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But, as soon as you start working towards this mission, you’re stopped cold with thoughts like:

“Am I really capable of helping other people? Maybe I need another certification first.”


“I don’t have enough followers to get a full list of clients. Instagram is impossible.”


“How am I supposed to build my dream business when I have no time?!”


“Email list? What email list? I don’t even know what I would say in my emails.”


“My website isn’t perfect yet. Lemme spend another 100 hours on that first.”


“I feel sleazy asking people to pay me! Maybe I’ll just help people for free.”


“Why does everything in business involve technology?! This is overwhelming.”


“Everyone else is already doing why I want to do. Why even bother?”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. The majority of wellness professionals never get their business off the ground because they’re frozen, stuck in a place of fear, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and compare-itis.

If you’re like most aspiring entrepreneurs, you’re filled with a passion to impact others in a meaningful way while building your own life of freedom and flexibility. But, as you enthusiastically set out to start your business, you realize something…you also need to be an expert in marketing, sales, website design, copywriting, tech, social media, admin, accounting, content creation…the list goes on.

It’s stressful. It’s scary. And, it’s taking valuable time away from what you actually want to be doing—helping people.

Imagine what your dream business will look like when…


You step into your power, stop playing small, and confidently go after the successful, impactful business you really want.


You build a fulfilling, successful business centered around your values, passion, and purpose that actually creates more time, flexibility, and fulfillment in your life.


Because you are clear and confident in your messaging, you have dream clients begging to work with you—no sleazy sales tactics required.


You have the systems and processes in place that keep your business humming along even when you take time away from your screens.


You’re clear on exactly who you want to work with and effortlessly attract them to your work without having to spend hours a day on social media.


You always know the next steps to grow your business because you have a solid action plan—overwhelm is officially a thing of the past.

You work less, play more, stress less, profit more. (Yes, it’s possible!)
Lady Boss Sign

As a wellness practitioner with a desire to have your own thriving digital business, you know that you need:

🤔 A clear understanding of who you help and how you help them

🤔 A tool to attract clients to your work

🤔 An irresistible paid offer to sell to those potential clients

🤔 The right message and non-sleazy marketing strategies to get them to buy that amazing offer

🤔 And, a strategy for long-term growth and success

It gets overwhelming. Pretty soon, your mind is so full of ideas, to-do’s, and action items that it paralyzes you. You turn to Google, try a few things out with lackluster results, and find yourself questioning if you’re cut out for this entrepreneurship thing.

My friend, take some deep breaths! I’ve got good news…

Creating and growing the business of your dreams doesn’t have to be a struggle. Yes, there are a lot of things to consider. Yes, you need a plan and strategy. No, it doesn’t have to be hard and overwhelming. It can be simple and fun. All you need to do is get…unstuck. 

Typing on keyboard

What’s the secret?


Working on your business without working on yourself is like building a house on a cracked foundation…you never know when it’s all going to crumble. Business strategies and practices are great, but only when the proper foundation is laid.

When you take the time to develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur and align your energy with your vision, you quickly realize—your business growth and success are limitless. You become unstoppable, driven by a new inner fire that no fear or limiting belief could ever extinguish.

You have a choice when it comes to building a successful wellness business—you can effort, grind, and force your way through the process with fear, frustration, and overwhelm. Or, you can align yourself with your dream business to effortlessly attract clients and fulfill your purpose, all while remaining joyful, calm, and passionate.

if you’re ready to get unstuck and step into your role as an impactful entrepreneur, I’ve got you! 


Unstuck Entrepreneur Logo

The only business mentorship program You’ll ever need to grow your online wellness business (no #hustleculture required)

Unstuck Entrepreneur is a unique business mentorship opportunity for current and future entrepreneurs that are ready to build an online business. It combines the structure and education of an online course with the high-touch, personalized coaching of a mentorship program. Plus, access to a private online community of like-minded professionals provides a peer-group mastermind opportunity.

Here’s what you can expect as an Unstuck Entrepreneur:

First, WE lay your business foundation by…


Calling out the entrepreneurial fears and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you and your business stuck

Reprogramming your brain for the success, freedom, ease, and deep fulfillment you’ve been longing for in your business

Uncovering and releasing your subconscious money blocks so you can make financial freedom and endless abundance your new reality

Defining your passion, purpose, values, and vision to ensure your business compliments your life, not complicates it
Nailing down YOUR definition of success instead of looking to external sources to decide that for you

Aligning your energy with your business to effortlessly attract the clients, success, and life of your dreams


Connecting, listening to, and trusting your intuition so having to making decisions in your business will never stop you in your tracks again


Setting your intentions so you know exactly how you wish to show up in your business



Applying that new entrepreneurial mindset to the Unstuck Flow + Grow Framework—the simplest yet most effective way to attract your dream clients, build an engaged audience, create impactful content, sell your services, and make more money!


