Why do you do what you do? — Ep. 5

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Podcast

Beliefs drive thoughts. Thoughts drive emotions. Emotions drive actions.

Have you ever given any real thought into why you think what you think, act the way you act, feel the way you feel? Even more, realizing and see how they’re ALL connected?!

Once you spend even a little bit of time digging deeper into why you do what you do, it will open up the door for you to learn so much more about yourself. And, when that happens, you will have move into a place of confidence to take back your power and determine how you want your life to play out from here on.

In this episode of Unstuck, we start by breaking down the mind and how it works. We’ll take a look at the difference between the conscious, or 10% of your mind, versus the subconscious, or the 90%. We’ll see how these two parts of your mind are formed and why they’re really what’s running the show.

From there, we move on to break down the mental flow that happens from beliefs to thoughts, thoughts to emotions, emotions to actions. I share my own example of how this flow has taken shape in my own life with stored money beliefs.

So, why do you do what you do??

Let’s go to the show and find out!



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