BEST OF: Are You Blocking Your Own Success? Here’s Why. — Ep. 99

by | Jun 3, 2021 | Podcast

Ever feel like there’s a brick wall between you and the level of success you desire? Like, there’s something standing in your way no matter what you do? If so, this Unstuck episode is for you.

But, this isn’t any old success talk. We’re taking a different approach to your success block and discussing something that isn’t often talked about—a subconscious fear of success.

Sure, fear of failure is common and real and often a massive success block, but what about the other side of the token…the fear that everything WILL work out and you WILL be massively successful? 

Let’s chat about it!

“Your next level self is currently outside of your comfort zone, you’ve never been that person and your mind, as it is today, doesn’t want to go there and you are in charge to doing that work to take you there.” – Shawn Mynar

“Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts can either hold you back or your thoughts can move you forward.” – Shawn Mynar

“You get to decide what success means to you.” – Shawn Mynar

“You are in charge of the identity that you create for yourself.” – Shawn Mynar


9:40 What is the fear of success

10:32 – Special announcements

12:46 – There are no limits to what you can accomplish

14:20 – You get to decide your definition of success

17:00 – Visualization exercise

19:45 – Your answers to the questions in the exercise

22:03 – Why visualization is important

22:45 – Reason why you might be pushing the thing you’re excited away

25:45 – Your identity when it comes to success

30:11 – Doing the inner work for yourself

33:36 – Some examples to help you get started
in working for yourself

40:36 – You may be afraid of how others may see your success

42:02 – Break from your identity

43:39 – You need to do some limiting belief work


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