How To Get Your Business (And Life) Organized with Louise Henry

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Podcast

Ready to dominate business overwhelm? We’ve got your back! Join me, your host Shawn, and the awe-inspiring Louise Henry, as we unravel the mysteries of Asana, a game-changing free project management tool, that’ll not only help you stay organized but also tackle that business overwhelm head-on. Louise, with her rich business journey from launching a jewelry line, to becoming a virtual assistant, and now an online course creator, is the perfect accomplice in this exploration.

Why should you break down a mammoth project into manageable tasks and how does it breed a sense of momentum? How can a habit tracker possibly keep track of your progress and what role does a checklist play in keeping you motivated? We’ll answer all these questions and more. Plus, discover how Asana’s flexibility allows it to easily absorb changes, and how quickly you can expect results. Louise isn’t shy about sharing her personal process and even throws in a challenge to kick start your journey with Asana. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss this!

Join us as we talk about Louise’s nonprofit, Tim’s Club, an initiative close to her heart dedicated to empowering individuals with autism to lead purposeful lives. And yes, for those eager to delve deeper into Asana, Louise is hosting a free three-day challenge on August 7th at Get ready to learn, evolve, and conquer business overwhelm with us. This podcast is not just a conversation, it is a treasure trove of actionable insights and strategies to help you build a flow business. So, are you ready to flow with us?

“It’s actually really important to just have one tool. Like one central dashboard for your entire life.” – Louise Henry

“When you’re relying on your paper planner you can often lose your goals, you’re not really sure if you’re moving all of your dream projects forward so it’s much easier to do in a digital space.” – Louise Henry

“Know that concept of building your second brain, that’s really what we’re using Asana for, you just download everything in and then you know what you need to do to move everything forward business and life.” – Louise Henry

“If there’s something that can help you be consistent which we all know is a key to success when it comes to content and growing your following, this is it. Just get yourself organized to be consistent.” – Louise Henry

“Anyone who’s been in business for a bit of time will tell you to just keep showing up. Keep doing it consistently.”  – Louise Henry

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Shawn: 0:00

Hey, hey there, friends, Welcome back to the Flow Business Podcast. I’m Shawn, your host, and this is your place to build a business that flows for you and your life and your personality and your energy and everything else that’s important to you. Today, we have a super special guest to welcome to the show, louise Henry. We are talking about a mutual obsession that we both have today and how you can use this tool to overcome overwhelm in your business and get organized so you can keep moving forward, which we know is a critical piece of a flow business. Before I introduce you to Louise, just a quick note. We talk at the end about a free three-day challenge that Louise is hosting, coming up in a few weeks. I want to make sure that I shout it out here too, so that you don’t miss it and can make sure to get yourself enrolled. Friends, this is a non-negotiable. You have to learn what she is going to teach you in this challenge. It’s free, it’s live. You have a chance to connect with her and ask her questions and to learn this essential tool, really this first step to your business. We’ll give you all the details and what I’m talking about in this episode as we have our conversation. I just want to make sure that you have the information here first to get yourself involved in this challenge, with Louise coming up on August 7th. So is your place to save your seat for the challenge. It’s in the show notes. Grab your seat and, in the meantime, get to know Louise through this episode. Let me tell you a little bit about her before we dive into the conversation. Louise Henry is an online entrepreneur and educator over at LouiseHenrycom. Louise helps you create a more leveraged passive online business through systems and automation. She does this by sharing free tutorials on her YouTube channel and through her online courses up level with Asana website that wows and passive profit accelerator. She’s passionate about supporting you as you bring your big dreams to life and helping you work smarter, not harder, which we are all about here on the Flow Business Podcast. All right, let’s go chat with Louise. Louise, thank you so much for coming on the Flow Business Podcast today. I’m so happy to be here Lots to talk about Good conversations, because we both have a mutual obsession with one very specific thing and something that we know is so helpful to all business owners everywhere, specifically those of you listening today. But before we get into that I want to introduce you to the listener. So tell us a little bit about who you are, what you do, who you help all that good stuff.Louise: 3:24