Defining who your dream client really is (AKA your niche) and getting to know them on a deep level so you can create a meaningful connection right from the start


Creating an irresistible, unique freebie to effortlessly attract your dream client into your world


Establishing a content platform for your business (ie. podcast, videos, blog, etc.) so you can authentically connect with them on a regular basis


Developing an authentic sales and marketing approach that will feel aligned, exciting, and authentic instead of sleazy, slimy, or scammy


Setting up the automations for your email list, landing pages, thank you pages, and welcome sequence so you can create an amazing first impression without being stuck to your computer screen



42 Video Lessons ( 5+ hours of business education!) so you feel comfortable and confident in the direction your business is headed and the direct path to get you there


5 Recorded Biz Strategy Masterclasses to build your business machine. These are the practical business strategy sessions that come with a side of alignment and flow (aka feels fun, not forced)


Biweekly LIVE coaching calls with Shawn and all UE members to answer questions, deep dive on special topics, and get 1:1 hot seat coaching


The “Famous” Unstuck Entrepreneur Journal—Your own personal safe space for growth. A beautiful 30-page workbook to assist you in becoming, embracing, and embodying the successful entrepreneur you’re meant to be


The Complete Magnetic Messaging Workbook that will be your go-to reference manual for all things sales and marketing without feeling sleazy and sales-y


Access To The Private Unstuck Entrepreneur Community of like-minded wellness entrepreneurs who are also ready to take over the wellness world and support each other every step of the way. Get ready to meet your new business besties!


Weekly Co-working Sessions with your fellow biz besties so you have a dedicated time and space to work on making your business dreams a reality.

4 Entrepreneur-Specific Recorded Meditations to re-center you anytime you get thrown off track

Quickstart Checklists, Guides, and Worksheets so you never wonder what to do next or if you’re missing an important step in the process


Business Coaching For Life! LIFETIME ACCESS to all course materials, LIVE coaching calls, private community, future course additions, updates, and bonus offerings because the bigger your business grows, the more support you’ll need

This program provided so much clarity into the actual steps I need to take to create a successful online business.  Prior to this, I would just read random articles about business but had no real plan or idea of what to do. I feel like I have a good idea of my offerings and have a roadmap of where I want to go. This has decreased a lot of my fear and anxiety around getting started.
—Jenn E.

I’ve grown so much just in the couple of months so far with Shawn’s guidance and support in UE! Best investment I could have made for that money and I would recommend this program to anyone in my shoes. —Maggie L.

Wow…I’d have never made it this far, this fast in my business, without UE. I am certain I am on the right track. I am certain of my intuition. I am certain of who I am and who I am not. I have this certainty because of the mindset work we’ve done and the resources Shawn and UE have empowered me with.
—Trisha B.

I loved this program! It was exactly what I was looking for and what I needed. AND it’s exactly what the business space needs right now, especially for us in the wellness world. There is nothing out there like this. Everything else is smarmy selling tactics which is just a big NO for me. I am so glad that I can continue to be a part of the group and be supported.  —Andrea R.

Here’s the week-by-week breakdown of the work we’ll do together inside the mentorship program:


You cannot build a successful + impactful business without first working on yourself. In the Awareness Module, you’ll do this by:


  • Learning more about the 7 Entrepreneurial Fears and which ones are playing out for you
  • Uncovering your business blocks and stories that have been unknowingly keeping you stuck
  • Calling out your BS (belief system) with love and compassion
  • Rewriting your stories to be in alignment with your desires and reprogramming your brain to act in accordance with these new statements
  • Getting clear on your money mindset, moving into a place of financial flow, and creating a space of abundance in your life and business

The Aspiration Module will take you straight to dreamland by:


  • Identifying who you aspire to be and what you wish to achieve
  • Mapping out your business values, vision, purpose, and destination
  • Getting crystal clear on what your dream business looks and feels like
  • Understanding YOUR version of success and how that may differ from what you’ve been working towards

Now that you created your new success story and are clear on what you want, it’s time to bring your energy into alignment with your new business vision. In the Alignment Module, you’ll:


  • Acknowledge the energy you’ve been bringing into your business up until now
  • Paint a new energetic picture for yourself and your business so you can be the attraction point for your dreams
  • Learn to connect with and trust your intuition and use that voice to make your decisions
  • Establish your business intentions and make them your guiding light and driving force
  • Start taking aligned, heart-centered action instead of ego-driven, forced movements

Now is your time to take all of the mindset + energy shifts you’ve just created and apply them directly into your business! In the Application Module you’ll:


