A Week In The Life Of An Introverted Online Business Owner

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Podcast

Take a peek into my world and what it’s like running an online business while protecting my time, space, and energy as an introvert. I’ll take you through a typical week in my life and business—what I spend my time on, how much I work, when and how I work, how I make money, when I make money, etc…

This is to show you what’s possible but also to show you HOW possible it is for you. You can have a simple, low-key, thriving business.


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Hey, hey there, friends, Welcome back to the Flow Business Podcast. I’m Shawn, your host, and this is your place to build a business that feels good, is fun and flows. I am back and finally back with a new episode, after taking an even longer break than I originally expected and just to kind of let you know what’s been going on. From the start, I came down with a really bad upper respiratory infection slash, possibly bronchitis, and I’m still kind of recovering from that. So if you hear a kind of change in my voice or anything like that, it’s because I’m still. My lungs are still a little sensitive, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to get this episode out, because it’s just been a long time Since I’ve chatted with you all. I’ve missed being on the podcast, I’ve missed being on the mic, I’ve missed you all and our conversations, and I’m super excited to be back in the new year, back with new episodes and ideas and a whole nother year of finding out how to build a business that works for you. So let me recap a little bit about what’s happened over the past six, seven weeks, I think, since the last new episode aired of the Flow Business. As you may have noticed, I was playing back some best of episodes of the show for the entire month of December 2023. And I did that first of all just because I needed a content creation break. I think we all kind of do. It happens to me once or twice a year where I just need a break from my routine, from what I’m used to creating, to get some fresh ideas and kind of let my creativity come back to life and get away from the usual scene. So that’s what I did for the month of December, basically between Thanksgiving and what ended up being now, which is two weeks into January, because I was so sick. I got sick basically the day after Christmas and it kind of has been lingering on and on and on. But in that time of my little podcast break I got deep into creating a different kind of creating and was able to put all of my energy and effort into creating a new program for all of you. And it worked out so perfectly that I was able to get it entirely done literally at 3.30, I think it was PM on December 21st, which was the day before we were setting off for our Christmas break. December 22nd was the start of our Christmas break and I was able to get the last piece of the puzzle into this new program on December 21st at the final hour, right before we went off on like 12 days of Christmas and vacation and all that good stuff, so it worked out really well. I’m really glad that I took the break from the podcast so that I could kind of hit that deadline and now I have this amazing new program to share with you all. We’re going to talk more about that at the end of the show, so if you’re interested, stay tuned and I’ll tell you how you can get on the waitlist to be a beta tester for this new program. But let’s dive into what I want to talk about today, which is kind of just breaking down a typical week in my life and business what I spend my time on, how much I work, when and how I work, how I make money when I make money all those questions that we have about the behind the scenes of people’s businesses. I just thought it would be fun to take you behind the scenes with me. And this is all coming at it from the knowing and remembering that I am a fully online business owner. My business is 100% online, digital, worldwide. Also with the knowing that I am an introvert, and not just like a tiny little bit of an introvert, a massive introvert. I love being by myself, I love chill vibes, I love low key. I don’t like stress. I really truly feel like my body just revolts against stress and I get a ton of health issues If I do get to that point, if I do get to that level, which I haven’t in so long, because I want to feel good. So, keeping that in mind and then, lastly, as a solopreneur so me being the person in my business, the only person really in my business, and we’re going to talk about that in a little bit so I wanted to do this to not only show you what’s possible, but also to show you how possible it is for you. I think there is a lot of showing you what’s possible, but not enough people showing you that it is really truly just at your fingertips. It’s not. It doesn’t have to be. I guess it could be very challenging and take a lot of work and energy and effort and hustle and grind and all that stuff, but it also doesn’t have to and it still is entirely possible for you, very, very possible for you. And I guess I should say, make sure to make it very clear that it does take work, it does take time, it does take commitment, patience, consistency, all those things we talk a lot about here on the show. But it is very, very possible to have a simple, low key, yet thriving and very successful business. And that’s what I’m going to break down for you today. And honestly it might be kind of a boring episode. My business is so low key that my days may seem kind of boring to you, but for me that’s exactly what I want, that’s what I need, that’s what I’m doing, that’s what feels good for me is to kind of have a more boring approach to business, because then that gives me the time and energy and space to have a life that maybe isn’t so boring. Now, your