Do You Have A Flow Business?

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Podcast

Ever feel like you’re swimming against the current in your business, working harder and harder but getting nowhere? What if you could change direction, and instead let your business flow naturally with your energy, your ideas, and your work? That’s what I’ll show you how to do in today’s show – we’ll be exploring the concept of a flow business, a model that moves with you, rather than against you. Together, we’ll navigate the shifts and turns of this fascinating approach, discussing how it works, why it’s effective, and how you can identify the kind of flow business that’s right for you.

But that’s not all. During a trip to Hawaii, my wife and I designed a beautiful manifesto for Flow Entrepreneurs, an embodiment of our vision, that has been sitting untouched since 2019. Today, I’ll be dusting it off and sharing its wisdom with you all. Understanding your business and personality type is crucial to creating a business that truly aligns with who you are, and this manifesto is a fantastic tool to help you do just that. I’ll walk you through its key points and extend an invitation to anyone interested in getting their hands on a copy. So, get ready for an episode jam-packed with insights that could change the way you do business forever!


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Speaker 1: 

Hey, hey there, friends, and welcome to the 200th episode of this podcast and also, simultaneously, the first ever episode of the Flow Business Podcast. Yep, i leave for a month, i take a break, i stop podcasting for just one month and everything changes. Actually, i’ve been planning on this for a while. This is something that’s been in the works. I thought the 200th episode was a really great time to start a new chapter of this podcast an evolution, really And so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. I’m going to introduce you to your Flow Business, what that means, what the rebranding of this show means, where it came from, the process behind it, and also make sure you stay till the end. I’m going to be sharing a very special thing with you that has quite a bit of history and background in my life and a little story behind it too, so stick around to the end for the Flow Entrepreneur Manifesto. So yeah, had a little break from the podcast. I took the month of June 2023 off, and I never used to take breaks from podcasting. As a lot of you know, i’ve been podcasting for almost eight years now, regularly, every single week, and never took a break, and then just started integrating them into my schedule as needed, kind of And that’s something we’ll talk about that’s my Flow Business these days is being able to take content breaks when I need them, knowing when I need them, knowing what that feels like and looks like for me And being unapologetic about needing a break and wanting to take that and knowing my business will actually be better off because of those breaks that I now allow myself to take. That I never used to And so just came back from four weeks of no podcasting. I still was working, i still was showing up on social media, writing to my email list, all of that stuff. I, just for me at this moment, really felt that the podcast was something that I needed to get reinvigorated around And so taking that break, taking just a month off, completely reinvigorated me. Like all these ideas kept coming up. The longer it went that I was away from the show and not thinking about it regularly like topics and things like that, the more topics came up as just in my life and just in what I was going through and thinking about and doing in my own business. So now I have a whole list of topics to go through. Even just taking a break from talking in front of a mic is a big deal every once in a while. So happy to be back, ready to be back, so excited to reconnect with you here and in a new way, kind of with this new name, new focus Actually, kind of the same focus, but maybe a little bit of a twist on a similar focus and new look, new sounds, all that good stuff. It’s a fresh tweak, i guess we can call it, to what was unstuck entrepreneur. So let’s dive into this whole change. First of all, i thought it would be kind of interesting to share the evolution or the history of unstuck entrepreneur, which was the podcast from episodes 100 to 199. And then before that, it was just the unstuck podcast, from zero to episode 99. So let me share what happened in that time for those that aren’t familiar. So this goes back actually all the way to my days as a nutritionist Back, let’s call it 2019 was when all of this kind of came to be. I noticed quite quickly as a nutritionist, though, that, while my clients were feeling better and getting results based on what we were doing with their nutrition and with their supplement protocol and things like that, they still really needed mindset work and energy work, especially around how they were feeling and speaking about and thinking about their bodies and their weight and their health issues, like they were still stuck at a certain healing point, or with their health or with their weight or whatever they were working on, because of what was going on in their mind and what they were saying and thinking and feeling about themselves really kept them stuck. So when I first started this podcast it actually came to be because of that need. So this was my way of helping my clients with their mindset, their energy, their vibration, their frequency, all of that stuff. And so episode one, episode 99, was that and it was originally just called the Unstuck podcast, and this also coincided with a program I had created called the Unstuck project that helped people with that same thing. So all of my clients who I had helped thousands of clients at that point helped with their health, with their nutrition supplements, you know, for hormones and gut health and all of that stuff. I created this place for them to do mindset and energy work and called it the Unstuck project. And as that was all forming and I was doing that, my plan was to have this Unstuck branch of my business that eventually would have Unstuck programs for all areas of life Unstuck love, unstuck money, unstuck body, unstuck entrepreneur which some of you that may sound familiar. And so I had all these ideas for it to have this whole big Unstuck area of