Listener Q&A: “How do I feel the vibration of a different body size before I have it?” — Ep. 26

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Podcast

According to the law of attraction, we get what we focus on because vibrational energy attracts like frequencies. By moving ourselves into a similar vibration to that which we want, we can draw our deepest desires into our existence. So then, it would seem that if we want to change our bodies, all we have to do is act as if we already have that leaner body. 

But, this approach is flawed and will actually work against you, keeping you stuck! And yet, this is what most women do when they attempt to use the law of attraction to lose weight. 

In this episode, we’ll go over what should really be your point of attraction when communicating with the Universe. We’ll look at the one thing that will always keep you out of alignment, disconnected with your intuition, and unable to decipher signs from the Universe so you can get to a place of full intuition and attraction of your healthiest, happiest body.


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