Do This When Your Business Isn’t Flowing

by | Oct 18, 2023 | Podcast

Ever wrestled with the ‘how’ of starting a business, but found yourself stuck in inaction? You’re not alone. It’s a struggle encountered by many, and I, your host Shawn, am here to guide you on a transformative journey towards uncovering your deeper ‘why’. Together, we dismantle the layers of superficial motivations and ego-driven desires, grounded in the wisdom drawn from Benjamin Hardy’s book “Personality Isn’t Permanent”. The key insight? A powerful ‘why’ can be your breakthrough to not just dream, but act.

As we journey deeper, we illuminate the path to your true motivation for success. We unleash powerful techniques to help you visualize your true desires, and feel their potential. As we navigate the course, we engage in candid conversations, revealing the profound impact of reconnecting with your ‘bigger why’. We offer an insightful exercise, designed to help you realign with your bigger ‘why’, redirect your business and embrace a life well-lived. So, are you ready to discover your bigger ‘why’ in business, and fuel a journey towards a business you absolutely love?

“When it is a strong ‘why’ you can get yourself through and do any ‘how’. The ‘how’ becomes doable.” – Shawn Mynar

“If we’re talking surface level versus that deep desire, that deeper ‘why’ that is going to move you forward.” – 
Shawn Mynar

“As soon as you have this bigger ‘why’ you will start moving the needle. Your wheels will start spinning again and you will have that motivation, encouragement to make it happen.” – 
Shawn Mynar


