KetoCon 2018 Recap, Rants and Takeaways — #054

by | Jun 22, 2018 | ketoforwomen

If you wanted to go to the KetoCon 2018 but couldn’t make it, don’t be dismayed! I recorded this episode especially for you! Fresh from the KetoCon, let me give you a recap of my trip and share takeaways from some of the talks that I found really helpful, as well as talk about the vendors that I loved. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The power of keto success stories
  • Getting out of the keto closet
  • The KetoCon 2018 talks
  • Mental health and keto
  • Oxidative priority
  • Resistance-trained athletes and lean body mass hyper-responders
  • The journey towards self-discovery and finding freedom in keto
  • The results you’re looking for when you’re doing keto
  • Anxiety and depression and how they are related to ketosis

Key Takeaways:

  • The first thing your body is always going to burn off is alcohol. So as soon as you have alcohol, no matter how much you’re making ketones, your body is going to burn the alcohol instead of the ketones.
  • Everything else could be going right and you could be doing every other thing perfectly, but if you’re stressed and your cortisol is dysregulated, things are not going to turn out well.
  • Studies have shown that people who have elevated blood sugar are two times more likely to develop depression and anxiety.

Action Steps:

  • Don’t give up but keep looking for answers for whatever problem, disease or condition that you have.
  • Cut off or cut down alcohol, find your protein sweet spot, keep your carbs low, and use fat to satiety (unless you are transitioning into ketosis).
  • Test your carb tolerance and/or your protein tolerance, and add carb ups throughout the week or whenever it feels necessary.
  • Test for food sensitivities and work on healing your gut.


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Take care!

Shawn said:

“I think for a lot of people, they are so much more inspired and everything is so much more confirmed by the stories, by just hearing people’s stories of success and total transformation on a huge level. That stuff cannot be denied.”

“Powerful ? it’s such a perfect word to describe what’s going on here in the keto community. And it’s not going anywhere, it’s just getting started. And we’re really at the tip of the iceberg right now, I feel. There’s going to be so much more out there.”

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KetoCon 2018 speakers mentioned in the show and their websites:

Carrie Brown:

Maria Emmerich:

Ryan Lowery:

Jimmy Moore:

Leanne Vogel:

Ali Miller:


Past episode mentioned:

Episode 16 – How To Eat Keto Without Calculating Macros, Keto For SIBO & Candida, Building Muscle For Weight Loss, Eating More When Not Hungry, Bariatric Surgery, and more!


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