Awesome. Hi everyone. I help entrepreneurs create a more simple, streamlined business, so I love talking all things tech and systems. That’s why I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re here. Basically, I want everyone to have their own version of a Flow Business. So, yeah, just really helping on the back end to make that happen. So I talk about different systems, my clients range. I would say I have some early-stage people who are just getting started all the way to more advanced. But, yeah, absolutely Love what I do. I’m originally from Toronto, canada, but embraced the work from anywhere lifestyle, grabbed my laptop, went around the world for a little bit and then settled in Panama.Shawn: 4:10

Yeah, sounds like the ultimate Flow Business, if you ask me it sounds amazing and I think it’s so cool. Like there’s, honestly, I feel like very few people who love the systems and tech behind having a business like this, and so to have someone like you who’s like, yes, give me all the behind the scenes stuff, I will show you exactly how to do it is such a relief for people like me who are like, ah, during the headlights anytime I have to do anything. So thank you for that. That’s really great that you love that stuff. So one of the things that I think is most exciting to talk about with people, and especially people like us, who have these very kind of obtuse businesses in some people’s eyes, is like how you got to where you are and how it all started and where you came from and even what you were doing before you got into your own business and going through that whole journey with you. So can you take us through that?Louise: 5:03

Sure, okay, so it all started when well, okay, it actually started. It was very obvious early on that I should be an entrepreneur, like I was trying to start things when I was like 13. I was trying to like we’re going to have a dance company and then we’re going to have a restaurant, like I was just trying to do it from a very early age. But finally I graduated from university and I was like I just know that working a corporate job is just not for me. Like I just have this really strong gut feeling. So I decided to skip that entirely and start my first business, which was actually a jewelry business, because I thought that, in order to start a business, that you had to have a completely brand new, unique product that nobody else had ever created. Of course, that’s not the case. That’s not the case at all. Okay, that is Very wrong. So, yeah, we were doing these really cool pieces. We basically designed little symbols to represent the name, represent the meaning of people’s names. So it was super cute, very unique. I learned so much. It was a very different business than what you and I have. It was dealing with inventory and shipping and designing and all of these things, but I learned so so much. Well, I decided to move on from that particular idea because I was like this is way too complex and I don’t want to deal with things like inventory. I decided to take those skills and become a virtual assistant, because I was like, okay, cool, now I know social media, I know email, I know how to build websites Like I had to do that for myself. So I was able to translate those skills into the online space. And actually at that same time, I had gone on a holiday. I went on a holiday to Bali and when I got there, I realized that there were all these people that were just working from their laptops and like riding around on scooters and living in a tropical environment, which, for me, is like the dream, and I was like this is so incredible. So I was really inspired by that and wanted to have a business that was just fully remote and I could run from anywhere. So, yeah, that was that. Met my husband on that trip, actually. So met my husband on that trip and then I was like, great, I’m moving to Bali. Like let’s go, yeah, so that sort of started the whole travel digital nomad side of things as well. And then, after doing virtual assistance for a while, I discovered the world of online courses and I was like, oh, this is really the type of business I want to build, because I want something that is leveraged, I want something that doesn’t have me on tons of calls every single week. I really was trying to go after as much of a freedom based business as I could create. So then I went into courses and now that’s what I do full time and have been doing for many years now.Shawn: 7:45

Oh, my gosh, I love that. I love the jewelry business. That sounds amazing. And also I love the idea of well, that’s not actually what I want To really get into this kind of complicated, probably business and be like, no, I need something, like I still want to do the business thing, but this kind of model is not it. And yeah, you’re right, it’s like at that stage and it was the case for me too I didn’t know that you could have this kind of business where you are working from wherever and all you need is a laptop. It’s so cool. So let me tell you about how I found out about you. So I was hosting a group of my clients in one of my mentorship programs. We were on a call and I just started talking about how they really need to be using Asana and even, I think, pulled up my Asana and showed them how I use it and what I was doing in my account. And then I started getting this through the chat all these people bringing up your name and your courses and your YouTube channel and how you’re like the queen of Asana. So I immediately went to your YouTube and then started following you and all that stuff. That is our mutual obsession Asana? Yes, it is. It’s such an amazing tool. For anyone that doesn’t know what is Asana, yeah, asana is a free project management tool.Louise: 9:07

