes to everything, I stopped doing what I thought I should be doing. And I started working on myself, I got into this abundance mindset, because of all the money mindset work I had done. And I let go of like that need to control and be worried and be scared about money, in my business in general, and success in general. And as soon as I did that, I got this amazing idea. amazing idea. And no, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know if it would work. I didn’t know what was going on. I knew nothing except that that idea came from a different place than the other things I thought I should be doing. And the other ways I was spending my time, it came from a different place, it came from my intuition. So that place and that space of flow is available to you, too. And it’s available to you right now it’s available to you 100% of the time, all it is is a matter of allowing it in allowing it to happen being okay with taking a step back being okay with not doing this busy work all the time just for the sake of working and not striving and not having these crazy goals and not feeling like you have to push yourself in order to make any of this happen. But what happens if you take a little bit of a step back, because building your business is a highly creative and intuitive process. Please always remember that highly creative and very intuitive. And blocking that will result in you being stuck exactly where you are right now. You’ll either be stuck not doing anything, not taking any action at all. Or you’ll be stuck doing something you actually don’t want to do. Like you’re stuck doing something that doesn’t make money or doing something that you don’t love or doing something that’s a total time stock requires long hours, or a combination of all the above. Right.

So how do we start tapping into the space of flow or another way I like to call it is being in alignment, which I talked about here a lot on the show to where do we start, the very first thing I want you to try is when you’re beginning to get into this block of time that you’re using for working on your business. Start with something that gets you into this place of alignment where you feel really good, where you feel more connected to your body, more calm, less ego voici, we’ll call it you know that ego voice is a little quieter, perhaps. So meditation, a few deep breaths, maybe brewing a cup of coffee, or a cup of tea, maybe putting on some music, having a candle going or putting some crystals around your workspace, something like that. Whatever your little thing is that you do that helps you get into alignment. And then I want you to ask yourself, and perhaps get out a piece of paper or your journal and write down. What do I want to create today? That’s all you’re going to ask and just see what comes up, see what would feel good for that period of time. It may not make sense. And it may be something like I want to write an email newsletter, which is great because some of that I think we get into this space where we think it has to be kind of like on this day I write this newsletter and even when I don’t feel it at all, I still have to force it out. And that’s what we want to try to stay away from. Now. This does not mean and please do not get me wrong that everything in your business building activity bank is going to be things you want Want to do all the time, but they can all feel good. They can all come from this place of flow. If you start by getting into alignment, reminding yourself of your bigger why and doing what you need to do to make it fun for you. So when I’m doing something that I don’t necessarily, it’s not like my favorite thing ever, I will either Well, back in the day, I would go to coffee shops and do their because I find that just to be super fun in general, and I get a latte or a matcha or something like that and just enjoy myself. And you know, have my headphones in some music, then COVID hit and I couldn’t do that. And then now I am living in a place where that’s not super convenient to get to. But now I have my own office and I put on music and I brew my own tea and I bring tea into my office. And then I put on my diffuser and have essential oils going. So it smells really good in here. And I’m just like completely surrounded by crystals, my entire desk is full of crystals. And I have all that and I feel really good in my office. And then I work on those things. And then the other thing that I do is I give myself was kind of like I’ll think of it as like time space. Like, I know, I will have to do something I’m not super excited to do this week sometime. But I give myself the freedom within that week to decide when I do it. So very rarely Am I ever on a time crunch, where it’s like, I have to do this by tomorrow, because I prefer to give myself a little bit of time and think ahead a little bit. So I can wait and do something I don’t super want to do when I’m in really great alignment, like just coming back from a hike or playing with my dogs or having a good meal or something like that. And then I’ll come back and I’ll be in this high vibe place. And I’ll do that thing and it still feels flowy it doesn’t feel like I’m forcing it because I have to get it done by a certain time. So just a few little quick tips there. But please, no, I am not saying that you’re going to want to do things in your business all the time. There are definitely some things that just aren’t that fun. And it’ll be different for everybody what that actually is, but you can still do so while being in alignment and while feeling like it’s flowing for you. And that makes all the difference in the world. And I hope you guys can see from this energetic perspective, how this how much this matters, to your overall profit and to your overall revenue and being able to actually tap in to what will be the game changer in your business and to not force things because someone else is doing it or someone told you you need to be doing it, or your ego is telling you you need to be doing it. But instead of giving yourself some space to figure out what you actually want to be doing what you actually want it to look like, what feels good for you, and just what comes up. Because you’ve given yourself the space, I can guarantee you with a 100% certainty because this is how energy works, that when you do that, and you have this sort of download, or this intuitive nudge or whatever you want to call it about something that would be really cool to add into your business, and you take action on it, it will be so successful beyond your wildest dreams, because you went with that, and you got into the flow with it.