  • Dive into the Flow + Grow Framework—Define, Attract, Build, Invite, Transform—and apply these 5 pillars directly to your business vision
  • Identify your dream client (AKA your niche) and learn how to speak directly to their symptoms and desires in your messaging and marketing
  • Adopt a strategy to sell with intention and authenticity that will have clients jumping at the chance to work with you
  • Build an active and engaged following while you grow your email list and social media channels without worrying about algorithms and annoying pop-ups
  • Create content for your dream client that is fun instead of exhausting. We’ll cover the in’s and out’s of podcasting, YouTube-ing, blogging, and social media-ing together in great detail.
  • Decide on your best method for client transformation. We’ll have deep dive discussions on 1:1 client packages, group coaching programs, online courses, memberships, or a combination.
  • Get the coaching you need during our LIVE video coaching calls to deep dive, strategize, and implement each of the 5 pillars into your business

Now, you may be thinking…

“Shawn, I’m not ready for a business coach. I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing, and my business isn’t even making any money right now. 😫

Well, my friend, let me start by saying…I SO get you. I was once there myself, and I know how it feels to have a vision for your future business that’s so clear, and yet also feels so far away (if not entirely impossible). I know what it’s like to know you need help, to know a coach would be so valuable for you, to know how much time, effort, and energy it would save you to just get the support you need…but then have those doubts, worries, and fears creep in. 

But, I also know that “waiting to be ready” takes a looooong time. And in that time, you could already be changing others’ lives, building your freedom-filled business model, and making 100X what you invested for coaching simply because you finally decided to choose yourself, your mission, your dream, and your purpose today.

If that’s you, I’m thrilled to have you join me as a lifetime member of Unstuck Entrepreneur!

This program is fantastic! The best money I spent in 2020. It was exactly what I needed and exactly when I needed it. UE taps into the missing link for many of us entrepreneurs in the wellness world, actually probably the business world at large. That mindset piece is HUGE and almost never talked about. I have taken quite a few business courses, and some of them have been good, but none of them got me past all the blocks created by my negative self-talk which keeps me from acting and moving ahead. Actionable steps are great, but if you’re in constant fear, taking them feels impossible. —Ginger M.

The part of UE I found most helpful and useful in all areas of my life was the manifesting/ energy work at the beginning. I learned a lot about myself and a lot about why I was stuck and frozen, unable to act in my business. It called out all of my fears, but also highlighted all of the really wonderful things I want and have the ability to achieve. It opened my eyes to the things I want in life and that those things are possible and okay to have while working. It is a really cool feeling to realize and believe that my dreams of time freedom, weekday hikes, or time off are possible and deserved.  —Sheridan S.

Shawn Mynar Photo
Photo of Shawn

Hi, I’m Shawn.

I’m a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, mindset coach, and business mentor who helps passionate wellness entrepreneurs create and grow their dream business without sacrificing their sanity.

In 2013, I set out to create my very own wellness business with a deep passion to help others get well and absolutely zero experience in entrepreneurship. I made every mistake in the book. I quickly maxed out my shiny new business credit card and found myself spending hours a day trying to build my website while impatiently waiting for my dream client to find me.

I spent years trying and failing, trying again and failing again, trying one more time…and still failing.

Luckily, I didn’t give up. I didn’t give in to the struggles and fears. I didn’t believe the story that I “wasn’t cut out for entrepreneurship.”

Fast forward to today…

I’ve helped thousands of people find health and happiness on their terms.

I’ve made over $1 million in online course sales covering nutrition, hormones, gut health, mindset, and blood sugar regulation.

I’ve been the host of 3 successful podcasts generating over 5 million downloads.

I’ve partnered with some of the most well-known health and wellness brands as an influencer.

I work part-time hours.

I get out of bed excited to work in my business!

I make my own schedule that compliments my personal life.

I’m healthy, happy, stress-free, and in alignment with my business.​

Shawn Sitting On Curb

What happened over those 8+ years?

I called myself out. I worked on myself. I grew as a person.

I went from “doing” in my business to “being” in my business.

I got clear on my vision and purpose. I led with my heart.

I found my inner light and let it shine.

I trusted and followed my intuition.

I acknowledged my fears and did it anyway.

I made the commitment to impact the wellness space in a big way no matter how scary it was.

I asked for help and hired several coaches.

Being the wellness junkie that I am, I had been applying mindset and energy practices to improve my health. When I saw how focusing on these key pieces drastically improved my physical health, I decided to see what it could do for my struggling business.

Within a matter of weeks, things started falling into place. New clients were appearing in my inbox hoping to work with me, my following grew exponentially, I was spending way less time in front of my computer, and yet, I was able to pay off $20,000 in debt in 2 months.

Magic? Or, a new approach to business growth and success?

Either way, I knew I would never go back to the “typical” entrepreneur mindset and strategy. And, I knew I needed to spread this business magic to my fellow wellness entrepreneurs so we can get back to doing what we do best—helping others!