business won’t necessarily look like this. It won’t look like mine, your days won’t be like this. You won’t necessarily have this setup, you won’t necessarily want this setup, but take this as proof that your business, your days, can be whatever you want them to be. Just in the same way that I’ve created my business and my days to be what I want them to be, you can do the same for you. You can create whatever it is that you want out of this business you really truly can. So let’s talk about what mine looks like, just as a little bit of encouragement and inspiration for you. Some caveats first this is my 11th year in business. I’ve been doing this for a long time. 10 of those years I’ve had a blog, which was a big kind of marketing tool for me from the start. I’ve had a podcast for eight years, so I’ve been doing this podcast thing again as a marketing and content creation tool for eight years. I’ve pivoted four times. I’ve had four different concentrations in my business, so kind of starting from scratch each and every time. I’ve built two social media accounts from zero and I’ve built two email lists from zero that I all just wanted to show you and remind you that I’ve been doing this for a long time. A lot of those times weren’t successful. It’s just like a roller coaster. It’s just always been this roller coaster for me and what I kind of think of as a game. It’s been a long game. It’s been a really great game. There has been much more success than there has been failure or those low times in the roller coaster, but they were all needed, they were all necessary, they were all part of the process, which I now fully understand and realize and accept that when I am in that downward place, there is a reason for that. That is supposed to be how it goes. There is something coming out of that moment that I can then use in my business down the road. So, just keeping all of that in mind In those 11 years as another caveat this has been my only thing. I have never had another job. I have never had another income coming in from something else other than my business. For the past 11 years, even when things were bad, even when it was super challenging and every penny mattered, this has always been my only thing. Again, to kind of remind you that I’ve never had to separate my attention. I’ve never had to figure out how am I going to build this business when I work 40 hours somewhere else or even 20 hours somewhere else. I just want to say that as a caveat, that I don’t know what that’s like and I know there’s a lot of you out there who are doing that. So keep that in mind, as I’m talking about my business, that it’s not going to be exactly the same for you, because you do have to separate your time and separate your attention. On that same note, I don’t have kids. That’s another kind of attention seeker in a lot of people’s lives that I don’t have. I have never had to take care of a baby, raise a child, get up in the middle of the night, do all of this on lack of sleep. I have never had to do that. So keep that in mind again when I’m talking about my business. It is going to look a lot different for you if you are someone who does have kids. Another caveat I am a one woman show. As I said at the beginning, I am a solopreneur. I am doing everything myself besides editing and posting my podcast, which I do have Chris who is my podcast producer, but other than that, it is all me. I am doing all of it Right now. That is on purpose. I obviously could hire help and have a VA, have an executive assistant, have people helping me with a lot of the things in my business. I have done that in the past and it is great. I love having help. I never, ever want a big team that is not something that is part of my flow business to be managing a giant team. Don’t want to do that, but yes, down the road I will have help. I would love to have that. It’s just right now. There is a very specific purpose, a very specific reason. I will potentially talk about that in the future. It’s a whole separate podcast episode to that. Right now I’ll continue to keep it under wraps. But just again, as looking at my business and seeing what’s possible for you, if you’re not interested or not in a place to financially be able to support another team member, then keep in mind everything I’ve done in the past few years. Everything we’re going to talk about in my week in the life is just me as a one woman show. So if that’s something that you need to do too, it’s entirely possible. Is it recommended? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it’s not the best way to go about things. It’s always nice to have help, but, as I said, for me it’s a very specific purpose right now for you. It might be what you need right now and it is possible. Last caveat there have been times in the past 11 years in business when I have hustled and I’ve talked about this on another episode of the show. There have been times where I worked in the evenings, where I worked in the early mornings. I worked on weekends. Those were like sprints. I kind of want to think of them. They weren’t long sprints, but they were periods in my business where I needed to do that, knowing that it would be intermittent and it would be this period of time that got me to a place where that wasn’t going to be the case. You know, for example, creating a program and the time and work and effort involved in getting that program ready and getting it out into the world. That was a time apostle for sure. And in doing so, knowing that once that program is created, once the whole launch strategy is created and everything too, things are smooth sailing. It gets a lot easier after that. It gets a lot more free, more flexible after that period of time is done. So that’s just one example of a time when I have considered myself hustling in an attempt or knowing that