Out of Alignment? 8 Steps To Get Back To Your Flow

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Mindset

Getting into alignment — we talk about it a lot on the Unstuck Podcast. We know it’s an important piece of any mindset practice and a necessary component to attracting what we want in our lives. If we’re going to manifest to get what we most deeply want, we must be in alignment! But perhaps, despite your best efforts, your desires are still not coming to fruition. Most of us are still spending the majority of our time out of alignment which, of course, interrupts our flow.

So… are you in alignment or out of alignment?

What Is Alignment, Anyway? 

Alignment is incredibly important. Regardless of your level of awareness, if you are not in alignment, your desires cannot be manifested. But staying in alignment is a practice. It involves building habits and working toward the goal. 

So what is alignment? Take a look at these definitions, and choose the one that resonates with you right now. Then take that definition and try to really absorb it.

My 5 Definitions Of Alignment:

Being an energetic match to whatever it is you want. This is what raising your vibration is all about! This is what we mean by “like attracts like.” We’re looking to attract the vibrational energy of what we want through our emotions. By raising our vibration, we create a connection from the energy we’re putting out to what we want to receive.

When your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are all aligned to one common goal. This definition begins with your beliefs and trickles down through every other part of your human expression. For example, if you have the goal of finding your perfect job, you can start by making sure you do not have any beliefs that contradict your goal. Then you can begin to work on believing that you are worthy, capable, and equipped for your dream job.

Getting out of your own way. Let go of the need to figure out the “how.” Stop trying to “effort things” into being. Work on the confidence or allowing what you want to come to you as you stay in alignment. Relax in the certainty of what is coming.

Entering a flow state where everything you want seems to happen naturally for you. This is what naturally happens when you are aligned! Things flow through you without effort or force because you have relaxed into the flow.

Your communication system with the universe. We connect with universal forces by way of emotion. By getting into alignment, we can let the universe know our desires.

How Do You Know If You’re Out Of Alignment?

Keep in mind that you can be in alignment in some areas of life, and out of alignment in other areas. This is normal! One way to know if you’re in alignment is to check for signs of being out of alignment.

Signs you’re out of alignment:

1. Your manifestations are not happening. You know what you want, but you aren’t seeing any signs of those desires coming to you. You aren’t seeing any signs from the universe that you are headed in the right direction.

2. You are being fueled by negative emotion. Sometimes we don’t even realize negativity is happening. Stress, auto-pilot mode, being disconnected instead of engaged… These are all low-vibe places, and they really deter alignment.

3. You let your situation dictate your mood. If frustrating events in your life impact your internal confidence and your emotions, you are not in alignment.

4. You are led by doing instead of feeling. If you are in auto-pilot mode and just going through the motions without feeling, you are disengaged.

5. You are not working toward a purpose, dream, or goal. We should constantly be in a state of expansion. If you are not constantly looking toward the horizon, then you are just ho-humming life, and you cannot be in alignment.

6. You are making decisions based on your ego chatter rather than your intuition. If you are not connected to your internal navigation system, then you will begin to look to outside sources to tell you what you should do. This will always lead you away from alignment.

7. You focus on what you do not want rather than focusing on what you expect to come to you. This negative headspace is not conducive to the high-vibe mindset needed for alignment.

Still not sure? Take this 5-minute quiz to find out if you’re in alignment!

8 ways to get back into alignment

Steps To Get Back Into Alignment

Remember… you have to start with your AWARENESS. You will always be fueled by your stories and beliefs, and they have the power to keep you out of alignment if they do not match up with your desires.

Here are eight things you can do:

1. Meditate. Bring stillness to your mind as often as you can, even if it’s only 30 seconds! Meditation gives your mind the opportunity to be uncrowded. And that stillness allows us to be more focused on alignment.

2. Visualize. Practice being so clear in what you want that you can feel it as you visualize it. Feel the comfort, excitement, peace, and freedom that your desire will bring!

3. Feel it first. Identify the feeling that you are expecting from your Big Ask (that “thing” you really want to happen for you), and find other ways to feel it right now. 

4. Raise your overall vibration. While you will not be in a constant state of high vibration, the higher the percentage of good in your life, the better! Focusing on love, joy, comfort, peace, kindness, confidence, etc, will allow you to feel good overall. Work to do this as often as you can to hone your alignment.

5. Choose your words wisely. We tend to speak to the negative. Complaining is the biggest way to know that you are out of alignment. Gossiping, comparing yourself to others, negative self-talk, and apathy are the enemies of alignment!

6. Let go. Find a sense of detachment from the need for something to happen. When we get to a place of peace, regardless of the outcome, we will understand that what we’re doing here is all part of the journey to get to what we want. Enjoy that journey!

7. Practice the pivot. When you have a bad feeling or thought, pivot to find something that feels really good and focus on that. Thinking about something that feels really good will get you out of the negative spiral and back into alignment.

8. Take care of your physical self. Your vibration is impacted by your physical body! Enjoy healthy movement and eat in a way that feels good to you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Spend tons of time on self-care. The satisfaction that can come from that will raise your vibration and push you toward alignment.

Your Alignment Homework

Alright, time for a little homework:

Step 1: Sit down with your journal and make a “Happy List.” Write down at least 50 things that make you happy – little and big. Things that you make you feel really good. Then you can come back to this list when you need some help getting into alignment.

Step 2: For a whole week, spend some time before bed asking yourself “how much time did I spend in alignment today?” Be honest! How much time did you feel noticeably good? How much time were you out of auto-pilot? And now that you’re aware of this, put some of these tips into practice and see if this amount changes.

Remember that this is forever stuff! These tips are part of my everyday practice. Keep going and enjoy the journey. This work is both meaningful and fun!



Listen to this Unstuck Podcast episode, Are You Out Of Alignment.

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