Functional Lab Testing

At Well Belly Holistic Health, we believe that knowledge is power.  Specifically, knowledge about the body brings powerful and lasting health and healing.  That’s why we take all steps necessary to find out what is actually going on with every single client and get them the healing protocols they need to take them back to a place of normalcy.  

In order to do this, Shawn uses specific functional lab testing based on the client’s individual symptoms and goals.  These tests are all highly accurate, easy to administer, and will provide specific measurable results which allow for a targeted, individualized healing protocol.  Without these lab results, it often takes twice as long and potentially more of a financial commitment to find the right solution for a client’s concern.  Functional lab tests take the guesswork and the trial and error out of the equation.

Shawn provides several different lab tests and will only recommend those tests that will best help your concerns.  



Adrenal Stress Profile

It is estimated that around 90% of people have some degree of adrenal health issue due to the rampant levels of chronic stress and the go-go-go mentality of today’s society.  This test measures the level of available cortisol – the stress hormone – at four different points throughout the day to determine the strength, health, and balance of your adrenal glands.  DHEA – the precursor to the sex hormones – is also measured to determine if the ‘pregnenolone steal’ is taking place and causing hormonal imbalance.

This test is sent directly to you, done at the comfort of your home, and mailed directly to the lab.



Gastrointestinal Health Panel

More and more information is coming out every day about the importance of our gut bacteria and how intricately it is tied to everything we do, think, say, and feel.  Without having the proper balance in your gut flora, health issues are inevitable.  Digestive distress, skin breakouts, mood changes, mental disorders, fatigue, and autoimmune diseases are all quite common expressions of a disrupted microbiome.  Not only that, but gut infections can represent themselves in very similar ways as well.  Candida or other fungal overgrowth, parasitic and bacterial infections, gut inflammation, SIBO, and leaky gut are all serious problems that can occur within the gut and alter the state of the rest of the body.

The GI health panel checks all of these markers.  Bacterial balance, dysbiosis, fungal/bacterial/parasitic growth, inflammation, and the ability of your gut to break down and absorb food are all tested.  This information is invaluable and often critical in order for a person to heal.  

This test is sent directly to you, done at the comfort of your home, and mailed directly to the lab.


Leap – MRT Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities are usually involved in the development of chronic health conditions.  And it is often because of these food sensitivities that efforts to heal aren’t effective.  Mediator Release Testing (MRT) has been proven to be the most accurate and comprehensive food sensitivity testing to identify problematic foods and food chemicals that are keeping people from getting truly well.  The MRT test looks at the changes in blood when presented with a sample of 150 different foods to determine the level of reaction for that individual.  Once these foods sensitivities are known, then a specific dietary protocol can be developed with a small elimination period of these foods, and true healing can begin.

This test is sent directly to you, will be performed at your nearest blood drawing facility, and mailed directly to the lab.


Female Monthly Hormone Panel (Cycling & Non-Cycling)

Hormonal imbalances are more prevalent today than ever before primarily due to poor diet, stress, and an increasingly toxic world. For cycling women, this imbalance shows as menstrual irregularity, amenorrhea, painful PMS, cystic acne, weight gain and inability to lose weight, depression, anxiety, mood swings, migraines, and insomnia.  For those non-cycling women in peri-menopause or post-menopause, symptoms may also include hot flashes, osteoporosis, and a metabolic shift. 

This panel collects 11 salivary samples over the course of a client’s cycle.  Saliva contains the free fraction of hormones, or the amount of the hormone the body can actually utilize. Testing this form of hormone will provide a more accurate look into the root cause of symptoms over serum blood testing. Performing a salivary hormone panel throughout the entire month is the only way to truly see the client’s monthly hormonal rhythm and where these imbalances are occurring within the cycle in order to pinpoint healing opportunities.   

This test is sent directly to you, done at the comfort of your home over the course of a month, and mailed directly to the lab.


Male Hormone Panel 

Many middle-aged men experience a decline in their energy, workout capacity, muscle growth, vitality, sexual performance, hair density, and mental capacity due to a hormonal shift.   A simple saliva test can help determine where an imbalance is occurring.  When supported, these symptoms can be reversed or dramatically slowed. 

This test is sent directly to you, done at the comfort of your home over the course of a month, and mailed directly to the lab.


Schedule a 15-minute case review with Shawn to see what functional lab testing will be best for your concerns and symptoms. 

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