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Hey, hey there, friends, Welcome back to the Flow Business Podcast. I’m Shawn, your host, and this is your place to build a business that feels good, is fun and flows. Today we’re going to talk about your why and I know that sounds kind of boring, but stick with me here. It’s not just any why. It’s not your surface level, why it’s not what you think your why is or should be. This is all about your bigger why. Why are we talking about your? Why? Well, I guess I’ll just lead right into the quote for this episode, because I think that sums it up quite nicely and why we need to take an entire episode to talk about your why. So this is from Benjamin Hardy and the book Personality Isn’t Permanent, which I highly recommend. It’s kind of like a personal growth self-help kind of book, but it is very good and really dives into a lot of what we talk about here on the podcast in terms of your mind, your beliefs, your actions, your thoughts all of that and how. On a very practical level. Your personality isn’t permanent. What you think, what you do, how you act isn’t permanent and how you can change that. So anyway, from that book, personality Isn’t Permanent, benjamin Hardy, the quote is when the why is strong enough, you can get yourself through and do any how, and the why is strong enough, you can get yourself through and do any how. So what I see, and why I wanted to bring this up, is a lot of desire. A lot of you want your own business or want your business to look a certain way, want your business to do a certain thing, want your business to feel a certain way, and so the desire is there, wanting what you want, wanting a business, wanting to expand your business, wanting to change your business, wanting to grow your business. All the things right, all the things that we’re doing here. However, I also see a lot of inaction. That is a topic we talk a lot about here, and I never talk about it in any sort of like negative terms or to be mean or to try to call you out, nothing like that. I very much understand it. I very much understand the desire, but then also the inaction. I think it comes from a lot of different places, a lot of different reasons. I think you know, seeing that business to do list and how much could potentially be on it, depending on where you are in your business right now. If you’re just starting. All of the things to do to start your business and to get it off the ground can seem like a lot Like that business to do list is so overwhelming that it just causes inaction. I see a lot of it is because it’s uncomfortable, it’s hard, it’s scary. Those things on the to do list are outside of your comfort zone. Again, that’s something we talk about all the time here. But then that leads to inaction because you know your mind is like nope, this is way outside my comfort zone. This could lead to a lot of potentially scary things. It could be harmful to me. So nope, we’re not doing this. We are going to have this desire and then not act on it. That happens a lot. So there’s that ego getting in the way and then there’s also life and potentially work and potentially family. There’s this time and energy constraint. That’s also getting in the way. Very real, it happens, it’s understandable. And so as this inaction kind of formulates and grows and it becomes the norm, then the desire fades or it gets clouded by reality, it gets pushed to the side. You stop thinking about it as much and it almost just seems like it’s not possible, it’s not going to happen, it’s not for you, whatever we may tell ourselves, and just like that, the flow, part of your flow, business is no longer flowing, which really is just a sign that you don’t know your bigger why or you haven’t connected to that bigger why in a while. Because, again, going back up to this quote when the why is strong enough so not just a surface level why, that doesn’t cut it here when it is a strong why, you can get yourself through and do any how. The how becomes doable, no matter how scary or big or long that to-do list is. It becomes doable because of that bigger why. And so you may have a why right now, but again I want to challenge you on if it’s big enough, if it’s more surface level, more generic, maybe just the first thing that comes to mind or came to mind when thinking about your business and you haven’t really explored that to the degree you need to to make it meaningful for you and something that will motivate you to continue on and to move through that to-do list, to move through the scary things and really reach for your dreams, reach for your goals and make it happen. So a surface level type why would be something like to make more money, to have more time with your family, to spend more time doing what you love, to make your own schedule, to not work for anyone else again, to be your own boss, to help more people. Like there’s a lot of why’s and you probably have more than one, but then let’s take it one step further. That in and of itself is not enough. That’s still really vague, like I said, really surface level, kind of generic. It’s not invoking any sort of emotion or visual, it’s not getting you excited and it’s not triggering that within you, within your energy and your emotion, to really move the needle any further beyond, just like, yeah, I want that, but then here’s this long to-do list and I don’t want to do that. So we have to take it deeper. What is your bigger? Why? So think about it like this For example, I want to make more money Cool, well, what will making more money do for you in a very specific, tangible way? How will it impact your life, your family’s life, how you spend your time, what you do, where you live, where you eat, how you spend your money? You know just all these things. I want you to get as specific with it as possible and really take the time to create that vision for you and then get into the specifics of how much more money it will be. How much more money will you make every week, every month, every year? How is it coming in? What your bank accounts look like? What do you do with that money? Do you invest it? Do you save it? Do you spend it? Do you give it to charities or causes? How do you spend that money? So, how much is coming in? How much is going out? Where is it going? Really get into the feeling and the look and your life with that why being your reality. What will it look like and feel like to have more time with your family? If that’s a big why for you? What will you do together? How will you spend this time? How much time is it? Is it like every afternoon, when that your kids get home from school, you shut down and