It has an incredible free plan. Of course there’s other tiers, but the free plan is phenomenal. You can get started on just that and it is basically a tool that is going to help you organize your entire business and life. But it is so much more than a to-do list. It is not just input in your tasks. It’s really a complete system for everything that you have to do in your business that helps keep you organized, clear, calm, on track and just feeling way better about your business. First of all, some keywords Free.Shawn: 9:40

This isn’t another expense that you have to use for your business at least not at the level that you are most likely going to be using it at, I think for, like, obviously, corporations and stuff. They should pay, and it’s worth it, I’m sure, for them. So free, big one, and also not just your business, but your life. This is a life tool, right, organizing everything you ever have, going on, anytime, anywhere, which is so important too.Louise: 10:06

Exactly, it has to be the personal side as well. Most people think, oh, I’m just going to use this for work and I’m like, no, it’s actually really important to just have one tool like one central dashboard for your entire life. So any appointment, any reminder for your dog or something, it’s going into a sauna.Shawn: 10:26

Yeah, oh gosh. And then when you have that one spot for everything, I mean just imagine what is going on or what isn’t going on in your brain, what you’re not trying to do through just memory, which isn’t always great for all of us, right? We can’t rely on that. So your obsession, we’re going to call it, we’re going to keep calling it that. Your obsession with a sauna where did that come from?Louise: 10:50

Yeah, honestly, it’s because I was running my business before without it. I was trying to grow my business and I had a notebook, and then I had a planner and I was trying to rely on my memory, which is terrible my memory is not great at all and so it was really the stress. I was like I don’t think business has to feel like this. I’m sure there is a better way. So then, when I discovered a sauna and realized I could download everything that was in my brain and I could put it into a digital system to work for me instead, I was like this is brilliant, everyone needs to know about it. And it just made everything so simple, streamlined. I would wake up and, because I had already planned out my projects ahead of time in a sauna, I knew exactly what I had to do that day. So then, all of a sudden, now I’m accomplishing a lot more of my big goals as well, and so I started to see the connection between not only is this just helping me feel so much better with how I’m approaching work, but like, oh, now I’m actually like checking off all those big goals that I really wanted to achieve.Shawn: 11:59

Yeah, we talk about overwhelm a lot here and really kind of focus on the mindset aspect of being overwhelmed in your business and with all the things that you have to do and just focusing like way too far ahead. But like on the very tangible level of overwhelm is just that you’re not organized. You know, like you’re just trying to do it all with sticky notes and a planner and all that stuff, which is great, but it’s not really getting you organized, it’s not really doing anything for you besides, I guess, maybe putting what’s in your head onto paper, but then if you don’t look at that paper, then what Exactly? So I really love the idea of a sauna as a tool to help with overwhelm, specifically for new business owners trying to really get things up and running. And I always say I really don’t think I would even have a business still if I didn’t have a sauna. Like I really don’t know what I’m doing when I wake up in the morning until I check a sauna, like okay, this is what I’m doing today. When that is done, I am done. Amazing, and it has just helped me so much to not have to worry about what I’m supposed to be doing at any given moment because it’s all right there, and also to stay on track with what I’m doing and actually achieve my goals because they’re all there. So I want to know a little bit more, if you can explain. Say, you’re really great at having a planner, you’re really great you’re your to-do list and looking at them every day and trying your best to stay organized the traditional way. What makes this different?Louise: 13:31

Yeah, I think what happens is when you bring it into the digital space, you can take it to a whole other level. For example, let’s say that you have on your to-do list record a podcast episode. Right, let’s say that you have that on your to-do list. Okay, that’s great. But in a digital system you can already have a checklist written down with all of the small little steps that you might forget. For example, design the graphic for that episode post on social media. So all of a sudden, your execution of every single task becomes so much stronger because you have a record of every single thing that is important and you’re reusing that again and again. So it’s clearing up the mental space. You don’t have to think about what are all those steps. You just create a task based on that and then you go through and you check things off. So I think that really helps your execution of tasks be so much better. And a lot of times in planning, life happens we need to shift due dates, we need to move things around. So that’s another benefit for Asana. But I think the major thing is that it gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire business. So in there you’re creating spaces for everything you’re doing for your client work, everything you’re doing for your own marketing. You’re creating these spaces and you’re making sure that all of those are organized and that you’re moving all of them forward as well. When you’re relying on a paper planner, you can often lose your goals. You’re not really sure if you are moving all of your dream projects forward. So it’s much easier to do in a digital space.Shawn: 15:09

