Work With Shawn

The Fat Burning Female Project

Make the transition to a ketogenic diet safely and effectively with Shawn through this 6-week women’s only group class!

The Happy Hormones Project

In this small group class, you will test your adrenal and hormonal status in order to reap the benefits of healthy, happy hormones! Must have gone through The Fat Burning Female Project first.

The Good Gut Project

This 6-week small group class will provide you with detailed answers about your gut health and food sensitivities through the use of functional lab testing. 

1:1 Intensive With Shawn

Shawn will be taking a small number of 1:1 cases throughout the year to perform a host of testing and some intensive protocol work for those deeply in need.  Subject to application. COMING SUMMER 2018.

The Power Of Group Classes



I’ve translated my holistic health offerings, teachings, and support into group formats because I firmly believe in the power of community when you are going through health struggles!  Not only have I felt it when going through my own issues, but I see it everyday in the communities of women I have built — the love, support, encouragement, and camaraderie you get through group coaching is a HUGE piece to the healing puzzle.  So, being able to provide the functional testing options I perform on clients, but in a supportive group environment, was a no-brainer for me!  Now, every service I would provide for you in a 1:1 setting can be accessed through group classes with the same level of personalized attention and care from me, but with the additional support from fellow ladies looking to heal in the same way.  



By creating a group structure to my services, I am able to help more people at one time, thus reducing the costs associated by 60-75%!  This means those that couldn’t make the financial commitment before now have easier access to the help they need.  I don’t believe that proper health testing and healing should be limited to only those with large bank accounts.  The need for this kind of help spreads far and wide and I’m committed to helping as many as I can get well.



Again, with group formatting also comes the ability to help many more people with their health than I could when only offering 1:1 services.  My goal is to create lasting health for many and a future that includes less unnecessary disease as a society.  Those are big goals and need a big reach to do so!  Helping groups of women at a time gets me one step closer to these lofty goals.  

Which class is right for you?

The Fat Burning Female Project

The first and only course of it’s kind, The Fat Burning Female Project is YOUR resource for transitioning to a ketogenic diet the safe, healthy, and fun way!  Join the over 500 women who have made this transition and are reaping the benefits of living a healthy ketogenic lifestyle.  This is a 6-week online group class with weekly audio and video lessons, downloadable PDF’s for additional guidance, two live Q&A calls with Shawn, real-time answers and support from Shawn throughout the course and beyond, a supportive and caring private Facebook group, and lifetime access to all course materials. 

New classes begin every 8 weeks, so one will be starting soon with a spot just for you!

The Happy Hormones Project

The Happy Hormones Project was developed out of a deep need for more women to get some honest answers about their bodies.  There’s way too much guessing going on out there and, when it comes to hormones, playing a guessing game can be detrimental to your health and vitality!  Guess no more — The Happy Hormones Project will provide you the answers you need to finally balance your hormones and reap the benefits. 

In this 5-week small group class, you will complete a salivary hormone panel to assess the state of your adrenal and sex hormone status.  With these results, along with a customized healing protocol built just for you by Shawn, you will go through the healing process laid out in the course that starts with a liver cleanse and ends with a stress detox.  Along the way, you will have support from Shawn and fellow hormone-healing ladies through a private Facebook group and live Q&A call.  

Classes are held once per quarter.  Note: this course is only open to alumni of The Fat Burning Female Project because I truly believe that the first step to healing hormones is to get into a healthy ketogenic state.  If you need help with your hormones, sign up for the next FBFP first!

The Good Gut Project

Gut issues are becoming more and more common, and more and more debilitating, by the second!  This is one area of focus that traditional medicine is still missing the mark on much too often.  By investigating the root cause of your constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, heart burn, and/or pain from a functional perspective, you can get answers that would have otherwise gone unnoticed or overlooked for the rest of your life.  This is huge!  The Good Gut Project was built to service this deep need women have to heal their guts, find out exactly what foods they react to, and feel normal again. 

In The Good Gut Project, you will complete a comprehensive GI panel (warning: it’s a stool collection test) and an optional food sensitivity panel.  With those results, Shawn will create a personalized gut healing protocol for you.  Your protocol will coincide with the 6-week class’s materials focusing on building digestive fire to harvesting a strong microbiome.  Support will be provided through a private Facebook group and a live Q&A call during the course along with encouragement from your fellow gut-healing friends! 

Classes are held once per quarter.  Open to all on a first-come, first-served basis

1:1 Intensive Work

I will be accepting a very limited amount of 1:1 clients throughout the year as my schedule permits.  This relationship will be a 12-week intensive healing process, with multiple functional tests run and protocols given.  Good candidates for the 1:1 intensive would be those women who have tried everything, been to multiple practitioners, and still aren’t feeling better and don’t have the answers they are seeking.  Clients will go through an application process and will be notified if they are selected.  COMING SUMMER 2018.

Serious inquiries only, please.  Clients can expect to make an initial investment in their health between $2000-$3000 in order to find the answers they are seeking. 

Not sure what to do ? Email us and we can help!

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