I don’t have time to work on my business. How am I going to find time for a mentorship program too?!
Did you know that “not having time” is actually just an excuse your ego-voice creates to keep you stuck?! It’s one of the 7 Entrepreneurial Fears we’ll cover together in class. In reality, you DO always have time for the things that mean something to you. It’s just that you haven’t connected with your business mission and purpose yet and don’t have the drive to move forward with them. The first step is to find that drive. (Don’t worry, we’ll do that together too.)

From there, as an Unstuck Entrepreneur, you will be creating more time in both your business and personal life. By doing and implementing the work presented in this program, you will effectively add hours to your day while making a bigger impact and more income so you’ll never pull out the “I don’t have time” card again. Just give me a few hours per week, and I will help you create time.

How can I justify spending money on my business when I’m not making very much/nothing right now?
Investing in your business is THE WAY to make money! In my personal experience, every time I’ve ever invested in a coach, a program, a new software or system, or a new team member, my business earnings have grown exponentially. You cannot change your income level without changing something in your business. Said another way, you can’t do the same thing and expect different results.

Think about how much time, energy, and effort you’ve already put into figuring out how to make your business successful. What if that same energy was directed to income-producing activities instead? You wouldn’t have this question, that’s for sure!

This question comes from a lack mindset—that there’s not enough money to go around and that, when you spend money, you lose something instead of get something even greater in return. In UE, we’ll do a complete money mindset makeover together so you hold the energy of abundance, not lack and flow WITH the energy of money instead of repelling it!

And, don’t forget, with my money-back guarantee, you’re out nothing if this doesn’t work for you!

I’m not ready for a business coach!

You know how people always say, “You gotta do it before you feel ready because you’ll never be ready.” Hiring a coach is one of those things. If you let yourself, you’ll talk yourself out of taking this big step forever. Now is the time to believe in yourself, trust the process, show up for your purpose, and get down to business!

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received just before I hired my first business coach was this: All great coaches have a coach. As an entrepreneur, it’s not a matter of IF you need a coach, it’s a matter of WHO you want your coach to be. Find a coach that resonates with you and trust the process!

I don’t have an email list or audience. Will this program help me?

Absolutely! There’s no better place to be than in UE right now. Together, we’ll take the guesswork out of building that list and creating an engaged audience that will make it fun and fulfilling instead of draining and terrifying. We’ll also make sure those that follow you are your dream clients, so every piece of content you share speaks directly to them. They’ll soon be sliding into your DM’s begging to work with you no matter how many followers you have.

I don’t need to work on my mindset. I just need to know how to use Instagram, create an online course, and make 6-figs. Doesn’t seem like the right fit for me?

It may not be! The best fit for UE is the entrepreneur that has a deeper purpose than just social media followers and making money. There are plenty of online courses out there that teach these surface-level techniques. Instead, UE is best for the wellness entrepreneur who wants to create and grow a meaningful, impactful business and knows a critical piece to that success is within THEMSELVES—their mindset, energy, clarity, confidence, and vision. Those that know they can’t work on their business without also working on themselves and that these surface-level strategies won’t do any good until they do the deeper work.

Yes, in UE we will discuss and implement strategies around social media, email lists, automation, online courses, and attracting effortless abundance, but from an entirely different space than most courses out there. The decision is yours on what’s best for you!

Is this program for new entrepreneurs or more established wellness businesses?
Both! The content within UE applies to every stage of business. As you grow, your offerings and content will shift, but the strategic framework you learn will remain the same. This is what makes it so simple to apply! And, no matter what stage you’re in, you will always need the mental, emotional, and energetic work to continue your expansion.
Can I join if I’m not a certified practitioner yet?
Definitely! When I first started my nutrition business, I had already spent 9 months establishing myself in the nutrition space before I even was officially certified! Blogging, podcasting, emailing, creating programs…I did it all while still in the NTA program. It’s never too early to learn about entrepreneurship and building a successful practice.
How many hours per week will I need to dedicate to this course?
Our coaching calls will be about once per week and 2 hours, at minimum. I’d recommend spending at least another 1 hour per week on the course material and another 2-3 hours per week on your business.
I deleted my Facebook account. Can I still participate in the private community?

Yes! Our private UE community is hosted on Slack, so no need to login to FB ever! Slack is easy-to-use and a fun place to get to know your new biz besties, ask questions, share wins, find encouragement, and get new ideas. I can’t wait for you to join the conversation over there!

Do I have any additional responsibilities as a “founding member” in exchange for getting the discounted price?

The only thing I will ask for is your honest feedback of the program. And, since I know you will have massive success stories as an Unstuck Entrepreneur, I would love to hear them and share them with others who may consider joining in the future!

The best thing? As a founding member, you’ll be granted lifetime access to all program content, including coaching calls, the private community, and future additions! As the program and offerings inevitably grows, you’ll get immediate access to it all…forever.

What if I have more questions?
We’ve got you! Head on over to this form and shoot us your questions.


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