That’s all I’ll say for that. Let’s move on. Now we’re getting into the actual, like, I can feel it kind of tangible stuff that you can do today, to start making more money in your business while you work less. The first thing is to go from active income to passive income. I looked up the definitions of each because I wanted it to help you really understand what each one means. Even though I think you all probably get it. But still, let’s just do this because it’s fun. Active, the definition of active is engaging in physically energetic pursuits. And then the definition of passive is accepting or allowing what others do without active response. Now in the business world, and especially the online service based business space, passive income is more so defined by like, make money while you sleep. I really like making money while you’re living your life. And I also really like make money while you’re making other money. Now this all sounds pretty great. I think we can all agree with that. We all want more of that. Yes, you actually legit can make money while you sleep. You can legit make money while you’re on vacation or out playing with your kids or on a date with your partner or whatever. You can also make money while you’re busy making You’ll have money like you’re having a session with a client, and you’re getting other income sources coming in during that hour with your client. So that’s pretty cool. Two examples of active income would be things like working one on one with clients, which I think is going to be the most common for the people listening to this podcast. Or if you are someone that still has another job having an hourly wage or a salary as an active income, getting tips or commissions would be considered active income, and then pass it an income would be things like affiliate or advertising income, online course, or product sales. So I like to call this like digital products. And making money on your investments would be another example of passive income that isn’t necessarily directly tied to your business. But if you’re having trouble figuring out what passive income looks like, That’s it, you put money into an investment. And depending on how the market does, you make money on that money, without you necessarily having to do anything with it. I personally superduper love and very much recommend having a combo of both passive and active income. Now, eventually, it could get to the point in your business where you are just doing passive income stuff. And that’s totally fine, too. I personally have found that when I include active income sources in my business, of course, not only is it another opportunity to make money, but it also usually leads to another passive income opportunity down the road. It’s I’ll explain later, when I explained some of my active and passive incomes, but just know that I recommend both, at least for a period of time in New York Business, most service based entrepreneurs that I work with, which are primarily in the wellness space, so like nutritionists, coaches, personal trainers, therapists, those kinds of people are engaging in business activities that produce active income. As I mentioned, one on one clients or patients may be doing some small group coaching. And that’s about it, which is great. And I encourage everyone who wants to help people in that way, and that one on one capacity to do so absolutely. We’re going to talk more about that coming up. But what’s missing are the tons of other income opportunities that you can be doing while also taking one on one clients. Becoming an affiliate for the brands you love is a great option. And probably the easiest way to generate some passive income. I don’t there are very few brands out there these days that don’t have a partnership opportunity or an affiliate system built into their business at this point, because it is so great for both parties. And when you do have this relationship with brands you love, then all you have to do is talk about them on social media, write blog posts featuring their products, or send out an email to your email list, when with a recommendation for their products, why you’re loving them, what you how you’re using them, all that kind of stuff. So things that are very easy, I think for us to do as humans is just to recommend things that we love. And the only thing you’re doing is creating a relationship with the brand. That gives you a little bit of a kickback when you get someone to buy from them. So you’re creating a recommendation and you’re getting a kickback for it. That’s it and it doesn’t cost the person any more money at all. It all comes from the brand, because essentially, you’re doing their marketing and advertising for them. So it’s a very, very great situation for them to and you earn some passive income. I have an example of this. I have. I’ve been affiliates and brand partners with lots of brands over the years. I’m currently kind of only working with few very specific ones that I super love. And by the way, let me recommend that you only partner with brands that you really, really do love you know a lot about and you’ve done your research to know that they’re a good company, that they have good inclusion and diversity practices that just know for sure and really trust that company. So do your research first before you choose to partner with them. So just a side note there but I long ago was probably one of my very first brands I partnered with I was using a brand of colostrum, which if you don’t know what it is, I’m not gonna bother explaining it. It doesn’t really matter, but it’s a supplement that can help with gut health. And I was using colostrum, to help with my auto immune disease recovery. So putting that into remission, and I was actually having some really great success with it. I wrote a blog post about it. This was in 2015, I believe, I wrote a blog post about it. First of all, still, to this day is one of my top blog posts of all time, which is so crazy. And second of all, still, to this day, out of one blog post, I get at least $50 in commission every month from them from that blog post, is that not crazy? I talked about it one time in one blog post six years ago now. And I still I mean, not that $50 is a ton of money or anything. But hey, it pays for like a date night out with my wife once a month, every month for the past six years. And that’s kind of dwindled down. I mean, back in the day, I was making a couple $100 on that when it was a little more popular, have a blog post. But yeah, it’s just so fascinating how. And that really is the prime example of passive income. I wrote one blog post, I probably spent maybe an hour two years ago, and I’m still making money from it, even though I haven’t touched it since. And this is something you can easily put into your business right now, as well. And even if you don’t have a big audience, either, if you are working with clients, and you’re putting them on protocols that include certain supplements, or certain products, or certain books or anything, you can partner with those brands and get a kickback for recommending them. The only thing that is required to make it legal