Going Carnivore + Time-Restricted Eating with Vanessa Spina — #065

by | Sep 8, 2018 | ketoforwomen

Have you ever tried going carnivore, or wondered what it would be like? Satisfy your curiosity as my friend, biohacker Vanessa Spina, talks about her zero-carb carnivore diet experiment and what the experience has been like for her. She also talks about fasting and time-restricted eating and the benefits that we can get from doing them.


Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What inspires Vanessa to do experiments and challenge the rules
  • What Vanessa’s zero-carb carnivore experiment looked like
  • Getting into a place of intuitiveness and learning what it means to be satisfied
  • Getting your micronutrients from meat versus getting them from plant foods
  • Using the zero-carb carnivore diet as an elimination diet and getting rid of bloating
  • The benefits of time-restricted eating and fasting between meals


Key Takeaways:

  • Doing the carnivore diet is basically just eating anything from the animal kingdom including dairy and eggs.
  • When you eat just meat, you get full and satiated really quickly but without the stomach stretch.
  • There’s a theory by Dr. Ted Naiman that cravings in the evening time can come from inadequate protein during the day.
  • You can get most if not all of your micronutrients from meat, but there’s no real valid reason for anyone to exclude plant foods in their diet.
  • You don’t want to eat too much meat, but eating too little protein is not going to be helpful for your body either. Out of all the macronutrients that you need, protein is the most important in terms of essential amino acids.
  • The only food that no one seems to be allergic to or have an intolerance to is meat.
  • If you feel like having a snack at any point during the day, it means that you probably didn’t eat enough food at one of your meals.
  • Fasting shouldn’t be something that’s forced but something that naturally occurs. And it’s easy to do when you’re well-fed.


Action Steps:

  • Eat intuitively. This means eat when you’re hungry, eat until you’re full, and then stop.
  • Consider using the zero-carb carnivore diet as an elimination diet.
  • Practice time-restricted eating and fasting between meals. When you’re eating, make your meals count by making them full of nutrients so that you’re getting what your body needs and you can go for longer periods of time in-between meals without snacks.



Be on the lookout for next week’s episode where I share my own experience of going carnivore. I’m going to be talking about what I felt, what I ate, what I suggest doing, any tips and tricks that I have, who it would be good for, who it wouldn’t be good for, et cetera. So make sure you don’t miss that episode when it drops!


You can also check out my Instagram and Facebook stories for everything that I’m eating on my carnivore diet.


As always, if you have any questions, be on the lookout for the Keto Hot Seat call for questions on Facebook and Instagram. You can also email me with “Keto Hot Seat” as your headline and I will make sure to get the answers out to you.


Take care!


Vanessa said:

“The best thing that has come out of this zero-carb carnivore trend has been getting people to question more their protein levels and maybe eat more protein and play around with it. And I think that that’s the same thing for anything.”


“The grazing and what I call nursing, like drinking beverages, and snacking throughout the day, it really comes because there is a lack of those essential fatty acids and amino acids being met at meal times. And so the body is just constantly craving [food] all throughout the day.”


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