Things To Remember When You Feel Unqualified — Ep. 197

by | May 17, 2023 | Podcast

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you’re not qualified to help the people you want to help? That there are people out there with more education and experience doing what you want to do, so who are you to be doing it too? If you have, you’re not alone. In today’s episode, we’re going to explore the mindset block that’s making you feel unqualified and how to squash that feeling and start helping more of the people you’re meant to help.

“Your business is you and your ability to help another human. That is how you are going to make a living.” – Shawn Mynar

“Part of this process is really being okay with and willing to explore your fears and becoming aware of how they show up for you in your actual life, your actual business.”

“Your role as the coach is to help guide them towards the best decision for them. To ask them the right questions. To move them along on their own journey and to help them make the best decisions for them.” – Shawn Mynar

“Focus on the people you want to help and how you can connect with them in the deepest way possible.” – Shawn Mynar

“Get more comfortable doing what you want to do with your clients that is really the most basic, simple, tangible way that you can feel more qualified.” – Shawn Mynar


Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you’re not qualified to help the people you want to help, that there are people out there with more education and experience doing what you want to do? So who are you to be doing it to? If you have, you’re not alone. And in today’s episode, we’re going to explore the mindset block that’s making you feel unqualified, and how to squash it so you can start helping more of the people you’re meant to help. Stay tuned. Hey, there, I’m Shawn Mynar, and this is unstuck entrepreneur. I’m a former nutritionist who turned a struggling stressful nutrition practice into a thriving, Freedom filled online business way work from home in my sweatpants while reaching and helping 1000s of people all at the same time. Now, I am obsessed with showing other heart centered coaches, practitioners and solopreneurs how to build a business and life they love. Consider this podcast your safe space to learn both the inner work and practical strategies required to build the impactful profitable business of your dreams, no hustle, grind, or long hours required. That’s right hustle culture, not welcome here. Let’s get into today’s session. Hey, hey there, friends, and welcome back to the unstuck entrepreneur Podcast. I’m Shawn, your host, happy to have you here. Thank you so much for your support of this show. And we’ve got to dive right into a pretty big topic that I have been wanting to talk about here on the show for a while now. Because it’s something I see that is quite rampant in the coaching practitioner expert space where you are in a service based business or service based role. And guess what pops up, as soon as you start getting more into that role, putting yourself out there more marketing yourself getting more and more clients creating more and more paid offers for your customers. As all of that happens, then there is also the potential to have more doubt and uncertainty. And to be even more specific, this feeling of being on qualified, I’m starting to question, your ability, your capabilities to start doubting your ability and capabilities. And as a byproduct, especially if you believe that and start really kind of letting those emotions take hold. While then you continue to play small, you potentially don’t put yourself out there and the way that you should be or could be, you’re not growing your business and the way that you should be or could be. And it all stems from what really is a classic case of imposter syndrome. I mean, that’s really what we’re talking about here that really is kind of the bucket term for this feeling of being unqualified of not being capable or questioning your abilities. It all is under that umbrella of imposter syndrome. And we’ve talked about that quite a bit here on the show at least two or three episodes just based on impostor syndrome. And here we are again. But taking a little bit different of a turn here because I really just want to give you some tools and just some things to consider. If you are feeling this way. And if you’re not right now, that’s amazing. But there is a potential that you will someday in your business. And, you know, it may not even be that you feel unqualified when it comes to how you help clients. But you might have that feeling that imposter syndrome me feeling when it comes to having a business of being a solopreneur of running your own show being your own boss that may have you caught up in these emotions, doubting your abilities, not feeling capable of making that happen for yourself and for your business. So, you know, there’s a lot of different paths we can go here. But regardless, if we’re talking about imposter syndrome as a whole, well, this is something that we know is super common, like 70% of adults experience imposter syndrome at least once in their life. And I really think that for business owners because of that option to not only be feeling or doubting your capabilities as a coach or as a practitioner or helping your clients. There’s also the possibility or addition of feeling that way about running your own business. So I really think that for business owners, it’s like nine be percent where you have this feeling of what am I doing? Why am I doing this people are doing this so much better than I am capable of doing? Why am I even here? Who am I to think that I can be a successful business owner and a successful coach, a successful practitioner, who am I to be doing this, that is really what it comes down to. And so if you are an adult, if you are a human being already a really good chance that you felt this or will feel this at some point in your life, if you’re a business owner are trying to become a business owner, and especially in this service based role, which we’re going to talk about to then hey, Jones’s are quite likely, at some point, you will have that nagging thought, or that nagging emotion of doubt of uncertainty, and feeling unqualified to be doing what you’re trying to do. And to go into that next level where it’s someone specifically in a service based role, where your business is you and your ability to help someone else with something that is just obviously ripe for this entire environment, this entire mindset block that we have. And it sounds like, Am I qualified enough to do this?