is that somewhere in some of your documentation that you provide to your clients or to the people reading your blog posts or to the people on your email newsletter is just somewhere you disclose that you are a partner with that brand. And you may receive a small commission for using that specific link that you give at no additional cost to them. So that’s it, that’s all you have to do. And if you do want to start working on that, in your business, just Google like affiliate commission statement or something like that, disclosure, maybe and you’ll can get some examples of what people use, but you’ll see them all over the place. So that’s the one thing that you do not need to make sure to do. Other than that you are free to do whatever you want, and to partner with any brands that you love, and just give your honest feedback, say how much you love it and make money doing. So you’re just being someone else’s marketer, which is great. It’s like, I like to think of myself as the Triet. Before they buy it person, like, I’ll try it, I’ll see if I like it or not. And then if I do like it, I recommend it to other people. And I give my honest opinion and feedback. And I tell them how it smells and how it works and how it tastes and all that stuff. And they can go from there. And then I get a little kickback for doing so. The other passive income opportunity we’re going to talk about today are digital products, such as online courses, or ebooks, virtual workshops that are pre recorded, that kind of thing. The premise here is simple. You create something, you put it out somewhere for people to buy, and then people buy it. Easy peasy. However, as I’m sure you can imagine, it requires more work to get to that point than just that. Passive income does not mean no work involved, there’s actually usually quite a bit of work involved in creating a digital product to use as a passive income opportunity. It’s just mostly on the front end. So it’s creating the course, before anyone knows it even exists. And before you’re taking any sort of payment for it. It’s writing the ebook, it’s developing the recipes for the recipe book. It’s doing all of that stuff before you make income on it, and then putting it on your website, then promoting it so people know it’s there. And that’s when it becomes a lot more hands off. And all you have to do is promote, promote, and people buy and it’s more passive, as you can see. However, it absolutely works. And it is absolutely worth that upfront work. As I just mentioned in my last little story about my passive income just from this one product that I affiliated with years ago, I haven’t lifted a finger in six years and I’m still having income come in from that work. So it really does work and is so so worth it. I currently have several passive income streams going on at the moment. I have a few courses. I have an ebook actually, again, something I created back in two One nice 16 I want to say I created an ebook. That is a 28 day workout program for people with chronic illness, autoimmune disease, even adrenal fatigue, anyone that can’t feel like they work can work out to their full capacity. So this is at home workout program that I created as both a trainer and a nutritionist, and someone that was dealing with adrenal fatigue, and autoimmune disease and all that stuff. And it still gets revenue coming in all the time, from people that find it on my website. Again, it’s not something I talk about anymore, and haven’t talked about it in years, I haven’t said anything or done any blog posts or anything like that on it in years, I have talked about it in a past episode of a past podcast years and years ago. So either from there or from a blog post that I did on it years and years ago as well. So that still creates income for me. So that’s just another example. And then, like I said, a few courses I have. And really, in 2020, it was actually interesting, almost exactly half of my business revenue was passive income. And the other half was active income, it was almost exactly cut down the middle, half and half active versus passive. And for me, that’s a really good place to be. And it feels really good because I also do like to connect with people and, and not have everything just happened behind the scenes, but to have more of a connection with those that I work with. So if you want to start adding this to your business, my very first step for you would be to research brand partnership opportunities, start thinking about some of the things that you love that you could start recommending things you use in your life, in your business, for your health things, you eat anything. And if it’s something that you want to start recommending to other people see if they have a brand partnership opportunity. So you can just usually go right to their website, and they’ll have information about their affiliate program if they have one. And then also start thinking if there’s something that you want to create some again, let’s get into our flow state and see what could come up potentially, or has come up that you’ve been ignoring, that you could create, or maybe it’s something you’ve already created that you would like to turn into an e book or a course or a workshop or something like that. Is there anything perhaps that you already have? Or that you’ve been sitting on? This idea keeps coming up? And can you start working on that? And then before you do, I want you also to start considering how you would market these things, say you do have an ebook or a course, or something like that. Or you even just are partnering with a brand and you want to start getting the word out there? Do you have a way to tell people? Do you have an audience? Do you have a way to connect with them and tell them about the opportunities that you have? Do you have a website or a space on the web to host certain things, like start thinking about the network that you have the audience that you have the people you have, that will actually be the people buying what you’re selling what you’re talking about. And if you don’t have that, then you need to get into unstuck entrepreneur in September. And we will work on that together. Because that’s super important. Obviously, you can have the most amazing course ever, or the most beautiful ebook ever. But if you have no one to tell, then you don’t have a business and you don’t have a passive income opportunity. So we’ll work on that together this fall in unstuck entrepreneur. And then the last swap I have for you is to go from one to one work to one to many. So we talked about that one on one work where you’re taking clients. This is specifically for my service based entrepreneurs, you’re taking clients or patients you have this situation where you spend an hour or 90 minutes or 30 minutes or whatever, you spend a certain amount of time with one person helping them on their thing, helping them solve their problem. This is called trading time for dollars. As you can tell, you are spending one time with one person for a specific amount of money, you’re charging XYZ dollars per hour or per session or per three sessions you have a package something like that.