Yeah, and with Asana I use the calendar view the most and those things that aren’t done, that pass the date, I still see them and so I still have to get them done, whereas with a planner you turn the day and they’re gone. They’re magically gone. But if you actually have to look at that calendar and have it glaring at you like, hey, you didn’t do this yesterday, you didn’t do this last week, still need to get done. And yeah, I do. I love moving things around, shifting things. Part of my flow business is having that flexibility. If I don’t have the energy to record a podcast episode Tuesday, then I’ll do it Thursday, I’ll move it over and that kind of thing. So having that flexibility is super important and, like you said, not just having the overarching big task there but then breaking them down into smaller tasks. That again, if we’re talking in terms of overwhelm, a lot of times the big thing is overwhelming, but if you actually think about all those steps that it takes to get that big thing, if you just put start a podcast, start my own podcast somewhere, that’s super overwhelming. But if then you break it down into all those little sub tasks and each day you’re doing one of those things and Asana can do that for you and let you know what those things are, then it’s doable. It’s all doable, exactly yeah. And so I then would assume that you do have to take the time to think through those sub tasks and to plan this all out and to make it an actual system. But then, once it’s done, it’s done Exactly yeah. So, for example, walk me through. Let’s say we talk about creating our own signature programs here, a lot on the show. Let’s say we want to use Asana to help us get from like I’m just going to get started figuring out what the topic of my program is all the way to launching. So how would that go? What would I need to do in Asana to make it so that that is working for me?Louise: 17:15

Yeah, so I would create a new project for that specifically. And then what you want to do is break it down into little actionable items. This is how you’re going to move forward and not get super overwhelmed by oh my gosh, there’s so many things involved in creating a signature program. You’re just going to break it down into little steps. Yes, honestly, it helps so much to just know. Okay, today I’m going to tackle these like three small things and ultimately know that you’re moving that project forward. So I would go in and put all of the tasks that you can I mean the fact that you teach that. I’m sure you have a checklist for people with all of the steps.Shawn: 17:53

We have lots of steps, yeah.Louise: 17:55

Yeah, amazing. So that’s happening more and more too With big projects. You can Google or you can find a mentor that has already figured out what all of those steps are, so you can actually cut down on so much of the time trying to figure out what they are. And then you input it into Asana. You set due dates, you set a few milestones as well. So you know like, okay, milestone number one is I’m going to outline my signature program Amazing and you’re going to set a due date to that and you’re going to focus on just getting to that point, getting that part done, and you’re not going to get overwhelmed by all of the other steps that may follow that up.Shawn: 18:31

Mm-hmm, Totally so. That’s something like say for example, you’re getting in the habit of writing your newsletter every single week, so how can we use Asana to help us get into that habit?Louise: 18:46

Absolutely it is. Basically, it’s very simple. You’re going to add it in as a task and you would add it as a recurring task so that it happens every single week. I mean, there’s so many things in my business that I didn’t. If I didn’t have all these things set up as like remind me to do this every week, it wouldn’t get done 100%. So simply inputting all of these things right? So that’s another difference to having a physical planner, rather than you having to manually remember to do that every single week and write it in for every Wednesday. That’s just going to happen automatically and Asana is going to remind you to do so, and it feels so good to check it off in Asana and to look back, see all the progress. You’re going to love it.Shawn: 19:25

I will admit that I have put things into a sauna that I’ve already done, just so that I can check them off, because it is so great and it feels so good to be able to do that little check mark. What about those people who feel like, oh my gosh, they’re talking about more tech? This is another thing I have to try to learn. I’m already feeling overwhelmed with all these other tools I’m supposed to do and use and learn for this kind of business. I don’t want another one. What do you say to that?Louise: 19:55

