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A midwestern girl turned mountain-loving foodie living in Boulder, Colorado, I spend my days teaching wellness pros how to build a business and life they love through my top-rated business podcast, monthly live coaching calls, and transformative online courses. When I do step away from my screens, it’s because it’s time to go for a hike with my wife and two pups, watch the Real Housewives while savoring some dark chocolate, or whip up a random (yet always really tasty) meal in the kitchen.

Curious about how hitting rock bottom in both life and business got me here, living my dream? Get the full story here.

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Let’s hang out together every Wednesday! I’ll pop into your audio world each week to give you both inner work and outer strategies you can incorporate into both your business and life today to be successful tomorrow. My top-rated business podcast, Unstuck Entrepreneur, is guaranteed to help you thrive as the business owner you’re meant to be. Warning: may cause dreams to come true.

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Then you must take this 2-minute quiz WHAT’S YOUR SOLOPRENEUR PERSONALITY TYPE? Think Cosmopolitan magazine quiz (remember those?!) meets real, business life. If you’re serious about building a business that feels good and flows with your life, then you have to know what energy and personality you’re bringing into it! Your results from this quiz will help you cultivating alignment so you can build a business you love. We all need a little more ease and joy in our business, right? Don’t worry, I won’t ask about your latest crush. 😉

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