So when you trade time for dollars, it will keep you from ever being able to break through this income ceiling that you have because you only have a certain amount of time you could only take so many clients per day per week per month per year. You will eventually run out of time because time is finite. And so as you’re trading time for dollars, you’re also creating an income cap for yourself. creating passive income streams, like we just talked about is one way around it and definitely start doing that. And then the other way, which we should be doing both, is to go from one on one work, to one to many work. So not just working one on one with people, but working one, which is you with a group of people. Now, before I go any further, let me say what I said before, I think working one on one with people is amazing. And if you enjoy doing it, and it is part of your passion and purpose and mission, keep doing it. But what I’m saying here is don’t make it the only thing you do, if you want to work less, and make more, if you want to improve your income potential, and get past that cap that you’ve created for yourself. So add the passive income and add an opportunity for a one to many situation, you can do them all at the same time, and exponentially grow your business. What we’re doing here in this one to many situation, is turning what you’re doing with your one on one clients, essentially, and making it applicable to a group format. So instead of one hour of your time helping one person, you’re spending one hour of your time, and helping five or 10, or 20, or 100 or 1000 people at one time. Obviously, total fan of this method. And especially for service based entrepreneurs, I think it is just a no brainer situation. For those of you in this kind of work. There’s so many reasons, I have five that I’m going to share with you just quickly. But this list could go on and on. First of all, you are helping more people at one time, which means you’re making a bigger impact in other’s lives and a bigger stamp on the world, you are making your mark in this world in this time for this reason. And you can do that in a much bigger, broader, better way, when you’re helping more people at one time. The second thing is you’re working less because of this group format you created. So instead of having 10 clients in 10 hours of your week, you can have 20 clients in one hour. And then you have those other however many hours to do what you want. Live your life, have some fun, create more passive income opportunities, whatever you want to do.

Third, you’re making way more money. So instead of that one person paying for that one hour, you’re having, say you have a group of 10 people in your group 10 People pay you for one hour. Now and this goes into number four, they’re paying less because they’re in this group format, which means it makes it more affordable and accessible for more people. There are some people that simply cannot afford to work one on one with you. But if you create a group program where they could get the same impact, the same benefit, the same help, they need the same problem solved. But in a small group format, where you charge a slightly lower rate for each person. But then you’re still spending, you’re actually spending less time with them and making more money. So I hope that makes sense. Because really, that’s working for both you and them. So it’s a win win situation. And lastly, it’s you creating something that is unique and signature to you. And this is where things just become so much different for your business because you now have this thing that is proprietary to you and your work that you created and you develop and it’s unique to you. It’s your signature program. And no one can take that away. And then you have something really cool to market to it makes your marketing easier. And your selling easier because you have this thing that is specific to the work that you do. So that’s also something that is super cool. And obviously so many other things I could talk about. But we’ll stop there. Even though I want to tell you how much fun it is to have a signature group program as well. But I’ll save that for another day. Let’s talk about how you do this. First, you have to figure out what that journey is going to be for the group. So the point A where they’re starting now, which is I have this problem. I’ve tried to solve it on my own, and I can’t solve it to their point B which is I want to be here I want to live this life free of this symptom or problem or all this stuff and I don’t know how to get there. So you are the person that knows how to get them there. And you have to figure out what that is. So not only what that journey is, but the steps along the way of that journey, that then becomes your program. And so then you create a framework around those steps around the system that you created, that becomes your signature, your unique formula. And then from there, you write and build your program in a way that is super user friendly, very beautiful, and easy to use an easy to navigate. And it’s very engaging for your clients. And it works. You know, it works because you’ve done it with other people, or you have done it yourself, you have proof that it works. And then you sell the thing, then you get people into your group. And you have I don’t know, however many groups you want per year, and this is a new income opportunity for you, in less time, and it can be the only income opportunity for you, honestly, you can just run this thing four times a year. And that’s all you do. And you get a certain amount of people in the group at a certain price. And that is your revenue, and cool, you’re done. And then the other times of the year, you’re getting ready to run it again. And you’re getting in front of new people, and you’re building your