I would say this is the one that you need. This is the first one, because it is going to make accomplishing everything else that you need to do much simpler, and it’s going to ensure that it actually gets done. It’s so easy, especially when you’re starting your business, to be overwhelmed by the what feels like thousand things to do, so a sauna is going to help you cut through that noise. Figure out what is actually important. Plan out any project that you want to do, for example, starting a podcast and actually bringing that to life. Organize this all. Figure out what you need to do, before you then go and chase all these other different softwares. I think is most important.Shawn: 20:35

Yeah, like this is the one that’s kind of a non-negotiable and it helps make those other platforms doable, because you’re just feeling that much more organized and that much less overwhelmed with it all. So you can kind of go step by step, but I’d say this is a place to start for sure. What do you use it for in your life? Like you personally, what’s in your asana for life stuff?Louise: 20:59

So life stuff, not business stuff, yeah, yeah, okay. So in personal, I am tracking a lot. I actually use it kind of as a spreadsheet in a way, so I have in there like keeping track of some money things and like, okay, what are my monthly expenses? Like I use it as a record as well. I use it for my like Sunday reset routine, so I have that in there. That’s a recurring task every Sunday. Every single like friend thing that I have, like every friend meeting, is in there, everything. Okay, let me open it up and tell you all of the things so I have in asana. I have a personal board and so I have that listed out and I have. I can literally see everything, so I never have to worry about like paying for my month of yoga, for example, like that’s in here. I, yeah any any sort of little admin that comes in your personal life, like, oh, I have to pay insurance and like little things like that I never have to actually worry about or remember. It just pops up in my asana and I’m like, oh great, okay, cool, I’m just going to quickly do that and check it off. I also have another board called home ideas, and that in there is basically my wish list of everything that I want to buy for my house.Shawn: 22:16

Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. Yeah, so this is one running tally of all the things that you want Exactly.Louise: 22:23

So it’s a running tally and so I have all of that and then I have within the task I have where I’m going to buy that thing. I have like the photo to keep me inspired, so you can sort of use it as a vision board in a way as well. So I have that. Then one of my biggest dreams was to start a nonprofit. So what did I do? One of the first things go into a sauna, set up a board for that, start mapping out like, okay, what are the things we can do? And we’ve really just embraced one step at a time. So like all the steps we could think of are in a sauna and we’re just like chipping away at it one by one, and it’s seriously built so much momentum and we’ve been able to bring it to life. So that was really cool. I also have in here I have a habit tracker, so I’m like, okay, I really wanted to build the habit of doing yoga more regularly and learning Spanish. So they’re in there and I can see, I can look back at the month and I can see how many days I actually did that thing. Cool.Shawn: 23:24

I love the habit tracker. Have you always been organized, or is this something that has built up over time, maybe because you’ve had your business and now you’re just kind of using it for life too?Louise: 23:36

Yeah, I don’t actually consider myself that organized.Shawn: 23:39

Okay.Louise: 23:40

Yeah, yeah, and I’m not like people think that because I’m teaching this, they think like, oh, you just must be super type A and like, have always really on top of things. I’m like, no, I was trying on paper for a really long time. My memory is terrible. I have definitely dropped the ball so many times that it more so was a sauna is a necessity in order for me to do everything that I want to do and for all the things in our businesses that we have to do, as, like I need a system that I can rely on. So I sort of think of it as you know, that concept of building your second brain. That’s really what we’re using a sauna for, and you just download everything in and then you know exactly what you need to do to move everything forward business and life, yeah for sure.Shawn: 24:21

So you mentioned your organization, your nonprofit. Will you tell us more about that?Louise: 24:26

