Choosing intuition over fear with Leanne Vogel — Ep. 21

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Podcast

Have you ever witnessed someone’s life from a distance and wanted to know what led them down that path? That’s how I feel about my friend and colleague, Leanne Vogel. From selling their home to travel the continent in an RV, then trading in the RV-life to move into a sailboat and explore ocean-life, Leanne has let her intuition guide her life choices instead of letting fear get in the way. 

But, it hasn’t always been this way. It took a scary, rock bottom moment for her to realize she was on the wrong path, and her body was screaming at her for change.

In this episode, Leanne opens up about the pivotal moment that changed everything, when her body forced her to listen and choose a different path. We also discuss Leanne’s approach to fear that allowed her to become unstuck and how she now allows her intuition to guide her. 

We’ll take a trip back to Leanne’s childhood, where she learned about spirituality at a young age and is now coming back home to that place in both her life and business.

Learn more from Leanne at: and the Love Rebel podcast

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