The Fat Burning Female Project



The first group of women will go through The Fat Burning Female Project in January 2017!  

Will you join us?!



This innovative 6-week health program will transform women into fat burning females with a safe, progressive, intuitive approach.  By taking out the stress that major dietary changes can cause the body, you will successfully transition yourself to use fat for fuel and optimize your health.  


When this change takes place in a woman’s body, they can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • stable blood sugar without cravings and binge eating
  • balanced hormones with improved thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone function
  • improved mental clarity and focus
  • stable mood and decreased depression and anxiety
  • increased and consistent energy
  • better skin, nail, and hair health
  • decreased bloating, gas, and other digestive distress
  • freedom from food rules and diet mentality
  • improved strength and stamina in workouts


If these benefits are what you would like to achieve in your health, enter you email address below to get the latest information on the project launch and how you can get involved!



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