now you have the whole afternoon and evening with them? What do you do in the afternoon and evening with them? Or is it that you have a month off in the summer when they do, when you go travel for a month? What is that specifically look like? To have more time with your family? So you can see the difference. Yeah, it’d be nice to make more money. My why is for financial reasons versus yeah, I want to double my yearly income with my business. That will allow me to take my family on a big vacation every year so I can make memories, while my children are this perfect age to travel and before they go off to college. Now that’s a lot more specific. That is this deeper feeling. This it comes from within and, like I say, like I can’t even explain it, but if we’re talking surface level versus like that deep desire, that bigger why that is going to move your forward, to be able to Spend this time with your family traveling and making these amazing memories, because now you have the money that will allow you to do that and you have the business and the flexibility that will allow you to do that. That is a big push, a big motivator to make it happen, much more so than yeah, I’d be cool to make more money or yeah, I’d be cool to like, not work so much and set my own schedule. That’s great, but that’s not enough. There is a difference and I hope you can see that difference and when you see it in what I just said, then when you do it to yourself, you will feel the difference. And we need it to be a feeling, we need it to be emotional, we need it to be a vision and very visual. It needs to shift you on an emotional, energetic, mental level, not just like, yeah, be nice, kind of thing, okay, so that is the goal. That is the need for a bigger why, and if you have a desire to have your own business, you have a bigger why somewhere within there. You may have never thought about it, or maybe you’ve never dug as deep as you need to get, but you have one, and until you take the time to fully form it, to really think about it, to get very clear with it and connected with it on a regular basis, have it become part of you and part of your life and part of the reason you’re doing what you’re doing, then you are going to continue finding a lot of resistance and continue finding a lot of reasons to not take action. But as soon as you have this bigger why, you will start moving the needle you are, your wheels will start spinning again and you will have that motivation, that encouragement to make it happen, because you are so connected with what your desire is and what it’s going to do for you and your life and your family and everything that it impacts for you. So this is your goal for this week, whenever you’re listening to it. I want you to take some time in the next couple days to really do this exercise. This is not something just to think about and to just be like, yeah, I’ll get to it or yeah, I think I got mine. Good enough, I think it’ll do. No, I really want you to do this exercise. I want you to either write it out if you are a writer or you know. Type it out if you’re type, or that’s fine. If words work for you, then write it out, thank you. If something more like a vision board or pictures or something like that works better for you. If you’re more visual, create a vision board or just even create like a Pinterest board or a Canva thing graphic with all of the pictures that really support and really show your bigger why in action. So what do you want? That’s the first question. What do you want? Why do you want this business? And this can be at the surface level, that’s fine. This is just getting you started. What do you want? I wanna make more money. I wanna have more time. I want more flexibility. I wanna make my own schedule. I wanna be my own boss, whatever it is, that can be nice and surface level, because the next part is where we go deeper. So what do you really want? What do you really want? That surface level thing? Take it one step more specific. That is what you really want. Like I want to be my own boss because I’m sick of being told what to do. I don’t agree with other people’s rules. I don’t wanna be a part of other people’s bottom line. I wanna be making my own money and have my own profit. That’s all cool, that works. That is your bigger why. That’s a huge bigger why for me. What do you really want? And then, what does that look like and how does it feel? So what does it look like when you make an extra $10,000 in your business every month? What does it look like when you have a month off in the middle of the summer every month, because that’s how you’ve built your business? What does that actually look like in a very specific way and you can see how this is really becoming a visualization exercise, which you probably know if you’ve been listening to this show for a while that I am like a huge, huge, huge fan of. It does so many things for you on a mental, emotional, energetic level, and this is such a good exercise to help you do that. So, again, you can take the time to get into this kind of like meditative state, like taking some deep breaths, quieting your mind, quieting your nervous system, and then create this vision of your bigger why and see it, See what it really looks like, and then, like I said, you can either write it down or create a visual representation of that, whatever works for you. So what do you really want? What does that look like? How does it feel? On a very specific, big, big level, no more surface level why. It’s okay. This is how you will get and stay motivated and this is how you will get and stay unstuck. This is how you will get out of this place of overwhelm or overthinking or discouraging thoughts. This is what will be your guidepost as you continue moving and anytime you find yourself not flowing, you have to come back to your bigger why. I can almost guarantee you that when you get stuck, when you start flowing, when it starts feeling forced and hard, you’ve disconnected from it. You’ve started getting like really 3D, really tangible. You’ve started getting in the thick of things and you stopped connecting with this deep desire that you have and why you want what you want and why you’re doing what you’re doing. And now it’s time to come back to that vision, come back to that journal entry or come back to that canva thing that you created with your visual representation and reconnect with it. That is what will move you forward. I have an example. Actually, I just got off a call with someone who was feeling a little stuck in their business and we talked about what the goal is, who they’re helping, how they’re helping them, that kind of