Do I need more certifications education experience? Before I can help someone else do I need to keep going for more, there are people more qualified, smarter, prettier, bigger audiences already doing what I want to do. So why bother? Who am I to do it too, that’s what it really sounds like, or comes across as in this specific service based role. And understandably, because like I said, it’s you your business is you and your ability to help another human, that is how you are going to make a living. So again, really important conversation that I have been wanting to have here on the show for quite some time. Because this is something that probably at some point, most of you will experience and will have those thoughts and it might go down a rabbit hole to where you do stop showing up or you do push your business off further push what you really want to be doing further and further away. Because of this, really, what is a mindset block over anything else. And this block could really be the thing that’s keeping you from the business that you want, from building it to be what you want it to be, and to grow to the point where you want it to grow. And you know, help the people you want to help make the money you want to make. Spend your time doing what you want to spend your time doing. It could really be something as simple, I’m not going to say easy or anything like that, because this is not. But it’s as simple as this one mindset block that you are still dealing with that is still going on in your subconscious programming. Often without you being aware, you just have that feeling or have that the chatter, that mental chatter that is keeping you stalled out keeping you stuck or keeping you from showing up in a way that you should show up all because of this one subconscious belief that is still within you. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today. I do also kind of want to put some blame on to social media. And to kind of remind you of the power of something like that, and how abnormal it is for us to be able to look into every single person’s life and business. And you know, suppose it bank account and suppose that amount of clients and all these things that are kind of glamorized on social media these days, especially in the solopreneur, coach, online business space, that is not normal. And that is not healthy. And that is often where some of these blocks that we could potentially not even have not even be kind of activated, I guess. Those come up because of our ability to see into everyone’s lives and that is not okay. And if that is something that you find is triggering for you, then you have to be honest with yourself about that. And stop. Like, don’t scroll on social media unfollow the people who are causing that in you. You should not be Following competitors, and you know, I’m using air quotes with competitors, because I don’t really think anyone in this kind of service based rule has a direct competitor. Because we’re all unique. We all do things totally differently, even if we’re helping people with the same problems. But you know, in your industry, if there’s anyone who’s triggering to you, that is, like making you say these things of, well, this person is doing this already. And they’re way more qualified, they’ve had more clients, XYZ, whatever you’re coming up with these stories that you’re coming up with. If a person brings that out, and you are following them on, follow them, don’t scroll on social media, do your business, work on social media, spend your time be on your stories, share your your post, whatever you want to do, and then call it good and get off. Because it’s quite likely that the reason that you are stalled out in your business is because you’re watching others who aren’t. And that is causing a lot of strife in your own mindset, your own headspace, and it’s not normal, it shouldn’t be that way. 20 3050 years ago, that’s not how businesses ran. And they probably didn’t have to deal with nearly the amount of imposter syndrome that we have to today, because they don’t didn’t have access to this abnormal amount of information coming in. Okay, so that was my social media. So box for this episode. Now, let’s move on to the pep talk portion of this episode. And that’s really what this is today, these are reminders that I want to make sure you are telling yourself as you go about this business building process. These are things to do, I would say tools to have and processes to go through for yourself. As we’ve talked about here a lot on unstuck entrepreneur, in particular, when we talk about the mindset blocks, the subconscious programming that we may have to go through in order to get to the point where we can have a successful business where we can help the people that we want to help that is all in our work, that is all stuff that you have to do on your own for yourself. Yes, I can talk to you about these things, I can give you all the pep talks in the world. But that is still a conscious thing, that is something that is happening consciously for you to hear it, what we need to do is let it register and shift things subconsciously. And that is where you know, the fear lives, that is where the mindset blocks are. And that takes more time, it takes more practice and consistency in order to fully release those. So just so you know, I am giving you a pep talk today, I’m giving you some tools and things to work on. But it has to be something that you are doing on a consistent basis that you are recognizing and that you are taking control of in your own life and in your own business to shift that subconscious programming. Okay, so let’s start this pep talk with a definition and that is the definition of qualified, there are two different definitions one is officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job, also known as certified. And then the other definition is competent or knowledgeable to do something aka capable. Okay, so two different definitions for one word, which is qualified. And I want to bring up a point right here that is important. And that is if you are legit, not qualified. And there is a real possibility of that, especially in the coaching industry, which is unregulated, so anyone can call themselves a coach, you do not have to have any sort of training, certification education, nothing before you can call yourself a coach and start coaching people which, you know, I could see in the future that changes and in order to have that title for yourself, you do have to go through a coaching certification or training program. But right now, that is not the case. And while today, we’re going to spend more time talking about the possibility of being overtrained and over educated in an attempt to squash these feelings of impostor syndrome of being unqualified. We also need to talk about the opposite, which is truly not being qualified and claiming that you are. That is something that I would strongly discourage you from doing even though it isn’t time Technically a regulated industry and there’s no direct path, like, do this, go here, do that, get that certification, and then your code, even though that is not present, there are still a ton of educational opportunities that I recommend exploring and finding that certification, finding that training, finding a mentor, and do it the right way, so that you can help people the right way, as a truly qualified coach. Okay,