my business and have all these programs, depending on what you are currently working on in your life. And it was going to be so great. And because business building was something I knew like the back of my hand by then, it was something I loved, it was something I had already kind of been helping people with behind the scenes for years, i decided to start working on Unstuck entrepreneur first. Well, i basically ended up never moving on from that. I all my plans for all these other programs didn’t happen because I loved still let’s call that present tense I love teaching, coaching and talking about business. I love my business building clients very much. I so feel like this is my space to be in. And so after episode 100 of just on the Unstuck podcast, this show then turned into Unstuck entrepreneur And I officially announced that I would be turning this, the focus of this podcast, into just business, so just for business owners or want to be business owners. So that was from episode 101 to one, i guess episode 100 to 199, basically the last episode that aired until now And obviously just the same reason that I called it Unstuck, that I called it the Unstuck project and now was calling it Unstuck entrepreneur, it was all the same. It was because of the mindset and energy work behind the results that you really truly want. It happens just as much, if not more so, in business owners as it does in people who are trying to get healthy, people who are trying to lose weight, people who are trying to make more money, people who are trying to attract the love of their life. All of it, when it comes to that need, is the same, and that by need I mean the mindset work, the subconscious programming or reprogramming or unprogramming, the vibrational work and really just understanding all of that and really integrating it into your life, specifically based around what is feeling stuck for you And that helps it get unstuck. So, over the past 100 episodes, we have talked a lot about how to stop being stuck or how to get unstuck when it comes to building your dream business the mindset work, the energy work, the strategies, the processes, all of it. And so then, what happens once you do break free and become unstuck? You move, you act, you flow. So flowing is the next step once you’re unstuck, hence the Flow Business Podcast. That is where I feel like we’re headed. I feel like the past 100 episodes we’ve covered so much. There is so much in there that you can even go back and listen to, because there’s a lot of work in there that needs to be done on your own time. It’s not the kind of stuff that you can just listen to a podcast and be cured or just know exactly what to do. There’s a lot of stuff that requires constant attention. It becomes a part of your practice, part of your life, part of your habits and your routines. So we have all of that in the past 100 episodes. There’s also so much in terms of the strategies to having a business that’s unstuck, and so now we’re just taking the next step, which is to really get that business flowing, get it working for you in the way that you want it to work for you. So, looking at the actual definition of flow, it is the action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream. How nice to have a business that moves along in a steady, continuous stream, and so that is what we are going to focus on over the next 100 plus episodes of this show. So, as you can see, very similar to what we already have been doing, but maybe a slight twist, maybe a little bit more personalized strategy processes what really makes you feel like it’s the right business for you and what really can you do to keep that moving, to get it moving, to get it started but then continue that process along the way in a way that feels good for you and really helps you find your own flow business, whatever that means to you. So that’s going to be what we talk about moving forward. And to start it off, i just want to share a little bit about what I think it means to have a flow business. You might think it means something different. Your business quite probably will look a lot different than my business because that is your flow. I have my flow. Your friends, your peers, your family members, whoever else you know that is also building a business, has their flow And quite honestly I would say I feel like I can go out and say most business owners are not actually building flow businesses. They are building potentially what they see others do, what they think they need to do, how they think that it needs to look. They’re not really taking fully into account what they want, what it feels right for them, and that’s what I want you to really start thinking about and to really start doing for your business, because it’s entirely possible, and just think about how much better that feels when you know it’s right. So let’s talk about that a little bit. First of all, a flow business is a business that moves. We can all agree that the word flow is a word based in movement. It’s not stagnant, it’s not resistant, it’s not forgotten, it’s not put on the back burner, it’s not frozen. It is a moving, flowing business. The energy moves, the ideas move, the work moves, i’ll even say the effort moves, because it’s not effortless. You have to put some work in to get that business moving and to keep it moving, and that’s okay. That’s part of having a flow business. But, no matter what, never, ever is a flow business staying still. It’s never stagnant, it’s flowing Right. Second, it’s a business that moves with you. It flows with your life, your preferences, your desires, your needs, your energy, your time. It moves essentially in the way that you want it to move. It flows with you. So, like I’ve used this example many times. But this really, really resonates a lot with the flow business is being in a river with a current And you get to decide if you are going to swim against the current, which is what so many business owners try to do, or you can let the current take you. You can flow with the current. So you get to decide And, like I said, so many of you are trying to swim against this current of your business right now and it is hard. Think about trying to swim up a river Like that is almost impossible to do. No one wants to do that. Or you could get in a tube and flow down the river And how fun is that? That is a great time. It’s restful, it’s