the purpose of that period of time was for a lot more ease in the future. Okay, so let’s talk about a week in my life as an introverted online business owner, I have a few tasks that I do every single week. They are all marketing slash content related and they are non-negotiables for me and my business. They really are like the most important thing for me to get done that whole week. So I get them done first thing right away. Those three things for me are social media posts, my weekly email to my list and podcasts. So podcast notes and then podcast recording. Those are the three things that I must do every single week. And the great thing about having those must do is having these non-negotiables is that if I get all of those done for that week, I’d still call it a successful week if that’s all I did. As long as I get those three things done, I am good, I am on the up and up. Social media posts, weekly email to my list, podcast notes and recording. You can see those are all marketing related. They are all part of building my audience, building connection with my audience, growing my audience and getting my work in front of more people. That is the most important thing that I do in my business, week after week after week, because if I don’t, I don’t really have a business so kind of important to do that. So those are the non-negotiables and then, once those are done, I have the rest of the week to focus on. Whatever projects I’m working on at the time. There’s always kind of something there’s like this focus I have going on in the background Once those non-negotiables are done, so that could be working on a new project, a new program, a new course, like I just was for the months of November and December. It was like get those three things done and I actually took podcasts off that list for the month. So I only had those two things I needed to do the social media posts and the weekly email and then after those were done I could spend the rest of my week working on my new program. So that’s how I kind of break up the week. If I don’t have a new course I’m working on, then it is refreshing my Facebook ads. That can take some time. When it’s necessary to refresh, it can take some time to get the visuals and the copy all sorted out and to create a new campaign and all that stuff within Facebook ads. So that’s something I would spend my time on or getting ready for a launch. That’s also a big time commitment and something that takes a lot of planning and pre-work well ahead of a launch. So it would often be that I’m spending the rest of the week getting ready for a launch the following month and working on the launch emails, the enrollment emails, sales pages, instagram posts, that kind of thing well ahead of when I need them. So that’s how I spend the rest of my week. So let’s go day by day. You’re going to find, as I said, that this is pretty boring and this is also just like a typical week. This is obviously not accounting for random social events or random things happening in my life and appointments and all that stuff. But in a typical week on Monday I wake up, have a cup of coffee, then I take my dogs for a hike and I come back and shower. So Mondays are my hiking days with my pups. I typically try to do that in the morning first thing, after a cup of coffee, for a few reasons. First of all, I don’t once I kind of get started on work. I like to just keep working and I don’t like to have a random break in the middle of the day. So to get it done first thing, before I’ve even gotten to my desk or checked my emails or anything, works really well for me. And it’s also at least in the summer. It’s when there is the most ability to get a parking spot at the trailhead, so that factors in too. And of course before the heat in the summer. Now in the winter the weather changes that a little bit. If it’s too cold first thing in the morning, then we’ll wait and go in the afternoon and I’ll just kind of break up my day. But anyway, let’s just say I hike in the morning as is typical, then I come home and shower and have breakfast. That means I get to my desk to start my work day at 11am, around 11 o’clock in the morning. From there I take probably about anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes doing admin stuff, so replying to emails that I’ve gotten overnight and that morning, and also checking in on Slack and seeing what’s new in the private community for the signature program lab, what questions I’ve gotten, what conversations are going on over there that I can chime in on, and just getting caught up with the members. So that’s what I do as soon as I get to my desk for, like I said, no more than 30 minutes, I would say. From there on Mondays the focus is social media posts for the week. I personally kind of semi-batch my social media posts. I do them per week. Going for an entire month and doing like 20 social media posts for the month just does not work for me or my brain. There’s no way I could come up with 20 posts in one sitting or in one day, so I don’t do that. But I do do three to four social media posts for the week and that just kind of comes based on what’s going on for that week, what’s kind of been on my mind, what questions I’ve gotten, you know, over the past week that I could turn into a post, ideas I’ve had what I’m talking about on the podcast and how I could put that into a social media post, those kinds of things. Uh, so my main thing is to get my social media posts done for the entire week on Monday, and when I do that I feel complete. Now, typically that actually all happens before I’m even ready for lunch. So once I have my social media posts done for the week and that includes like the visual and also the caption, and I put them all in for me it’s Instagram, that’s my social media platform of choice. I have them all ready to go as drafts in Instagram