so just wanted to put that out there. I know for most of you, it’s the opposite problem. You have tons of knowledge and training, but you still feel unqualified, or you still find yourself questioning your ability and your capability of helping your clients. And this is a mindset disconnect. It’s a safety mechanism. Most likely, it’s a safety mechanism against fear of failure, fear of judgment, maybe, perhaps even embarrassment, fear of disappointment, there are a lot of reasons behind that mindset disconnect behind that safety mechanism coming up to make sure you don’t have to feel that you don’t have to experience these things that you’re afraid to experience. So then we create this mental chatter in our conscious mind that is that imposter syndrome. That is you having these thoughts of not being capable not being qualified enough to help your clients. So it’s all based on what’s really going on underneath that fear that’s really going on underneath and what are you afraid of what could possibly happen, that you absolutely do not want to happen, so much so that you are staying away that you are keeping yourself safe from that even being a possibility. So like I said, failure, judgment, embarrassment, disappointment, there could be other things going on for you. But those are just the ones that came to me off the top of my head, but you need to figure that out. For you, that’s part of this process is really being okay with and being willing to explore your fears, and then becoming aware of how they show up for you in your actual life and in your actual business. So let me remind you of a few things to help you release that safety mechanism. So you can get back to helping the people that you want to help and creating this business that you want to create. There really are only two things, okay? Thing Number one, as someone in a coaching type role, you are a helper, you want to help people in a meaningful way, you are there to be someone’s guide and support system, you’re not there to provide all the answers and know everything. That’s actually not a good coach, and no one is looking for that. And no one is expecting that there is no one that will become your client that expects you to know every single thing and just tell them exactly what to do. Your role as a coach is to help guide them towards the best decision for them to ask them the right questions, to move them along on their own journey and to help them make the best decisions for them. More important than you knowing every possible thing that your client could ask you, is it the relationship that you build with them, the connection, the rapport you provide, that your clients feel seen, heard and understood. That’s what they want. That’s what matters. They know that they have your attention, that you want to help them as much as they want to be helped that synchronistic relationship, that feeling of just being gotten through that I don’t even think that’s the right English or the right grammar, but like someone gets them, and you are that person and as soon as that is established, then you have a client for life, even if you don’t know the answer to a question they have. I actually feel like there’s something really special about having a coach or practitioner who doesn’t know everything, but is willing to find answers for you. And as long as that relationship is built with your clients, then if they have a question and you don’t know the answer, but you can say hey, I’ll get back to you. Let me go talk to my mentor or let me make sure I have this Correct. And I’ll get back to you, that’s cool. No one even will blink an eye at that. So you do not have to know everything you are not expected to know everything. But you are expected to create a real relationship with your clients. And that is what truly matters to them. And that is something that, like I said, you know, we’re all so unique, how we create relationships are unique, our personalities are unique. So it doesn’t matter how many people are doing what you’re doing, no one is going to create the connection that you will with your people, because we’re all different. So you don’t have to worry about that. But just focus on the people that you want to help and how you can connect with them in the deepest way possible. Now, my second reminder, the only way to feel more qualified is to get more experience. So this is more kind of on the practical level a little bit worrying, stressing talking yourself out of taking action, hiding, doing busy work, instead of doing work that will actually move the needle, none of that gets you more qualified, none of those things will get you that feeling that you’re looking for watching a bunch of webinars, listening to all the podcasts, reading all the books, those also are probably not going to make you feel much more qualified. Now you might feel like it actually you probably are becoming more knowledgeable. Yes, for sure. If you are listening to podcasts and reading books, about the area of focus that you work on with your clients, you are getting more knowledgeable, but not more qualified, that is not the same thing. Because qualified is actually really a feeling you feel qualified or you feel unqualified. So it’s not this tangible thing of, oh, I just read this book. And now I know more, you have to have that feeling. And that feeling really only comes with experience. So from this very practical perspective, get more experience. And I know that might feel hard for some of you because you can’t get past this mental hurdle. To get you to a point where you are getting the clients, you are creating the program, you are hosting the workshop. And if that’s you, then my recommendation is to offer to do sessions with your family, your friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, whoever you know, whoever is in your network, start asking to get more experience, start seeing if they will be practice clients even. And you can do those for free in exchange for testimonials. And obviously, the biggest exchange just for you to get more comfortable and to feel more qualified, which is the biggest and best exchange and will completely catapult your business to the next level. As soon as you have that feeling. And you’ve had those practice clients. Now if you’re doing something more like a program, a group program, then do a beta group. First, I always say that that is part of