audience more. And so you get new people into your group, all so much fun. Now, I have something for you. If this is something that you want to add to your business model, if you want your very own signature program. Right now, I am asking for beta testers for my new signature program and get this it’s called signature program lab. Yes, that is right, I have created a course that will take you through every single step every single nook and cranny of creating a one to many program in your business, all the way from brainstorm as in like, I don’t even know what I could possibly build a program about. From that stage, two beta launch as in people are paying you to get into your program, we go from A to Z or B to B, we’ll call it and I am currently looking for a small group to test my idea on to test this program I just built on and we’re doing it right now we actually start July 20. So if you’re listening to this, when it airs, there may still be spots available to become a beta tester. And I would love to have you, as of me recording this, which is a few days before it airs, there are seven spots left. So not very many, I offered it up to the current members of unstuck entrepreneur and a lot of them took me up on it. So as of the time you’re listening to this, there may or may not be spots left. But either way, if you’re interested if you want a signature program of your own in your business, so you don’t have to go just straight to one on one clients all the time. But you want to start building this other income stream that gives you more freedom and flexibility. Head to

stands for signature program lab. So, if there are still spots available as a beta tester, there will be a checkout page for you to join the course. And it’s a live course actually, this is the only time I will be offering it live. So I will be teaching you in actual live sessions as a group. So I’m really excited for that. So you’ll definitely want to be a part of that if you like being taught as a group in live classes and just want to hang out with me for like, I don’t know, 12 plus hours over the next few months. Or if it’s already filled up, there will be a waitlist page for you to get in when I opened the doors again this fall. So I will be opening the doors again, this fall for the signature program lab. And if you want to get in on that, just get on the waitlist so that you’ll know when it’s open and available and you can sign up this fall. Okay, so either way, And that will end this conversation we had today. I knew it was going to be a long one. I didn’t know it was going to be this long. I just love talking about this stuff. Because I want you to start considering these new options for you in your business potentially if you’re not already doing them. And if you are, maybe it’s a case where you do have some brands that you’re working with, but are you even talking about them? Are you even pushing them not pushing them? Because that sounds like weird and gross and we don’t do that stuff. But are you talking about them? Are you sharing about them? Are you openly discussing the things that you love and providing that link so other people can love them too? So yeah, um super passionate about this stuff, and I love talking about it. And if you have any questions, please reach out and let me know I’d love to help you get this figured out in your business, you can head to my Instagram at unstuck entrepreneur and send me a message and just let me know what you think, what you’re working on what you’re having problems with, and I’m happy to help you out. All right, my friends. Until next time, take care if you’re like most of my clients, you followed your passion for health, got your certifications, did the trainings. And now you’re excited to have your very own thriving impactful wellness business. But how do you actually do that? It’s a common position to be in, especially in the wellness space because no one teaches you this whole business thing along the way. This trend is exactly why I’m here a passionate nutritionist turn business coach for wellness professionals. Because I’m done seeing wellness practitioners continue to play small in their business, simply because they don’t know the right steps to take. If you’re like most wellness pros out there with a dream to start their own impactful freedom build business, you’ve probably spent hours trying to build your website, figure out what the heck to post on social media and taking all the courses to try to get competent in what you’re doing. Or maybe just the thought of all that sends you into a puddle of stress and overwhelm good news, you don’t need a perfect website, a killer Instagram strategy, or to be an expert to have an impactful and successful business. What you do need is a plan. The wellness business blueprint is the Jumpstart you need to plan prepare and execute on your passion for helping others without that sinking feeling of overwhelm. Because this isn’t like the other stuffy, boring business plans out there. The wellness business blueprint is centered around you, what feels good to you, what’s right for your business, your dreams and your lifestyle. What keeps you in alignment and your energy flowing? What allows you to stay sane and stress free and excited in your business? Because building your dream wellness business starts with a plan that works for you. This free 15 Page printable workbook will take you through my signature flow and grow business framework so you can create your own business vision while gaining clarity structure and a solid plan to move forward. Download it today and get started on your business blueprint head to that stands for wellness business blueprint and get started building your dream wellness business today. Again, that’s

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