Yeah, absolutely, it’s called Tim’s Club. It is a nonprofit dedicated to helping people with autism lead a full, purposeful life, and inspired by my little brother, tim, who’s going to be thrilled one day when he realizes that his name’s on the sign. Yeah, so always always a big dream, basically, when, when you grow up with autism, you’re pretty okay in a lot of places, when you’re in school age so basically up until 18 and after 18, the availability after that for any programs or like where you’re going to live things like that become a huge issue. And so that was my me and my family’s number one concern of like what is Tim’s life going to look like as he, as he grows up, as he becomes an adult? So, always wanted to do. This is definitely an inspiration behind the business as well. It’s like, okay, what can I build for myself that would allow me to build out a project like this? So we’re building a day program here in Panama. My brother’s going to be moving to Panama as well and we’ll go Monday to Friday to this phenomenal day program that we’re building and, yeah, for not only people with autism but for the whole community as well. It’s got a cafe. It has art therapy, music, therapy, all of these things, and so that is the goal, and that’s what we’re trying to build it.Shawn: 25:53

Oh my gosh, that is amazing. Congratulations on that. That’s so cool, and so that sounds to me. You know, talking about your flow business sounds to me, like you mentioned, that was a big piece of you building this business, with being able to have that be a part of it and have that be a goal and help your brother in that way and others in that way. When I think of a flow business and kind of what we talk about here, it’s like building a business that feels good, it’s fun, it works for you, it works for your life, your personality, what’s important to you. It complements your life, it doesn’t complicate it. That kind of thing is all things we’re trying to build here. So I want to know more about what makes your business a flow business for you, in particular, knowing that everyone’s is different.Louise: 26:39

Yeah, absolutely, and I love this, I love this topic, like I love seeing what is, what is that version for people? Okay, so for me it is definitely something that is scalable. I wanted something that would be able to have this like big impact. Like that is just so exciting for me. So I wake up each morning and I’m really excited to pursue this goal and even, like, with my content that I put out there, being able to help thousands of people all over the world is like the coolest thing, yeah, so I wanted something like that that would have big impact, but that wouldn’t have me like tied to my computer, wouldn’t have me, like you know, doing work that didn’t feel in alignment for me, like was really outside Of my zone of genius. So I didn’t want that. I wanted something that, yeah, could be run from my laptop and so that really for me, means I wake up, I could be working from home or I could be like going to my favorite cafe, I could be it. So it’s very flexible, I guess is what I’m trying to get at. Yes, it’s very flexible. So the schedule itself is really flexible. What I do each day, you know it’s not, I guess it’s not too routine and strict. I have a lot of what feels really free and flexible during each day. If I need to take the day off, I absolutely can and just go to the beach for the afternoon instead, you know. So I really wanted flow. Really I really connect with that word. I wanted something that would just create so much space for me in my life and I feel this has. I’ve been able to travel all around with this business. I work with an incredible team. I’ve been able to hire people and just like have so much fun and joy on a day to day basis and do things that I love, and the fact that we have that as an option is just incredible. Like it really is truly amazing. Like when I first started that jewelry business, I did not know that this was an option. I did not know that you could be so intentional and really design every element of your business in life. So that’s what this has allowed me to do. So that means like having a yoga teacher come to my house and like start my days with yoga and have lots of time for just like being honestly, having like silence and being able to journal and read books and that sort of thing. So I was really looking for, like this calm sort of calm tropical life.Shawn: 29:08

Yeah, while you created it, which is great and it very much, very similar to mine the flexibility, the flow, being able to kind of do what you want for the most part with your day, and, yeah, it’s work, but it’s work you enjoy and you can kind of move around, that you can take a day off when you need to, just based on your energy, which I think is so important that we start recognizing day to day what feels good for us to do that day, because that’s when the best output is created, right? So the tools that you use to do that you mentioned online courses, right you? Also. We talked about your YouTube channel, so you use YouTube to kind of build your audience. Tell us a little bit about that.Louise: 29:53

Yes, absolutely. I love YouTube. I will tell everyone to get on YouTube who is trying to grow their business in their audience. I think it’s just such a smart long-term strategy. So a lot of my strategies I’ve implemented are, yeah, just like showing up week after week checking off those things in Asana and it all ultimately adds up Like it does. You might not see the result tomorrow, but three months from now, six months from now, you’re like, oh okay, this is really working and YouTube is one of those strategies. But it’s been wonderful. It’s allowed me to share my expertise. Like I love that we have tons of free content out there as well. It’s not all just paid programs, but then, of course, it builds our audience, our email list and then people that come and enroll in my courses Mm-hmm.Shawn: 30:40