and then I consider it done. Then I will post one of them, I will post to social media for the day Monday, and then it’s typically time for lunch, which could be anywhere between one and two 30 just kind of depends on how long that takes, how hungry I am when I had breakfast, all that stuff. So then I have lunch, come back to my desk and now I have the rest of the afternoon to kind of fiddle around a little bit and get ready for the next day. So I typically take that time to outline my weekly email to my email list. So I will kind of just get started on the ideas or a general outline for what I want to say in that email. I will get it all written down in my email platform and just get that started. Then around four 30, I typically take the dogs for a walk. Then I come home from that and it’s time to feed them, and feed the cat and get all of the animals situated for the evening. So I do that and then there’s kind of this interim time before it’s time for me to make dinner where I do more admin. So any emails or any Slack messages that have come in throughout the day that I haven’t gotten to. There are times that there are days that I don’t have to do that and then there are days when I will kind of just have my email open and I’m available to kind of respond to quick messages and Slack and that kind of stuff. But there are also a lot of days where I shut that down midday and come back to it later in the evening. So I do that kind of late morning check in and then I do that early evening check in and that’s kind of my admin for the day, so I don’t have to worry about doing it throughout the day. It can kind of have its own place in my day. So I do those loose ends with admin. I’m pretty much done working for the day. This is about 5.30, let’s say, and then I go and do some stretching, I do some physical therapy work, I do some yoga. Just kind of like have this separation between my work day and my home life. I’m typically waiting for my wife to finish up her stuff and be ready for the evening as well. I’m just kind of in this interim stage where it’s kind of some me time. Then I make dinner I am the cook of the house, which I enjoy fully. So that is also a really good for me at least a bridge between work life and home life and having that kind of space in the kitchen to make dinner and sometimes I’m just kind of in my own thoughts. A lot of times I’m listening to a podcast or something. It’s just really great Again, me time, kind of family time, that I turn into me time, and then from there is family time and we spend the rest of the evening together, eating dinner, doing dishes. We’ll watch a show sometimes, or we’ll read meditate journal, we’ll do a puzzle I like to color sometimes. You know just these. Again very like nurturing things, whatever. I need that evening to just feel good and get my mind in a good space and if there’s any stress from the day, kind of get that to calm down a little bit before bed and then it’s bedtime. So I always, always, always read for at least 30 minutes before bed. It’s like I’ve done that since I could read my first word. I’ve always been a reader. It’s always just been this very routine thing. Every single night I read at least 30 minutes before bed. Sometimes it’s an hour, sometimes it’s an hour and a half, and I just absolutely love reading. So that’s always a part of my day to wind down. So that whole evening routine is the routine and it happens most nights to some degree again, unless there is a social event or a family event, there’s something planned, there’s something on the calendar. Sometimes I do go to the gym in the evening, but that’s become rarer and rarer, especially in the in the winter when it’s cold and dark. That’s the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. But for the most part, that evening routine is what we do. The daytime changes a little bit. So Tuesdays are my days to go to the gym. So I wake up, I have a cup of coffee and some breakfast and I head to my desk and I do the admin work then. So a little earlier than I do on some of the other days, I check my email, I check Slack, get all of that squared away. Then I head to the gym around nine o’clock. From there I shower Once again, I’m at my desk around 11. So, as you can see, I really my core working hours are like 11 am to 430 and then a little dabbling after that kind of between five and 530. But my core hours are 11 to 430. When I get to my desk that day, I now already have my social media posts created. So all I have to do is go into the app and hit post and then if that’s all I want to do for the day on social media, that is fine. And there are days that are like that. You may have noticed if you follow me on social. There are days where I post to the feed and then that’s it. I don’t really show up on stories anymore that day. I’m not really on the app at all. It just totally depends on my mood and my vibe and what I need that day. Some days are very introverted and the last thing I want to do is be on social media. Some days are extroverted or just I have more energy, I’m just in a good headspace, or I’m just enjoying what I’m working on and I’m enjoying connecting with people and I stick around on social. So totally depends on how I’m feeling that day. Never do I feel like it’s an obligation. I have set my quote unquote rule, my social media rule, to three or four times Posts per week. That is something I feel is doable. I feel comfortable with that. I feel good with it. It seems to work for me and my account to keep up with the algorithm or whatever I need to do to keep it happy. So that works for me and so anything else I do beyond that is just extra and it feels good and it’s because I want to be there, I want to be showing up, I want to be creating a story. It’s not because I feel I have to. I think that really helps with how I show