Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking 1:1 clients?
I am not seeing clients on an individual basis at this time. I’ve opted to dedicate my time to producing free resources and content for my blog and podcast as well as building effective DIY courses like The Unstuck Project and The Fat Burning Female Project

I host monthly live group coaching calls for those interested in exploring how mindset influences various aspects of life. Curious? Read more about Empower Intensive.

I tried to download a free guide/e-book from your website and am not seeing it in my email. What do I do?
If you’ve entered your correct email address and still not gotten the download:

Step 1: Make sure to check your spam/trash/junk folders in your email.
Step 2: Try re-submitting your email and ensure that it is the correct email and spelling.
Head here for the Keto Treats E-Book
Head here for the Keto For Women Supplement Guide
Head here for the Keto For Women Liver Support Guide
Head here for the Healthy Fats Guide
Step 3: Still not seeing it? Contact us

I purchased a course. Where do I login to gain access to my course materials?
You can login here. You can either bookmark this page in your browser or just head to the footer of my website to make it easy to access.

I forgot my password to my course dashboard.
No worries! Head here and click “Forgot Password”.

I’m interested in becoming an NTP like you! Do you recommend it?
I do! It was a great class and experience. It will get you primed to help other people regain their health using a holistic and balanced approach. It is doable with a full-time job and they are very patient and understanding with time constraints. The community is awesome too! You will make lifelong friends! I wrote a blog post after finishing the course that you may find useful. If you choose to move forward with the course, let them know I sent you! And, I’ll see you at the yearly conference. 🙂

I’m heading to Boulder, CO and would love your recommendations!
You will love it here! For food, Fresh Thymes, Flower Child, Riff’s, and Shine are all great options. Exploring Chautauqua is a must, although you really can’t go wrong with whatever trails you come across here. Make sure to stroll Pearl Street for good shopping, entertainment, food/drinks, coffee, dessert, and people-watching.

Check out The Unstuck Project information page here.

The Unstuck Project is broken into four parts—known as “pillars”—with two weeks spent learning about each pillar. The Pillar modules are kicked off with a 30-minute video lesson (4 video lesson total). From there, the course is broken down week-by-week into different focuses to help implement the pillar into your real life.

Every week comes with two action steps: a Jumpstart to kick off the focus for the week, and a Tool that will help implement change in your real life. Each Jumpstart and Tool has a quick 5-minute audio lesson to make sure you fully understand the importance of each action step. Supplemental support tools like guided worksheets, journal prompts, and a task-tracking calendar are provided as well!

By the end, you will have learned 16 different action steps that get you Unstuck and will know exactly what to do to keep you in a place of high vibe living for the long haul!

The Unstuck Project was created and built for the ladies out there who feel stuck when it comes to their health, body, weight, diet, nagging physical symptoms, or anything else that is keeping them from feeling like themselves.

The Unstuck Project is an 8-week mindset course taught 100% online through an organized and easy-to-use learning platform. Shawn will be your coach via video, audio, written lessons, and emails.

Because this is a course that is intentionally designed to get you to do the work required to make a permanent mindset shift, you can expect to spend about 30-45 minutes per week reviewing the course content (video, audio, written) and at least 10 minutes per day focusing on the assignments (Jumpstarts, Tools, and journal prompts). Everyone’s journey is unique and you may find that you want (and need to) dedicate more time. Of course, the more you do, the better, so if you have the time, please take it!

Here’s a breakdown of estimated time required:

Pillar Video Lessons: 30 minutes every 2 weeks
Jumpstart Audio Lesson: 5 minutes once per week
Jumpstart Worksheet Completion: 30-45 minutes once per week
Tool Audio Lesson: 5 minutes once per week
Tool Integration: 5-30 minutes daily for 8 weeks
Total: 90 minutes – 3 hours per week

I encourage you to consider this investment as much needed self-care time. Your mental and emotional wellbeing requires consistent attention and housekeeping.

• The desire to cultivate a healthy mindset
• A commitment to bettering yourself
• An open mind and willingness to be completely honest with yourself
• A minimum of 10 minutes per day to integrate the course learnings into your real life
• A fresh journal and your favorite pen
• A computer, tablet or cell phone with a high speed internet connection
• Access to a printer (Yes, there is a paper component to this online course and you will need to print off supplementary worksheets each week.)

