Should You Add Resistant Starch To Your Keto Diet? — #084

by | Jan 20, 2019 | ketoforwomen

What is resistant starch and why is it good for you? Find out how you can optimize your gut health by adding resistant starch to your keto diet. And learn more about how you can support the gut so that you can be the healthiest version of yourself!

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why it’s important to take a look at your microbiome and make sure you are supporting your gut health
  • How to feed your good gut bacteria
  • Sources of prebiotic fiber
  • The health benefits of including resistant starch to your diet
  • Examples of how to include resistant starch to your diet

Key Takeaways:

  • We need a strong microbiome to be able to digest fats.
  • Having a strong microbiome also helps us break down other foods and provide the enzymes to break down foods so that we’re actually getting these micronutrients from our food.
  • Our microbiome is responsible for our weight being stable and healthy, and for our metabolic capacity.
  • Prebiotic fibers are kind of the food that our good gut bacteria will use to make these short-chain fatty acids that we need to support the rest of our gut health as well as the rest of our body.
  • The best and most potent form of prebiotic fibers is resistant starch.
  • Resistant starches are resistant to digestion. They bypass the digestion process until they get to the colon where they get digested by the gut bacteria.
  • Some of the health benefits of adding resistant starch to our diet:
  • It will increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • It decreases the absorption of toxins.
  • It helps with insulin sensitivity and it lowers your overall blood glucose levels.
  • It has been shown to lower cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations.
  • It reduces fat storage.

Action Steps:

  • Add resistant starch to your diet, starting with small amounts two or three times a week, in combination with probiotic food sources.
  • Eat cooked and cooled oats/rice/potatoes.
  • Use soaked and heated beans and legumes.
  • Have some green bananas.
  • Drink cold raw potato starch.
  • Reduce and eliminate unnecessary stress in order to have a great gut.



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Take care!


Shawn said:

“You’re not going to be able to count your resistant starch or the carbs that aren’t resistant in what you just ate. You can’t measure it that easily. So just go by how you feel and know that you’re doing really great things for your microbiome… and don’t worry about the numbers.”

“Resistant starch isn’t starch and doesn’t act like carbohydrates… but it really can actually enhance your health, your keto diet, and what your keto diet is doing for you.”


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