up on social. After that I will finish that weekly email that I started and kind of outlined the day before, got my ideas on paper. Usually what happens is if I start with the kind of outline or a draft on Monday, then at some point when I’m not even really thinking about it, like Monday evening, monday night I have an idea for what I want to say or how I want to say it. In that email Like some clarity, comes up overnight, and so when it comes time on Tuesday afternoon to finish it, I have a good idea. I have completed the email in my mind and so it makes it a lot easier to then actually write it the next day. So I will get that finish ready to get sent out on Wednesdays, which is when I send my weekly email, and then it’s time for lunch, hopefully again anywhere between one and two thirty, depending on how long that takes when I’m hungry, that kind of thing. Then I will come back and spend the rest of the afternoon prepping for my podcast for that week. I record podcast episodes the week before they air. So I’m kind of thinking about what I want to have in that next week’s episode, writing out notes I think I’ve said this before on the show but for podcast episodes I typically have a kind of like bullet pointed kind of list and of what I want to say and how I want to say it, kind of a detailed outline I guess I would call it, and those are my notes for the podcast. I don’t like to write every single word because I never say what I actually think I want to say. I much prefer to kind of ad lib as I go kind of in between the lines of the outline. So I will write my outline and then, once again, dogs go for a walk at four thirty, then it’s time for them to eat, then I’m doing some admin and then the rest of the evening is just kind of like time to relax, time for family, self-care time, that kind of stuff. Wednesday is my typically my coffee shop day, so I save my most creative work of the entire week for my coffee shop date with myself. So that could typically be something like launch emails, sales pages, landing pages, course content if I’m kind of in the stage of writing the lessons, for example, for a new program or course, maybe working on some launch social media posts, something like that. So I, whatever I need to work on that is super creative for that week. I save for Wednesdays typically, and around 9am I’ll head to a coffee shop by myself with my laptop and I will work. I’ll just get a latte and bring a snack or get a snack or whatever and sit down and do that creative work. I get so much done in coffee shops way more done than I do at home. I also am feeling I always kind of I don’t know if it’s the energy or just the chatter around me or whatever but I feel very creative when I’m away from home and in that kind of environment. So I get a lot done on Wednesdays. I usually take the day off of social media on Wednesdays because I’m kind of in that kind of creative cave and feeling maybe a little introverted. When I am in that creative cave, I typically just kind of stay there instead of breaking my focus with social media or anything like that. So typically taking that day off of social. And then this is kind of where I switch things around and as long as it’s good weather I will come home from the coffee shop and that’s my time to take the dogs for a hike and shower and that kind of stuff. So let’s say around 1pm I’m coming back home, getting the dogs, going out for our movement and fresh air time, then showering up and then from let’s say like 3.34, on it’s admin tying up loose ends. I’ve had this really creative day so I’m kind of spent in that way. So just kind of emails, checking, slack, that kind of thing. Feed the dogs, do my evening routine. Thursday is another gym day. So waking up, having coffee, getting in my admin, checking emails, doing slack, then heading to the gym around 9, coming home, showering and getting to my desk at 11. Now the main goal for Thursday is typically more creative work. So I will post to social that pre-scheduled, pre-done posts I already have ready to go. I will hit that out of draft and into reality on Instagram and call it good there. If I feel like I need to be more creative that day, then I will get into the creative work for the day which, like I said, launch content, turn up coming, launch Facebook ads and that kind of work. If there was any like strategic work or analytical work, I would potentially do it this day at this time, like if I need to look at my numbers, I kind of see how things are going. If I need to plan out my month or my quarter, if I just need to do anything like that, I would do it typically on Thursday. It’s when I’m kind of at home. I have this free time. It could be creative work, but it could also be kind of a different style of work, more like CEO time, like what does the business need? What are the numbers saying? How can I analyze this? That would be saved for Thursdays. Now let’s say that this is the third week of the month. That would mean Thursday afternoon is office hours with signature program lab members. This is, as you have noticed Now, the only forward facing thing I’ve done all week. This is really the only time I’ve besides talking with people in email and through my masterclass and in Slack. That’s where I have lots of connections over on Instagram DMs, talking with people in that way. But this is the only forward facing, face to face thing that I’ve done all week and that’s how I want it to be. That’s how I like it as an introvert and as someone who really enjoys their own kind of flow, like letting time flow and whatever it is honestly, primarily because I don’t love having set appointments on my calendar, but it is totally worth it. For office hours for signature program lab, those are literally the best hours of my entire month. I love them. I love connecting with the members. I love