Only you can know that for sure, but what I can tell you is that if you don’t know for sure that you DON’T need it, than it means you probably do. If you have great emotional, mental, and spiritual health, you wouldn’t even be considering The Unstuck Project because you’re already out there living a fun, full, unstuck life!

If you keep coming back to this page, intrigued, as if it’s calling to you yet you always have an excuse not to pull the trigger (I’m too busy right now, I don’t have time, I don’t have the money, etc.), than you definitely need it. Your ego detests change and would rather suffer comfortably in what’s familiar even if that means staying stuck. Those excuses are coming from a fearful ego. Make sure that, no matter what your decision is, it comes from your intuition and not your ego talking you out of making positive changes.

Yes! You will have lifetime access to the course and its offerings to go back through as many times as you need for as long as it exists on the internet.

It’s not uncommon for ladies to review the course materials again and again as life continutes to unfold. Remember, mindset work is a life-long practice and you will likely find yourself in a season of life where you will need to review some or all of the Unstuck lessons.

Periodic mental housekeeping is highly encouraged—make reviewing The Unstuck Project a yearly ritual!

No, it is designed to be a solo course so you can completely focus on YOU. The type of work we do in The Unstuck Project is very unique to each participant and requires a lot of self-reflection and internal digging. Having a group conversation about the class would come with the potential of inhibiting or influencing the individual journey each person has, preventing the growth, change, and positive vibes needed for the teachings to be effective. This is your time to reconnect with YOUR intuition and internal compass without the influence of others.

What you get out of The Unstuck Project is 100% dependent on what you put in. If you watch the videos, listen to the audio, read the lessons, and do the assignments earnestly and don’t find the value, please submit a refund request within 14 days of purchasing the course. We will ask you to turn in your completed Module 1 Jumpstart and Tool assignments as well as verify completion of lessons 1-4 in return for a full refund*.

Due to the nature of the course material, no refunds will be given after 14 days of purchase or without the completion of the requirements within the course.

You can login here. You can either bookmark this page in your browser or just head to the footer of my website to make it easy to access.

No worries! Head here and click “Forgot Password”.

We’ve got you! Head on over to this form and shoot us your questions.


When is course enrollment?
The FBFP was updated in late 2019 to a DIY format that can be started at anytime! There are no enrollment periods—the course begins on the date of purchase so pick a start date that compliments into your life.

Is there a group or interactive component?
The FBFP is 100% self study. You can now start the course and work through the materials when it works best for you. In past years, the course included a group forum and Facebook page, but these features have since been retired. There are no live or group components included with the course.
Can I do the FBFP if I live outside of the U.S.?
The information you’ll learn in the course applies to all women world-wide! The only challenge to those located outside of the U.S. will be sourcing similar alternatives to the recommended supplements and products listed in the Grocery Guide. Some products and brands may not be available in your country and will require some sleuthing on your part to find compatible alternatives. The great news is that we’ve had ladies from all over the world complete the FBFP.

Can I do the FBFP if I am a vegetarian/vegan/picky eater?
Sure can! I don’t believe in meal plans, so the class does not have you eat exactly like any plan someone else provides. All you have to do is meet daily targets, but you can do that using whatever real foods you like.

Can I do the FBFP if I am pregnant/trying to conceive/breastfeeding?
Definitely! Many ladies have successfully gone through the class during this time of life and with great results. The whole class is centered around listening to your body and its needs, so you will be in good hands to learn about your body and how to nourish it appropriately during this important time.

Can I do the FBFP if I will be traveling during the 6 weeks of the course?
So many women have been able to keep up with the class during their travels, so it is definitely very possible! Since there is no set meal plan, it makes it really easy to follow along and not be in a kitchen all day. All you need is access to high speed internet so you can continue to watch or listen to the course materials.

Can I do the FBFP if I don’t have a gallbladder?
Of course! Keto is great for those without a gallbladder. You may just need to provide a little extra liver support to make sure you are fully digesting your fats. This is something you will be provided in class with extra support along the way.

What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature of the course material no refunds are provided.

I’ve fallen behind. How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to the course for as long as it exists on the internet so don’t stress! You can pick back up when you have time or redo the course as often as you’d like.

I purchased the course. Where do I login to gain access to my course materials?
You can login here. You can either bookmark this page in your browser or just head to the footer of my website to make it easy to access.

I forgot my password to my course dashboard.
No worries! Head here and click “Forgot Password”.

I have additional questions.
Shoot us a mesage via this form and we’d be happy to assist.