peaceful. Yeah, you do have to paddle. Maybe sometimes You do have to make sure you’re getting out of the way of the rocks and boulders, that you’re bypassing the rapids, unless you know, sometimes you might go through the rapids. That’s okay too, but in the end you are still going with the current of the river instead of trying to paddle upstream and getting absolutely nowhere. Okay, so a flow business is the one where you are in the raft, having a great old time in that river, right? So a flow business moves without force. Like I said, there’s still work, there’s still effort. At times There’s still rapids, there’s still obstacles that you need to move out of the way, but it moves without force. And so, as you can see, a flow business is a business that’s in alignment with you. It feels fun, it feels good, it feels right, and the only way that you can build your flow business is to know what that means to you, to know what that looks like for you, how it feels, and knowing that that’s going to be different than everyone else’s business. So looking at someone else’s business to decide what you should do isn’t really going to work that well. You need to know, and you need to start really with what you value, why you value it, what feels good to you, what doesn’t feel good to you, what feels like you are paddling upstream versus being in that floaty going downstream. You have to figure out what that is for you. It could be that your flow business is having 10 clients a day And just back to back with your clients one on one, seeing them in person, seeing them over zoom and just really diving deep with your clients. It could be that your flow business means you don’t have any clients and you do what you want with your day, all day, every day, and serve your clients in a different way. Serve your clients through a program or a course or through just doing one monthly workshop, something like that. So this is all stuff that you have to know about you. And, yeah, it could take some trial and error. It could be that you don’t know yet, you haven’t had a program, you haven’t done workshops yet, so you don’t know how those feel for you. And again, because a flow business is always moving, that means that you have the opportunity to do those things, to try things and see how they feel. It’s not trying to figure it out before you’ve actually done it or before you actually know or overthinking your entire flow business. That’s not the point of it either. It’s moving, it’s growing, it’s evolving, it’s trying and seeing what works, seeing what sticks and removing what doesn’t. Constantly. That is happening all the time as part of your flow business. It is a business of constant growth and expansion And that’s what keeps the flow moving. So if your business is not in this flow, then it’s going to feel really challenging. It’s going to feel like an uphill battle. It’s going to be hard to see the growth and success that you’re looking for. You’ll have a hard time making things work. It’ll be confusing, it will be overwhelming. And again I just want to be very super clear It is not like in this flow business that you aren’t ever going to feel overwhelmed, that you’re not ever going to feel stressed Like you’re not. That’s just part of having a business. That’s actually part of that growth and success you’re looking for is having those moments where you are stressed, where you are doing a lot, where there does feel like there’s a lot on your plate. You do feel overwhelmed And of course, we all know at this point that along with all of that comes these feelings of fear, of doubt, of uncertainty, and that’s just how business is, no matter if you are in the flow or not. That is part of what you have signed up for if you want to be a business owner and you want to have your own business. So we’ve talked about that a lot in the past 100 episodes and lots of tools for you to work on to move past that and to know that that’s not assigned to stop and now make your flow business stagnant. It’s just a part of the process that you can then have the power to decide how you work with or don’t work with that energy And that brings me to a really good point is that if your business is not in flow, versus when it is, you’re going to spend more time listening to your ego, which is where those stories come up of the fear and the doubt and the overwhelm and the uncertainty. And should I be doing this? What if no one signs up? What if this a failure? Blah, blah, blah. All of these stories we have, which is, you know, no entrepreneur is immune to them. But if you spend more time listening to your ego than trusting your intuition, that is not going to get you in the flow business state. If you allow fear to guide you instead of trust, if you talk yourself out of your dreams instead of making them a reality, then those are all signs that you have started turning the raft upstream and are starting to go the opposite of the flow. So That’s what we’re going to do in the next however many episodes, lots and lots of episodes. It is designed to help you do all of that and to remind you to get back to your flow, which, like I said, very similar to what we’ve already been doing, just with a little bit of a twist. And then everything else about the Flow Business Podcast I’m going to let flow as I should. Right, this is the name of the podcast, but I’m just really in this place with my Flow Business right now, where that schedule, the ability to have a flow schedule, is important to me. So the format, the guess, the schedule, all of that I’m just going to let come together when and how it does. So. There may be some weeks where you don’t see a new episode. There may be other weeks where you see two episodes in a week And it’s just I’m letting it all flow. When the ideas come, when the energy is there and I can show up as my best, then I will be here on the podcast. I can guarantee you that most of the time it will be once a week, because it’s honestly one of my favorite times of the week is doing these episodes. So just letting you know that it’s going to be a flow podcast, because that’s what’s feeling good for me and my business right now at this stage of everything a little less scheduled stuff, a little more allowing it to happen when it does a little slower pace, more intentional work, helping as many people as I possibly can without compromising my own space and needs in