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by | Nov 16, 2018 | ketoforwomen

Should you be doing keto longer-term or shorter-term or in a cycle? How long should you be doing it? I actually won’t be able to answer this question for you, but I’m here to give you some tools that can help you figure out your own version of keto and for how long YOU should be doing it.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Our goals for being in ketosis
  • The benefits of being in ketosis
  • Things to think about in order to determine whether to continue being on keto for longer or not
  • What cycling in and out of ketosis could look like
  • The fear of coming out of the ketogenic diet


Key Takeaways:

  • There are so many reasons out there why we are in ketosis and doing a ketogenic diet, but for a lot of us, we have similar goals such as metabolic flexibility. We want to be flexible with our ability to use fat as fuel and sugar as fuel.
  • Another goal that we have in getting into ketosis is we want to reset our blood sugar response and reset our inflammation.
  • Being in ketosis will lower our current inflammatory markers and help us build a better inflammatory response.
  • Being in ketosis also helps us rebuild, renew and create new mitochondria so that we have that high energy that we’re looking as well have better bodily functions.
  • At least 6 months of being in ketosis will help us get to our goals and get us to a good state of health and healing.
  • When we talk


Action Steps:

  • When trying to figure out whether you should do keto longer-term or shorter-term or in a cycle, reflect on this: What is your intuition saying?
  • First, make sure that you are in a solid state of ketosis healthfully.
  • Continue being on keto:
  • If you have a health condition that responds well to ketosis.
  • If you have PCOS, epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, or anything where there have been really good scientific studies showing a massive improvement in these illnesses when a person is in a ketogenic state.
  • If you like it and you enjoy what you’re eating.
  • If you have health issues that are being resolved because you’re in ketosis.
  • If you come from a past of binging and emotional eating tendencies and being on keto has helped with it.
  • If you can’t see yourself getting out of ketosis and having a more balanced-type plate instead of this high fat, moderate protein, low carb plate.
  • Take a break from being on keto:
  • If that symptom relief that you experienced at the beginning of doing keto has now gone away and you don’t feel quite as good as you did when you started keto.
  • If new problems arise after having healed what you were trying to heal with keto.
  • If you are keto but all of a sudden you start having cravings for sugar or other poor food choices.
  • If you’re losing stamina, strength or power in your workouts.
  • If you’re losing muscle mass.
  • If you’re feeling over-restricted.
  • If you’re getting triggered into a diet mentality.



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Take care!


Shawn said:

“You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re not harming yourself if you intuitively feel like it’s the right time to come out of ketosis for a period of time. It’s okay. It’s totally cool.”

“Eating the foods that are available to you almost naturally puts you into a more cyclical ketogenic diet. And by cyclical, I don’t mean like week by week but more season by season, almost. And that’s something really powerful, too.”


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