Why You’re Stuck In A Diet Mindset (And How To Get Out) — #107

by | Jun 28, 2019 | ketoforwomen

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Are you one of those women who’s stuck in a diet mindset? In this episode, I go over a list of possible reasons why you haven’t been able to get rid of that diet mindset for years. Find out which one applies to you and take that first step towards freeing yourself of that diet mindset today.


Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why I created the Fat Burning Female Project and who should join it
  • The possible reasons why you’re stuck in a diet mindset
  • Disordered eating versus eating disorders
  • Signs that you have disordered eating
  • The stories we have around food
  • Steps to take to get out of that diet mindset

Key Takeaways:

  • Disordered eating is not the same as eating disorders. Signs that you have disordered eating include:
  • Self-worth or self-esteem that is based highly or even exclusively on your body shape and weight
  • A disturbance in the way one experienced their body, i.e. a person who falls in a healthy weight range but continues to feel that they are overweight
  • And excessive or rigid exercise routine
  • Obsessive calorie counting
  • A rigid approach to eating such as only eating certain foods, inflexible mealtimes, refusal to eat in restaurants or outside of one’s own home
  • Eating disorders are diagnosed based on the degree of disordered eating behaviors, so there are certain criteria that need to be met in each type of eating disorder in order to be officially diagnosed.
  • Orthorexia is a condition in which the sufferer systematically avoids specific foods in the belief that they are harmful.
  • The possible reasons why you’re stuck in a diet mindset:
    • You’re scared of gaining weight.
    • You think losing weight is the answer to feeling what you want to feel.
    • You’re trying to fix your life in some way.
    • You may feel like you have to be “healthy”, and you think that being skinny equals being healthy.
    • In your mind, if you don’t feel like you’re working on getting skinnier or getting “healthier”, that means you’re giving up.
    • You want to ignore your life.
    • Diets are a misplaced attempt to feel in control when other things in your life feel out of control.
    • Dieting distracts you from real life.
    • You’re bored in your life, and dieting or obsessing over food gives you something to do.
    • t’s in your head.
    • It’s the only thing that you know. You’ve spent so long worrying about your food that you don’t know how not to.
    • You legit think it’s going to work.
    • You think there’s only one ideal body shape and size and you must have it.
    • You are a perfectionist. You love the rules, the obsession, and the perfection that can happen when you follow a diet.
    • Self-hate.
    • You are your own worst critic. You refuse to be happy where you’re at.
    • You want to be successful at something. Maybe you feel like your diet is the one thing that you can do “right”.
    • It’s a medical reason.
    • You have disordered eating or an eating disorder.
    • Starvation and weight loss may change the way the brain works and perpetuate restrictive eating behaviors and make it difficult to return to normal eating habits.


Action Steps:

  • Free yourself of that diet mindset.
  • Acknowledge the reason why you’re stuck in a diet mindset.
  • Now that you know this is what’s going on in your head around your diet, whenever you notice these thoughts come up, call them out.
  • Get out of any space that could take you backward. Clear out your energy and your space to make room for a new, cleaner, healthier mindset around food.
  • Separate your weight from everything else you want in life.
  • Vow to stop treating your body like something that needs fixing.
  • Realize that health and weight loss are two separate things.
  • Understand that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • Take on a new hobby or get back to an old one. Find enjoyment in your life.
  • Face what’s going on in your life head-on.
  • Don’t wait to be a certain size to do something. Do it NOW.
  • Be happy NOW.



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Take care!


Shawn said:

“Disordered eating and orthorexia are running rampant in the keto community from everything that I can see, and it’s scary. But I really believe that we can turn the tides and use keto as the bridge that gets you away from the diet mentality.”

“You can be keto and not be on a diet. Those two things don’t have to be a combination. You can be keto and have food freedom and be intuitive with your food, and not have these crazy thoughts go on in your head.”


Resources mentioned in the show:

  • National Eating Disorder Association Hotline: 1-800-931-2237


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