Yes, 100%. And to bring it back to Asana instead of it just being randomly written down somewhere that on Wednesdays you’re going to create a YouTube video, it’s in your Asana, so you will actually do it every single week or whenever your schedule is, and then, once it’s checked off, it just kind of repopulates to the next week or to the next month or whatever, and that makes it so that you actually do that and you stay consistent with it. And when you have that consistency you know, for talking in terms of really seeing your business grow and having a tool that helps your business grow, if there’s something that can help you be more consistent which we all know is like the key to success when it comes to your content and growing your following and that kind of stuff this is it. Just get yourself organized to be consistent, like that’s all you have to do, then you don’t have to worry about it. It’s no energy off of you, it’s just following what’s in Asana.Louise: 31:30

Absolutely, and trusting that, like I think anyone who’s been in business for a bit of time will tell you, just keep showing up, keep doing it consistently, like that is ultimately what is going to bring in the results that you want. So yeah, having anything that will support you and being more consistent is an absolute must.Shawn: 31:51

Yeah, and patience, because it takes time, you gotta keep doing it. Okay, so on that note. Last little thing here you are hosting a free challenge coming up very soon. Tell us a little bit about what that challenge is, what people are going to learn and all that stuff.Louise: 32:11

I’m so excited it’s going to be so much fun. It’s kicking off on August 7th. It is the three day biz makeover challenge. So if you are loving this conversation and you’re feeling like, oh my gosh, I really feel I could get more organized and you can see how that would really positively impact your business, then you are going to absolutely want to come and join us for this event. It’s free. I show up every single day and I do a training. So if you really want to see us on us, see how it all works, understand, like from a very practical level, how this is going to change your life so much, come to this challenge. We’re going to be talking about systems. We’re going to talk about crafting your ideal daily and weekly schedule and just really help you makeover your business and have it feel so much better and get it way closer to being a flow business.Shawn: 33:02

Yes, I’m so excited for this challenge. It sounds amazing and really everyone needs to go. They just need it. You need to know this. You need to have this organization, these tools, these systems. Take it from someone who’s already done it and has learned it all for you and then can just show you the step-by-step approach so you don’t have to try to open this new app and figure it out. That never goes well. So take it from someone who’s already done it and learned the tool for you. I’m so excited for it. I do have a really easy link for everyone so they can go to Makeover and get access to that. It’s free. It starts August. What was it? August? August 7th, august 7th, okay, cool. I’ll put that in the show notes so everyone can get involved in that. It’s live too, so they’ll be able to ask you questions and get real-time answers and stuff like that too, which is always fun.Louise: 33:59

Absolutely. We’ll be challenging you to take an action step every single day so that you can really see some progress in your business, make this makeover really happen. There’s going to be prizes. There’s the whole community. It’s super fun. It’s a super fun event and very much worth it. All of the lessons each day are just going to be 30 minutes. So even if you’re super busy, just come and join us.Shawn: 34:22

Yeah, and I love that there’s real-time action, like within three days you’re going to be building something. It’s not just sitting there learning something that you will never actually implement. It’s actually doing it too, which is so great, exactly Okay. So Makeover to get in on that. Thank you so much, louise, for being here. This is really fun. Love what you’re doing. Our mutual obsession is strong, so hopefully everyone else listening will now be obsessed too.Louise: 34:53

We’re passing it on, yeah it was so fun to talk with someone who loves us on as much as I.Shawn: 34:58

Yeah, again, I don’t consider myself all that organized too, but I think that’s probably why because I have a business, I got to get things done, so it’s very helpful to know what those things are.Louise: 35:11

Exactly. Yeah, it really does make such a huge difference. I know it can feel intimidating to approach a brand new system, brand new app, but in this challenge I’ll break it down, I’ll show you exactly how it all works and you’ll really understand exactly what we were raving about today.Shawn: 35:27

Yeah, hopefully we have gotten the point across that this is like a non-negotiable All right. Well, thank you so much for your time. It was so great chatting with you, and take care, thank you.

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