what I teach and signature program lab, you have to run a beta group first to test out your program and test out how it goes and what you include and what you don’t include and if it all works, or what you need to change. And when you do that, you get a discounted rate in exchange for feedback. But it also gets you more comfortable in your own program. And it helps you of course, feel more qualified running that program. So do a beta version of your program first. And just overall get more experience. Even just give your friends advice or give them coaching feedback, even if they don’t ask for it does get more comfortable doing what you want to do with your clients. That is really the most basic, simple, tangible way that you can feel more qualified. I just feel like there’s so many people who have that feeling simply because they don’t have enough experience under their belt. And as soon as you do, even if it’s just one or two more people, it will completely change that and you will go on to absolutely crush your business after that because it relieves that feeling. And it brings in this new feeling of competence. And this happens at every stage of your business. This is not just at the beginning when you’re first starting with clients and getting going and having that feeling of not knowing what you’re doing. But as you move on to the next level as you pivot as you start offering new offers and talking about new things, and just taking everything to the next level what you do with your clients, what you talk about what you do in your business, that will keep coming up and again it’s just this can continuation of getting more experience, and remembering what you’re really there to do, which I think I can say for all of us is to help people to be of service to another human. That is what you’re really there to do doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to look a certain way. It doesn’t have to be like so and so that you’re checking out on Instagram that’s doing great work. It is what you should be doing to help that person to help those people in your own unique way and creating that connection, creating that relationship, creating that space for someone to feel seen, heard, and understood, and then being their guide, being their person that can really help them. Okay, we’re gonna wrap this up with one last thing that’s kind of Woo. And that is what we need to do to help integrate this all into your subconscious. Because, like I said, hearing all of this listening to what I’m on a podcast, having me chat about it in your earbuds right now, is only doing so much, it’s just scratching the surface of your conscious mind. But this is all living deep within your subconscious programming. It’s why you have those fears. It’s why you have the mental chatter. It’s really something deeper than just Oh, Shawn told me not to worry, and just to go get more experience and to create this connection with my clients. So I’m gonna go do that, and all this is gone. That’s not how this works. Instead, it is something that you have to integrate for your own programming in your own life, how it’s showing up for you. And it’s something that needs to be gotten done consistently. And with intention, in order to change things for you. So as you may know, if you’ve been listening to this show for a while, I always love and recommend journaling, and, or visualizing. So that is what I want you to do pick one or do both, for what we just talked about today. So first, I think it would be great to write about the kind of coach that you are or that you want to be write in detail in your journal, no one’s going to see this but you you can throw it away. As soon as you’re done. This is just getting it out of your head and onto paper. really creating this scenario for yourself. What kind of coach Are you? What kind of coach do you want to be? How do you show up for your clients? What do you feel when you are with your clients? And what do your clients feel when they are with you? What kind of relationships do you have with your clients? What do you work on with them? And I would even go through this scenario of what do you do when you don’t know the answer to something? When your clients have a question, and you’re stumped? What do you do in that scenario, write it out. And this is all in present tense or write it out as if it’s happening right now. Okay, so that is the journaling practice that we can start with just really getting things out on paper, really starting to see and feel and experience, what you want your business to be like, what you want your clients to experience what you want to experience with your clients. Just let it all out, create this scenario in your journal of how you want it to go and how you really expect your your sessions to go or your program groups to go your course to go your workshops. Just lay it all out, get as specific as you can. And while you’re doing that, you may notice that it’s also becoming this vision, like you have this vision of you with a client or you in front of a group of people on Zoom for your coaching call, or you in front of an even bigger group for your workshop. What does it look like when you are a confident coach or a confident practitioner in your business with your clients really dive deep. And see if you can let that vision keep coming to life, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, get into a meditative state. And just let yourself see it. See what you want your business to look like. See what it will look like when you really go after what you want. When you really put yourself out there. When you don’t have these fears holding you back. Just let yourself get into it. So kind of a two pronged approach. And then the goal really is to keep doing this. So once is probably not enough to break all of these subconscious programs that you have going on. But if you can do it over and over again and just let yourself visualize that business that you want and get to the point where you’re even feeling that level of competence that you are going to have in front of your clients or your groups and just get to that level. Pull in your visualization, get there in your journal. And then you will slowly start to see that is also how you show up IRL in real life. And that is something that comes with consistency and patience and practice and just really staying on it and doing that kind