the Q&A, I love just seeing what comes up and letting our conversation flow as a group, hearing what other people have to say. It’s just such an amazing conversation and, because I’m not doing it all the time, I really look forward to it. As an introvert, it’s like that really awesome connection time that I do want and need, but in a very kind of safe space and in something that feels really good, is a topic I want to talk about and isn’t all the time. It’s not happening all the time constantly. The office hours for signature program lab are twice a month. I’m only doing that twice a month, every other week basically, and having that forward facing time, that thing on my calendar, it’s a really good balance, I feel like, for me and it works really well, really good schedule for me to have. If it happens to be that day, then that’s what I’m doing that afternoon, then taking the dogs for a walk. And, by the way, if not, then it’s more just like whatever I feel like to be totally honest, whatever I’m working on, whatever is happening in the coming weeks and months, kind of prepping for that or what needs to needs my attention. So, yeah, then dogs for a walk, typical evening routine after that. And then Friday is another hiking day. So wake up, coffee, hike shower, get to my desk around 11am, do my admin time for about 30 minutes. Then I am typically recording my podcast episode. So this is when the house is quiet and it’s a good time for me to record. So that’s typically what happens Friday mornings. Then there’s lunch and then I’m just kind of tying up any loose ends on the week that I need to, if there is anything. If not, I’m probably not working. I’m just kind of getting a head start on the weekend and hanging out with family or doing my own self-care stuff, walking the dogs, doing that stuff and then Friday evening could either be like watching a show or going out with friends, going to dinner, picking up takeout Friday activities. So that’s my week, that’s how it looks Now. You are probably thinking right now cool, Shawn, that sounds awesome. Except, how are you making money during all of this? You have not said anything about any sales calls, any free consultations, any like sales webinars you’re doing or anything like that. So how are you making money? First things first, I have a signature program with rolling enrollment, meaning it’s always open. I also have other programs and courses workshops, master classes available for sale as well, and they’re always available. So that’s the first thing Signature program with rolling enrollment. And this entire time, every day of the week, I am technically running a quote unquote launch. So I actually make sales almost every single day. So every day that I just went through at some point in that day at least once, sometimes two, three, four, five times a day, I am making a sale. So it’s all going on behind the scenes, while I’m hiking, while I’m at the coffee shop, at the gym, while I’m making dinner, while I’m sleeping, while I’m watching Netflix, all those things that everyone says oh, hey, you can make sales while you’re XYZ. Yeah, it is true, you really truly can and will, if this is something that you want to do and that’s also, I would say, why I have maybe more time spent on admin in the way of messages and emails, which might be more than usual or more than some people do in their business, which is totally okay with me because that’s how I’m making sales. So I have a little bit more time potentially spent on messages and connecting, having these conversations with potential clients via email or via chat, not face to face, but I do have a little bit more of that admin stuff because that is a piece of how I make sales and I am totally okay with that. It feels very doable and good and low key for me and is also very helpful for the people who are making the decision on whether to join or not. So here’s what’s happening. Getting it all down, I have a free masterclass that’s available for people to watch when they want. Basically, it’s available multiple times a day so they can schedule their session and that can be anywhere from 15 minutes after they start and see themselves on the page up to a couple of days after they are on that landing page and deciding they want to check out the master class. So they get to schedule it when it works best for them. That master class provides a ton of free value and also makes a really great offer for people who would like to continue working together. It is not salesy, it is not almost providing information but then finding out that you have to buy in order to get the rest of it. It’s not anything like that. It’s just providing free info and then offering them an option to continue working together. That’s it. And there is also a warm, inviting space within this master class for people to communicate and connect with me so they feel comfortable taking that next step and becoming a paying client, because they’ve had this space to get their questions answered pretty much immediately, to kind of have those objections come out and be basically negated by me. If that’s what’s needed, whatever they need, whatever conversation they need to have to take the next step. That is available inside this master class which, like I said, means a little more communication from me, more emails, more chats, but totally worth it and something that feels really doable and really easy on my end. So one of my biggest goals every single week is to invite people to that master class. That’s my main thing pretty much every week. So, through those social media posts, which not all of them are directing people to that master class, but at least once a week I have a social media post with the encouragement to attend the master class to learn what they’re going to learn there. Through my weekly email, in these