Listener Q&A: “Can you use your mindset to alleviate illness?” — Ep. 30

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Unstuck Podcast

Do you feel like you’re doing everything you can think of to get well — perhaps even dabbling in some mindset work — and you’re still not feeling better? Well, I have a feeling you’re still NOT doing what you need to do to find true health. You aren’t using the full capacity of the mind to heal the body. 

I know, I’ve been there too, spending most of the day racking my brain to figure out what else to try to feel like myself again. My healing consumed me. Until I realized I was getting in my own way! My body knew how to heal; I just needed to get it into a place where it could use its innate wisdom to do so.

“Can you use your mindset to alleviate illness?” 

In today’s listener Q&A episode, I’m breaking down the seven key mindset strategies you need to pay attention to if healing your body, and keeping it healthy, is a goal. It’s time to get the power of your mind involved in your healing journey, and I promise you won’t regret it!


Episode 11 – Define your values

Let’s go to the show!



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