of mindset work, you know, the whoo stuff that really, really changes everything for you, once you commit to it. And once you start seeing the benefits, you will be hooked. So like I said, start with that journal, just get everything out, there’s no prompts are anything, I just want you to really focus on what it looks like and what it feels like in your business for both you and your clients when you show up as the competent, qualified person that you are, and then transfer that over into your visualization and get as spicy and specific with it as you can, and then keep coming back to it. Okay, so that will wrap up today’s episode, again, just something that is out there. It’s happening a lot, it’s a big deal. It’s really keeping a lot of people from doing what they’re really capable of doing and creating the business they’re really capable of creating. And it does go back to that mindset work. That is something that we bring up here a lot on the podcast and for good reason. You can create all the programs, you can have all that you can have this amazing one on one client package, that you’re never going to get anyone to buy because you don’t believe in yourself and your capabilities. And that is mindset work. Okay, it’s not about doing anything else different in your business is about doing something different within yourself within your own programming. And that’s what we really need to focus on. So those are some reminders for you and some things to consider. And until next time, take care. Hey friends, Shawn here, and if you’re a coach or practitioner who’s looking to help more people, make more money and have more free time than I have a special invitation for you that you don’t want to miss. Right now. I’m hosting a free masterclass that will walk you through the process of adding a signature program to your business. As many of you know, the signature program business bottle has been my primary way of doing business since 2017. And after seven programs of my own created and helping dozens of other wellness pros create theirs. I’m now sharing my exact process with you for free. In this one hour masterclass. Now, you might be thinking, Shawn, I’m just not ready to have my own program yet. Or I don’t have the time to build a program right now. Are you crazy? I totally get it, I get all of it. Which is exactly why I created this training in the first place. I want you to see how possible this really is for you, and how simple it can be when you have a tried and true proven system in place, no matter where you’re at in your business today. So if you’re like most coaches and practitioners who have a dream of creating a scalable offering their business that helps the people that are meant to help without it being directly tied to your time and energy. Then there’s a seat with your name on it inside my burnout proof your business masterclass. In just one hour, you’re going to learn why adding a signature program will uncap your income potential forever and give you more time for your own life health, family and self care. You’ll learn exactly how my clients sold out her first program, even with a small audience. Because of this one super simple marketing hack that I am going to reveal. You’ll learn the simplified, foolproof process that will take your knowledge and experience and turn it into your own program in just six weeks, and also how to implement an automated marketing system that will grow an engaged audience full of Perfect Match clients that can’t wait to enroll in your program. Once it’s ready. Even if right now you’re starting at zero. All you have to do is head to proof and save your seat for this masterclass before it’s gone. Proof can’t wait to see you there.

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