Keto For Mental Health With Carrie Brown — #059

by | Jul 27, 2018 | ketoforwomen

How can the ketogenic lifestyle help in dealing with mental health issues? If you’re curious about it, you’ve tuned in to the right podcast! Carrie Brown shares what it was like for her to grow up with a debilitating depression that later on diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and how she was able to turn that around through the ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How the ketogenic lifestyle can help with mental health problems
  • The difference between bipolar disorder 1 and bipolar disorder 2
  • MTFHR and the symptoms it’s implicated with
  • The pain of healing and what you can do to help your body heal

Key Takeaways:

  • If you eat something constantly, that is often how you set up a sensitivity to it.
  • A lot of people report that switching to keto has really helped their depression.
  • Our diet and the chemicals in our food are a massive factor in the occurrence of mental health issues.
  • Healing can be painful, especially if you’re getting rid of years of toxic build-up.
  • You change as your body heals, so you should not think that what works for you now is going to work the same in six months.
  • Part of getting well is listening to your body and “seek the tweak”.
  • However good keto is, for some people there is something else that they need as well.

Action Steps:

  • Be your own advocate and find someone that you can trust to help you find what’s going on with your body and with your brain.
  • Get a genetic testing done.
  • If you are suicidal, get on a lower carb higher fat diet as you can.
  • If you are bipolar, go find somebody to help you. Don’t self-medicate.
  • Listen to your body and note when weird things happen.


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Take care!

Carrie said:

“We’re no worse off genetically, but the way we live, the crap we eat, the chemicals we inhale, the things we’re doing to ourselves is switching on all the genetic markers. We’re just seeing the symptoms more because of the bad things we’re doing to ourselves.”

“If you feel like keto isn’t quite working for you like it magically seems to do for everybody else, it’s probably working as best as it can, but there’s probably an underlying thing that you need to figure out and fix before you can get the full benefits of keto.”


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