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  1. Mary

    I wonder if you guys will consider doing a show on inulin. I’m very confused about whether this pre biotic is important or detrimental. The author of wheat belly total health says it’s necessary as a daily supplement to feed healthy bacteria in our bellies.. Meanwhile Paleo mom says it is not healthy. Please advise On the podcast

  2. Robin Lewison

    Hi Shawna and Meg. I just discovered you because Meg was on the Healthful Pursuit podcast with Leanne Vogel. I listened to that while driving last Tuesday (Feb 7). I loved Meg so much that I searched for the podcast on Stitcher immediately was instantly hooked…I just started episode 10 today. In the last couple of days I have met you both, gone through Meg’s breakup and during my drive today learned about Shawn’s battle with her new autoimmune disease, and was crying as I listened. That was over 2 years ago in real time, but I already feel like I know you both and am so excited to listen to the rest of your podcasts…maybe I should skip ahead because I have a few to catch up on, but I am seriously loving you and can’t wait to hear more…I usually listen to podcasts while workout out or driving so this is serious motivation to get into the gym more…or at least drive around the block a few times ­čÖé Thanks for your insight and knowledge and I can’t wait to work out tomorrow to finish episode #10!!

    • Shawn Mynar

      Yay! So glad you are enjoying it and starting from the beginning! ALOT has happened for both of us over the past 2 years, so you’ll be on the journey with us! Thank you so much for tuning in!

  3. Christina

    Hi Shawn,

    I am new to a keto lifestyle, and am loving it so far. I am in recovery for an eating disorder, and was finding myself overeating/emotional eating and have tried everything from Atkins to Paleo, but Keto has really changed my relationship with food. I am no longer obsessed with food all day long and am reconnected to my true hunger cues. I will use keto test strips, but have not weighed myself since I started since I tend to get obsessed with the numbers. Would you recommend continuing this and going off how I feel/my clothes feel vs. the scale?



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