Keto Hot Seat: Lowered Metabolism, Eating For Workouts, Hypoglycemic Episodes, Addressing Keto Naysayers — #053

by | Jun 15, 2018 | ketoforwomen

Welcome to another Keto Hot Seat episode! I always find it exciting to do one because I never know what questions I’m going to get. As much as I’m excited to answer your questions, I hope you’re just as excited to hear the answers. Enjoy!

Keto Hot Seat questions answered in this episode:

  • Should I eat more when I work out?
  • Is it recommended to eat “estrogenic foods” when trying to correct amenorrhea?
  • Does not eating when you’re not hungry lower your metabolism?
  • Are blood ketones showing ketones that we are using or excess ketones? When is the optimal time of day to test?
  • Why do I have hypoglycemic symptoms with keto?
  • What is the proper meal to consume before a half marathon?
  • How can I correct getting heavy periods?
  • Is there a network of affordable functional doctors?
  • Why do I get my period twice a month whenever I go keto?
  • Can keto be used to improve my irregular post-pill menstrual cycle?
  • Why do some people don’t recommend keto when you have hormonal imbalances?
  • Why can’t some people eat nuts and seeds? What causes the inflammation?
  • How can I follow keto when I can’t eat berry or nuts?
  • Is there a certain percentage of body fat over a standard range that we should be concerned about?

Key Takeaways:

  • As far as tracking how many calories you burn when you work out, if you’re looking at a machine, it’s super inaccurate. If you’re looking at a gadget, it could be a little more inaccurate, but there’s just no way to fully track the calories that you burn.
  • When you have amenorrhea, have to find out why you’re not cycling. There are a number of possible reasons why and it’s different for every woman. Eating “estrogenic foods” will not solve the problem.
  • A great hack to getting your metabolic capacity to go up and making you hungry to eat enough food is to work out.
  • It’s very easy for keto not to work for your hormones and to make it actually worse. This is the reason why there are practitioners out there saying not to do it. Keto needs to be done differently for women. We should not be following the man’s approach to keto.
  • If you do keto like a man, you may worsen your hormonal imbalance and worsen your thyroid imbalance, your adrenals, and your metabolism. When you do keto for a woman, you heal those things.

Action Steps:

  • Get rid of the “calories in versus calories out” mentality.
  • Eat intuitively, even when you work out.
  • Expand the variety of fats in your diet.
  • Look at your body and see if you notice any changes like excess body fat in places where they didn’t use to be.



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As always, if you have any questions that you would like for me to answer, be on the lookout for the Keto Hot Seat call for questions on Facebook and Instagram. You can also email me your questions at with “Keto Hot Seat” as your headline and I will make sure to get the answers out to you. 

Take care!

Shawn said:

“Just because we’re becoming fat burners, that doesn’t mean that your metabolism or your metabolic capacity isn’t going to change along with that. It doesn’t mean that we keep burning at this high rate just because we’re keto. It’s not keto’s fault.”

“You don’t have to worry about losing the fat, you just need to worry about gaining the muscle. If you gain muscle, your body is going to change. Your body is going to take care of that fat because it’s going to need more fuel.”

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