thing, and just in us talking about their dream client, who is someone that needs help and support and community in a real way, like it’s a big problem and would really benefit from having this safe space to build a community of like minded people and to get support from someone who’s been there and as soon as she started you know my this person talking to started talking about their dream client and how much they need that support and how they were there 10 years ago and that didn’t exist for them and now it’s so important that they create the space for these people. It was like magically this connection was made and she got so much clarity and got so motivated and taking the next step was like immediately unstuck, just without me even really saying anything except for asking these questions about essentially her bigger why and that is to be able to help these people in a way that she didn’t have but wished she did when she was going through it. That was this immediate trigger for her to really make this happen, to get unstuck, to start moving forward. It was like a light went off inside of her and she was excited to go, start working on it and get going. Just from that conversation, that is how easy it can be. But we get kind of a mocked up in all of the to do is and all the things that feel overwhelming and there’s a lot of moving parts and I have all this. But then I also have my life and I have my family and I am so busy that we lose track of that bigger why. If you didn’t have a bigger why For wanting a business or having a business or starting a business or taking your business to the next level, you wouldn’t be here, you would be listening to this podcast, you wouldn’t be a client of mine, it would not even have crossed your existence. So you have a reason for wanting what you want, for wanting this business, for doing this business, for putting yourself out there, putting your workout into the world, or else you would be like the other bazillions of people in this world who have no desire, they don’t even ever remotely consider having their own business, which is the obviously the vast majority of people. So there’s a reason you’re here, there’s a reason you’re listening to this, there’s a reason you’re feeling stuck in this process and we can always come back to that bigger why. I just want you to really get clear on what that is and, hey, it may change and that’s cool too, but just get clear and come back to this process and really keep, keep that at the forefront. This is a really big, profound exercise for you to do and continue to do as a business owner. For me, my bigger why has pretty much always been the same and that is just this like deep, almost like need, I guess you could say, to maximize my time in this life. I understand and recognize that life is short, even though on a day to day it can feel like we have forever, but I just want to make the absolute most of my time on this planet, and for me that means not spending any time doing something I don’t love or I’m not passionate about. I do not ever want to be in a job that I’m not excited to go to, that I get the Sunday scaries about on Sundays, or that I dread waking up on Monday morning. I have been there. I will never, ever do that again. I want to have the what’s the right word I don’t want to say control, but I guess I will, because I’m out of another word at the moment but I want to have, I guess, the power to choose how I spend all of my time, and for me that’s having a business doing what I love, even if that means that sometimes I pivot which I’ve pivoted several times in my business to continue doing what I love, and that is the most important thing. I just really want to maximize my time and enjoy my time, both doing what I love but then also having the time to do other things that I love, to spend more time with my loved ones and to spend time on my hobbies, to travel, to just kind of do what feels good in the moment and I think that for me, that feels like a life well lived and that is very important to me, which I know sounds kind of like a little cheesy, but it’s the truth. So, yeah, that’s my bigger why. But then, of course, yeah, making enough money to be able to travel when I want and to feel comfortable in my lifestyle and to be able to support causes that are close to me and important to me all of those things, yes, and that is part of my vision as well. That’s part of what keeps me coming back to my business, of course. Also, to not work for anyone else or for anyone else’s bottom line, that feels like a waste of valuable time and energy on my part. I’d rather spend my time and energy creating and working for my own life, for my own business, for my own income and that kind of thing. So that is my bigger why, just in case you’re feeling stuck might give you something to think about. But also, hey, yours is probably totally different and that is encouraged. You should not have the same bigger why as me or anyone else listening to this. Your bigger why is all you all day and, like I said, it may change as you go and that works too. All right, friends, I hope I’ve given you something to consider, maybe a little bit of an exercise for you to do this week, especially if you’re feeling a little stuck or a little unmotivated in your business lately or whenever you do. It probably just means you’ve lost some connection points to that bigger why and it’s time to go back to this. And it doesn’t have to take like hours, it should be like 15, 20 minute thing where you get your vision, you’re solidified in that and then you kind of free up some space to start moving forward. All right, my friends, with that, until next time, take care. Hey, wait up before you go. Do you wanna know the biggest reason why your business may not flow? Because it’s not in alignment with your personality type. Building the right business for you means knowing your strengths, weaknesses, energetic expression and what’s most important to you, so you can build your business accordingly. Before you spend one more minute working on your business, let’s make sure it’s the right business for you. I’ve created a fun two minute quiz to discover your flow business personality type. With the results of this quiz, you’ll know exactly what to prioritize in your business so you can feel confident, knowing you’re building a business you love. Head over to right now to find out your flow, business personality, type and once you find that out, hop over to Instagram and let me know what you discover. Again, that’s As always, the link is in the show notes, and I’ll see you next time.

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