time. That is what I’m doing on my end for now, and that all may change too. Again, another characteristic of a flow business is at any moment everything could change, and that’s good. That means you’re really tapping into your own energy, which is great. Now there’s one last super special thing that I want to leave you with here, and that is the flow entrepreneur manifesto. Just let me tell you this backstory. My now wife and I took a three week trip to Hawaii at the beginning of 2019 and at that time we had been together less than a year like probably eight or nine months at that point and she was actually also working with me in my business as my business operations manager. We wanted to take this trip, but we really wanted the trip to be a business trip so that it could be a business expense. That meant that we had to work 50% of the time and needed to have a reason for the travel and all that stuff. A few days of the trip, we got content for my blog. I had a blog that was nutrition focused. At the time. We got the top places to eat in Hawaii top healthy eats in Hawaii, or something like that. We got to expense our food and that was a reason to go to Hawaii and all that stuff. We did a few photo shoots while I was there to get content for my Instagram and things like that all things that could be considered business work. Then we had a few days that we needed to do something. We scheduled meetings with each other as business partners to brainstorm a new business venture that we wanted to do together. We called it the flow entrepreneur. This was way back before I knew I wanted to teach and talk about and share my business journey, but I was still very much in the nutrition space. This was a really long time ago. My wife is very business savvy, has a lot of experience and could totally be a business coach if she wanted to as well. That’s why all of this came together, why we started talking about the flow entrepreneur. We used the time that we had left in Hawaii to brainstorm out this idea and we ended up creating a manifesto for this business. I remember so vividly brainstorming it out, coming up with the ideas, writing it all down, having so many drafts, and we were doing it during the rainstorms in Hawaii, we would be out at the beach and then it would rain for a couple hours. We’d come in and work on this manifesto and it was just a really special time. I will always remember that trip and creating this manifesto during that trip. Now, obviously, the flow entrepreneur business never materialized into anything after that. We realized not too long after that we could either be business partners or life partners, but not both. We’re very different people, which actually works really well in our relationship and in our life, but became a challenge in business. We’ll just leave it at that. The manifesto has been sitting there since 2019 completely untouched. As I was figuring out the new name for this chapter of the podcast, i landed on Flow Business and it reminded me of the manifesto. I pulled it up, i got it back out and I really just thought that sharing it here on this episode of the podcast is the perfect time, perfect place to do so. It’s really special. I think it’s really great. It is definitely a very first draft. Like I said, we never really touched it after that trip, so it’s rough still. My wife does not know I’m doing this and she would be mortified if she did, but I want you to hear it, and not just hear it but like soak in it. Allow it in, let it resonate and see what sticks out to you and either write it down or remember it or come back to it, because that means that’s really important for your flow business. So not everything I say is going to really stick with you or maybe it does, and that’s fine too. But there will be certain aspects that stand out and that is important to note for you. And just if you want me to put this somewhere, send me a DM over on Instagram at Shawn Mynar and let me know, and maybe I can post it there without my wife knowing, and and you can have it. You can save it there or screenshot it or something like that. Okay, so here is the flow entrepreneur manifesto. This doesn’t have to be hard Hustle when it feels right, be patient when it doesn’t. Ambition is required. Grinding is optional. Be prepared, but know the magic happens when you embrace uncertainty. Trust your intuition. It’s always right. Stop over analyzing, hesitating and comparing. Take action from inspiration, not the ego. Learn from others, but find influence from within. Knowing yourself is your greatest asset. The health of your business rides on staying true to your values, priorities, limits and how you choose to measure success. Business does not equal progress. Don’t underestimate the power of rest, reflection and self-care. Pursue more of what lights you up When you need some perspective. Get off social media and experience real life. All the inspiration you need can be found beyond your screen. This is your business, a business that flows with you, and I will leave you with that. My friends, thank you so much for your support of Unstuck Entrepreneur, of Unstuck Podcasts. For those that have been around since the beginning, i appreciate you so much, and thank you for your continued support of the Flow Business Podcast. I’m super excited for what’s to come. I hope you are too, but your support of this show means the absolute world to me. And with that, until next time, take care, hey, wait up before you go. Do you want to know the biggest reason why your business may not flow? Because it’s not in alignment with your personality type. Building the right business for you means knowing your strengths, weaknesses, energetic expression and what’s most important to you, so you can build your business accordingly. Before you spend one more minute working on your business, let’s make sure it’s the right business for you. I’ve created a fun two-minute quiz to discover your Flow Business personality type. With the results of this quiz, you’ll know exactly what to prioritize in your business so you can feel confident, knowing you’re building a business you love. Head over to Right now to find out your Flow Business personality type And once you find that out, hop over to Instagram and let me know what you discover. Again, that’s As always, the link is in the show notes.

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