podcast episodes when it’s appropriate, I will encourage people to check out the master class, and then in that email too. So those non-negotiables that are my three things I have to get done every single week. That’s why. That’s why they’re non-negotiables, because when I do that with consistency, when that is, you know where my main focus and energy and attention goes for the week, that means more people enroll in that free master class, which means more people enroll in my paid offer as well. So that’s one piece of it. The other piece is that I always, 24-7, have paid ads running to that master class. So even if my social media posts don’t do well that week, or I take a week off or longer, like I just did between Christmas and New Year’s, I still always have new people coming into my world, getting on my email list and attending the master class and then signing up to continue working together. So, to be totally honest, that’s what truly allows me to have this very low-key, calm, peaceful business, with these shorter work days and the freedom to work on what I want when I want. It’s because of this entire system Every piece of that system is working and has its purpose and, quite frankly, has the goal and purpose of helping me work less and keeping me peaceful and in this very calm lifestyle that it works for me and that is important for me. It’s all because of this entire system that I have set up that has been working for me now for, I want to say, like almost three years, something I created about three years ago when I kind of really was ready to lean into this easier way of doing business and really put the time and energy and research into creating that for myself. And it works. It really works. And this now brings me to you. It is possible for you too, and I hope you know that. I hope you can see that it is so, so doable. I am not doing anything crazy or anything like super special. I’m really not. I just created a system and I feed that system. It’s like a machine that you just continuously feed and I have made my purpose feeding the machine because the machine works and this kind of leads me to this new program I created. It is that system. It’s the entire system I just laid out for you that has been working for me behind the scenes. That gives me this kind of week. It’s me breaking down that system step by step so that you can implement it in your business too All the marketing, all the tech set up, everything you need to implement this into your business. And so if you want to have this kind of system in place that is doing a lot of this marketing work for you behind the scenes so you can have these more simple days, you can be able to live in your introverted energy, then this new program, which is called Aligned Launch Lab, is for you. I created this for you. You will get access to my entire low key launch strategy that will always work behind the scenes for you so you can stay in alignment and still make lots of sales. It’s called Aligned Launch Lab. Like I said, I am putting it out into the world very soon. I will be looking for beta testers, like in the next week or two. So if you’re listening to this when it airs and you want to test out the program before it launches out into the world for everyone, head to www.shawnmynar.com/ALL. That stands for Aligned Launch Lab waitlist. So www.shawnmynar.com/ALL waitlist, that will get you on the waitlist to be a beta tester. If it is later, then it will get you on the waitlist for when it launches out into the world. So, either way, if you want this launch strategy, if you want to put this in place in your business, you can have this free, flexible schedule, something like I said. It’s not going to be like mine, but whatever that means for you, then be sure to get on the waitlist for that and get into Aligned Launch Lab. I’m so excited for this. It is truly gosh, like just an absolute game changer. It is such a change for your life and for your business and not something that a lot of people are doing and I do not understand why. So it’s time to change that and I’m just super excited to get this going in your business for you, because it is entirely possible. This is not rocket science, it is entirely possible. It’s just a new way of looking at things, a new way of doing things and just getting it set up. Just getting it all set up, and that’s what we’re going to do together. All right, www.shawnmynar.com/ALL waitlist for that and I guess we’ll wrap up the show there. It’s been great to be back chatting with you. Please let me know what you think of the show. Please reach out on Instagram at Shawn Mynar and just let me know you’re out there. Let me know you’re listening. It is such a lonely world here in this podcast space sometimes I would love to know that you’re out there. So, at Shawn Mynar on Instagram, and until next time, take care, hey, wait up before you go. Do you want to know the biggest reason why your business may not flow? Because it’s not in alignment with your personality type. Building the right business for you means knowing your strengths, weaknesses, energetic expression and what’s most important to you, so you can build your business accordingly. Before you spend one more minute working on your business, let’s make sure it’s the right business for you. I’ve created a fun two minute quiz to discover your flow business personality type. With the results of this quiz, you’ll know exactly what to prioritize in your business so you can feel confident knowing your building a business you love. Head over to www.shawnmynar.com/quiz right now to find out your flow business personality type and once you find that out, hop over to Instagram and let me know what you discover Again. That’s www.shawnmynar.com/quiz. As always, the link is in the show notes.

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