The Quickest Way to Shift Your Money Mindset

by | Sep 19, 2020 | Business

How’s your relationship with money?

Whether we realize it or not, most of us don’t have the best relationship with money. And this relationship causes us stress, fear, unease, and frustration. It causes us to stay stuck: not pursuing our dreams or living a full life. Why? Because of our money mindset! Which, just like anything else, can be changed. You can shift your money mindset.

Today I want to share my absolute best and simplest tip to quickly reframe your mindset around money so that you can be in alignment: attracting money versus repelling it. When we are out of alignment, we are subconsciously pushing abundance away. And that’s not what we want, is it?

Are you experiencing abundance?

We have talked a lot about abundance. And when we talk about money, we have to address abundance versus scarcity. This is something I struggled with for a long time, and I know that many others have too. Sometimes the unwillingness to shift your money mindset into one of abundance is because of our external environment, or because of ideas that have been passed down from our parents.

Shifting my money mindset was actually more difficult for me than shifting my body image mindset, or even my health mindset. The stories that I was telling myself about those issues were clearly wrong… I knew I was telling myself false stories. But with money, scarcity was so built into everything that I thought and felt that I had no idea that these stories were constantly running in the background.

Are you focused on scarcity?

Everything I’d heard from my parents, my grandparents, or the media were ideas based on scarcity. And even now there is a lingering ickiness surrounding money that I have to consciously pick out and eliminate.

As we’ve discussed, the four pillars of being unstuck can shift so many things. Let me show you how they can shift your money mindset. 

How the Four Pillars can help

So much of what we discuss goes right back to these four pillars. And shifting your money mindset is no different.


What stories and beliefs do I have around money, and what do I want when it comes to money? Awareness is at least 70% of mindset work. We have to get curious to understand the stories happening in our heads on a daily basis.

Here are some of the stories I was telling myself about money: 

  • If I had plenty of money, I was somehow selfish or greedy.
  • You have to work long hours in order to have money.
  • You have to be stressed out in order to have money.

I had to begin asking myself what I would feel if I had plenty of money. My answers were: security, freedom, and abundance.


This is where you raise your vibration to be a match for what you wish to attract. How can you feel those feelings now? How can you begin to feel security, freedom, and abundance in your life today? When we raise our vibration to feel those things before we even have the thing we’re wanting, we begin to attract them.


Now we need to build on the alignment we’re creating. We need to build habits and create a mindset practice around them. And the quickest way to shift your money mindset is the action step we’ll discuss today.


We are all on this journey together. And the crazy thing is that the joy is in the journey! The goal is to be happy NOW. Realizing that will allow us to have fun along the way, and that alone will actually bring more money to your bank account.

shift your money mindset

So what’s quickest way to shift your money mindset?

Here is is!

Watch your words around money.

Watch what you say about money. Words are a direct reflection of your beliefs and your thoughts, and sometimes those words are putting up walls, blocking the flow of money to you.

You are constantly either attracting or repelling money. So let’s think about the energy we’re putting out in relationship to money. And the best way to do this is to be mindful of the way we talk about money.

We have to understand that money is simply a form of energy. When we pay for something or when we receive money, it is just an energetic exchange. One form of energy gives you another form of energy. If you can see it more as an exchange, it will be easier to see it in a positive way.

Many of us are trained to have a negative relationship with money, and we put ourselves in a low-vibe place because of how we talk about it. And that, in turn, makes us a bad match for attracting abundance.

Do you ever say these phrases?

  • That’s too expensive
  • I can’t afford that
  • I don’t make enough money to be able to do that
  • I have to find a cheaper option
  • I need to wait for a sale
  • I’ll never be able to make that much money
  • Paying for this is going to put me into debt
  • I’m too poor

These negative expressions put us in a low-vibe place! They are so focused on NOT having money! And that means that you are focusing your attention only on the money you do not have. This negativity disrupts the flow of money back to you.

So what do we do instead?

Instead of asking “can I afford this?” ask yourself “what do I value?”

Does the value of what you’re paying for match up to the energetic exchange you’re making? 


Notice how you talk about money. See if you can dig deeper to find out where that comes from. Ask yourself what story you’re telling yourself about money.

Listen to the podcast episode on abundance.

Do an assessment on your life, and discover what you value. Does the way you spend money match up to what you value?

Decide to enjoy the journey without any negative money talk.


Listen to this Unstuck Podcast episode, The Quickest Way to Start Shifting Your Money Mindset.

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