What is ketosis?
Ketosis is a state where your body produces ketones. Ketones are produced in the body in the absence of glucose (sugar/carbs) and are signalers in the body to begin use fat as fuel instead of glucose.

How do we get this to happen?
You do this by altering your diet to be high fat, moderate protein, and very low carb.

What does this diet look like?
Take what you would consider a high fat diet and double it. Add ample fat to everything. Have a small portion of protein at every meal. Get your carbs from non-starchy veggies, nuts, seeds, avocados, etc.

Why does it need to be such high fat?
We need those fatty acids for the ability to produce ketones. It is an enzymatic change in the body that only happens with these building blocks.

Why do we need to moderate protein?
Protein can have an effect on blood sugar as much as carbohydrates can. Keeping our blood sugar response stable will get us and keep us into ketosis.

Should I try to eat zero carbs?
No, that’s not necessary, and I don’t advise it because that means you are eliminating nutrient-dense and highly needed vegetables from your diet.

But, don’t we need carbs and glucose for certain processes in our bodies (thyroid, adrenal, muscular)?
We actually don’t. Carbohydrates are the one macronutrient that isn’t needed in our bodies. There are a small number of processes that require glucose in the body, but our body make that glucose on its own every single day regardless of what we eat.

Is ketosis right for me?
That’s for you to decide! Let’s put it this way—there’s no one that keto ISN’T good for, in my opinion. But, if it isn’t appealing to you, then don’t do it!

Why does it matter to be in ketosis or not?
Producing ketones is an extremely healing place to be. Ketones have more purpose than just signaling to produce fat. They are the preferred fuel source of your body, so energy and mental clarity greatly increase. They are anti-inflammatory and immune regulating. They fuel your brain on a whole new level. Not to mention, relying on glucose (sugar) for fuel, as most of us do, is hard on the body and the culprit to so many modern diseases.

Is ketosis dangerous?
Quite the opposite! Keto is a natural, normal, preferred response in our body. Our ancestors quite commonly were in a ketogenic state during times where plants and fruit was scarce and they were relying on the meat and fat of an animal.

Does this mean I can never have carbs again?
No way! Carbs are not the enemy and once you heal your blood sugar, you will most likely be able to tolerate some carbs and stay in a ketogenic state. That’s why this way of eating is the coolest thing ever and easy to make a lifestyle!

How do I know I’m in ketosis?
You need to test instead of just guessing! I highly recommend the Precision Xtra blood ketone meter and test strips. I have used them with great success and accuracy for a year now. While it seems a bit pricey, once you are in ketosis, you won’t really need to test that often at all.

When do I test?
It’s best to test later in the day and not right after eating or working out. I like to test right before dinner.

But, don’t you only eat meat, butter, eggs, and cheese?
NO way! This is the keto stigma out there but it’s so not true and something I am working HARD to change in the community. Keto needs to also be nutrient-dense to be healing, which means ALL the veggies, a wide variety of healthy fats, and properly-raised animal protein! Yes, this include can include eggs, cheese, and butter, but only if it’s grass-fed, raw, pasture-raised for me, please!

Why is keto different for women?
Because we have hormones that like to get all whacky with the slightest bit of stress! And teaching your body a new fuel source is stressful when it’s not approached the right way.

How do I get started?
Slow and steady! There’s no need to go keto as fast as you can. It will, in fact, only cause more damage to your body with the stress that will cause, especially for women, which is why I created a whole (really awesome, fun, and supportive) class just on this subject! Join the next round of the Fat Burning Female Project to make SURE you are doing it in a healthy, safe way.

Can I eat keto without a gallbladder?
You can! I’ve answered this question several times on the Keto For Women Show, specifically in this episode and this episode.

I’m not losing weight on keto. What am I doing wrong?
Absolutely nothing. I’d encourage you to listen to this episode of the podcast.

I’m not feeling the way everyone said I would when I started keto. What’s up?
There’s a lot of reasons you may not be feeling the benefits of ketosis. Check out my Keto Roadblocks Video Series to learn about some of them.

Is keto for EVERYONE?
I do think most people would do really well on a ketogenic diet to heal their bodies while preventing future issues. I think it is most important for that person to be mentally ready to adopt keto as a lifestyle for it to actual be truly beneficial. So, if there is someone I would say isn’t a good candidate, it would be the person who is looking for a quick-fix diet and not a healing lifestyle change.